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Lately one hears again and again that in the current Age of Aquarius humanity is beginning to increasingly detach its spirit from the body. Whether consciously or unconsciously, more and more people are confronted with this topic, find themselves in a process of awakening and learn to separate their own mind from the body in an autodidactic way. Nevertheless, this topic is a big mystery for some people. Ultimately, the whole thing sounds far more abstract than it actually is. One of the problems in today's world is that we not only ridicule things that do not correspond to our own conditioned worldview, but often also mystify them. For this reason, I decided to demystify the topic in the following article.

Detach the mind from the body – Do not confuse it with astral travel!!

Detach the spirit from the bodyFirst of all, it must be made clear that with the spiritual separation of the body there is no astral travel or other out-of-body experiences are meant. Of course, in this sense it is possible to separate one's own consciousness from the physical body, but this has nothing to do with the actual detachment of the body, but rather relates more to the conscious leaving of the body, whereby one finds oneself completely again find the subtle state again and fathom the immaterial cosmos. Nevertheless, the actual spiritual detachment of the body refers much more to the consistent renunciation of physical dependencies/addictions and negative, ego-affected thought processes that bind us to the body and keep us bound. In this context, it is important to understand that every person has a spirit (spirit = interaction between consciousness and subconscious) that shapes our own existence. Our reality, our own reality, which we create/change/design with the help of our own thoughts, arises from this intellectual interaction. For this reason, all of life is just a mental projection of one's own consciousness and this projection is controlled with the help of our own mind. But humans also have a physical body that is controlled by our own mind. In the past centuries it was believed that man was only a body consisting of flesh and blood, that this represented one's own existence. In this context, this assumption is only due to our egoistic, 3 dimensional mind which makes us humans think in material patterns. Ultimately, the human being is not the body, but rather the mind that rules over one's own body.

The entire existence is an expression of an intelligent creative spirit! 

The entire creation is in itself just an expression of an overarching consciousness, an expression of an intelligent creative spirit that gives shape to our world. This aspect becomes particularly important for a person when one manages to look at life as a whole from an immaterial perspective. Only then do we understand again that spirit is the highest authority in existence.

Physical bondage – unused power of the mind

Untapped power of the mindHumans are inherently very powerful beings, because they create their own reality with the help of their own mind and can shape life according to their own wishes based on their thoughts. This ability is due to the immeasurable power of our own state of consciousness. Due to our creative abilities, our own consciousness holds incredible potential that is just waiting to be developed by us again. However, this potential is curbed by various addictions, physical dependencies and negative thoughts. Firstly, these negative thoughts and the resulting negative actions lower our own self vibration frequency secondly, they bind us humans to our bodies. We often keep ourselves trapped in our own bodies through different beliefs, draw pain/suffering from our own thoughts and thus create a state of consciousness in which we let our body dominate our own mind. A completely free mind or a completely free/healthy/healing interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness would not be attached to the body, but would rather exist detached from any physical complications, be free and continuously create a completely positive circumstance/state of consciousness. But especially in today's world, detaching one's own mind is becoming drastically more difficult. Addictions and dependencies in particular bind people massively to their bodies. A heavy coffee drinker or someone who is addicted to coffee will need to satisfy their craving for this stimulant every morning. The body and mind crave it and when this desire is not satisfied, a certain restlessness occurs in one's existence. You feel weaker, less focused and eventually give in to your addiction. In such moments you allow yourself to be mentally dominated and become increasingly attached to your body. Someone who was not subject to this addiction could easily get up every morning without having this desire, let alone giving in to it. In this respect, the mind would be free, detached from the body, from physical dependence, which in turn means more freedom.

Addiction that binds us to the body!

Of course, coffee consumption is only a minor addiction, but it is still an addiction that, firstly, worsens one's own physical constitution and, secondly, dominates one's own mind in this regard. However, in today's world, the average person is subject to countless addictions. The addiction to cigarettes, coffee, sweets + fast food (generally unhealthy foods), alcohol or “drugs” in general or the addiction to recognition, attention or even jealousy plague many people, dominate our own mental state, lower our own vibration frequency and bind us to the body or our material form of existence. For this reason, it is very inspiring to free yourself from these sustainable thought patterns and addictions. If you can do this and consciously forego things that tie you to your own physical existence, then it becomes possible again to gradually detach our own mind from our body. Ultimately, this state feels very liberating; you feel significantly lighter and strengthen your own physical and psychological constitution. You gain more freedom, can assess situations much better and then have a much more balanced state of mind. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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