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A person's story is the result of the thoughts he has realized, thoughts that he has consciously legitimated in his own mind. From these thoughts, the subsequent committed actions arose. Every action that one has committed in one's own life, every life event or any collected experience is therefore a product of one's own mind. First the possibility exists as a thought in your consciousness, then you realize the corresponding possibility, the corresponding thought by committing the action, on a material level. This is how you change and shape the course of your own life.

You are the creator, so choose wisely

Ultimately, this potential for realization can be traced back to one's own creative powers. In this context, every human being is a powerful creator, a multidimensional being who can create using his or her mental abilities. We are able to change our own story as we wish. Fortunately, we can choose for ourselves which thought we want to realize, how the further course of our own lives should take place. Because of our own consciousness and the thought processes that arise from it, we can act self-determined, can freely develop our creative potential or use it to transform our own lives.

You are responsible for the future course of your life!!

The story of your life is therefore not a result of chance, but a product of your own mind. Ultimately, only you are responsible for everything you have experienced so far in your life. If we keep this creative principle in mind, if we become aware again that consciousness is the source of our life, that intelligent power is the highest active force in the universe from which all material and immaterial states arise, then we realize , that we are not subject to fate, but that we can take fate into our own hands.

You can choose for yourself which opportunities you take advantage of in your life..!!

So you can take your story into your own hands based on your mental abilities, so choose carefully, because the course of your life that you have decided on can no longer be changed. Nevertheless, even if you may have realized situations in your life that may not have been what you expected, you should know that everything in your life should still be exactly as it is currently happening. There are endless possibilities, embedded in a gigantic mental pool of information, and you can choose which of these possibilities you perceive and realize.

Pay attention to the quality of your thoughts, because the future course of your life arises from them..!!

The scenario or the thought that you ultimately decide on is the realized thought that should also be realized, because otherwise you would have decided on something completely different in your life, then you would have had completely different experiences . For this reason, it is advisable to pay attention to your own thoughts, because they are crucial for the further course of your unique life story. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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