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Again and again it is said that our lives are insignificant, that we are just a speck of dust in a universe, that we only have limited abilities and also live out an existence that is limited in space and time (Space-time is only created by our own mind - our perception and above all our view of things is decisive - you can live/perceive within temporal and spatial patterns, act, but you don't have to, everything is based on your own beliefs - correspondingly opposite circumstances are often too mystified/analyzed and consequently cannot be understood) and on the other hand, at some point, into insignificance (a supposed nothing) entry. The these limiting and above all destructive Programming is wanted and serves to keep us mentally small, i.e. that we do not recognize and acknowledge our own divine source, is seen through by more and more people.

You are everything

creative spaceUltimately, humanity has been in a process of spiritual awakening for thousands of years (which has only experienced a massive acceleration since 2012 due to special cosmic circumstances and occurrences). At the same time, there is a circumstance going on in the background that is often seen as a war between the light and the dark, a struggle between polarities in which we humans are in the process of freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed stranglehold and entering fully into our own center can (Merging, - we keep ourselves from it, - apart from discordant entities that do not constitute fiction, - as inside so outside, as outside so inside, as above so below, as below so above, your conceptions of something always represent existence, - become existent, which is why you shouldn't let other people/creators persuade you that something doesn't exist, you decide for yourself, you create yourself - apart from yourself there are only the realities/ideas/programming of other creators/creations outside — which also represent your creation when they come into your perception — which you can take on yourself, but you shouldn't necessarily have to). The fact that we find our way back to our true nature, become aware of our own completeness, become close to nature and recognize a system based on appearances, I have dealt with this very often on my blog (simply because this topic is present across the board and is also becoming more and more important). The most important aspect is also the fact that we ourselves are not only creators, but even represent the creation itself, the source and the space in which everything takes place and from which everything arises, which is why you experience everything in yourself, as well as this article, or even words, sound, music, play of colors - you experience everything in yourself. To internalize this aspect (without compulsion by feeling it) is fundamentally important in this respect, which is why I have now written a corresponding article again, because this aspect is repeatedly ignored, i.e. we leave our limitless potential and make ourselves small. But we are not small, we are big and represent everything, have all information anchored in our core and are divine beings. It is only through us that processes are set in motion, because we are connected to everything on a spiritual level (original level) and consequently have an influence on everything, without exception.

You are not in the universe, you ARE THE universe, an integral part of it. Ultimately you are not a person but a point of reference in which the universe becomes aware of itself. What an incredible miracle. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

And if we were not, then existence would not be, for we are existence (no matter how difficult it is to understand) and cannot be nothing, i.e. we cannot not exist, otherwise we would not exist, but we don't, - we exist and are therefore not just a drop in the ocean that makes up the whole, but also the entire ocean consisting of every single drop (all is one and one is all - you are all and all is you). And in doing so, as limitless beings, we can expand our own space in directions/dimensions that correspond to our will (Dimensions = states of consciousness, - fifth dimension = high-frequency/pure/knowing/harmonic, - abundance-based state of consciousness). Everything we do and everything we believe is based on our choices. We can choose what we create, what we make real and what thoughts we make manifest (everything you have ever done in your life is based on your mind, - realized thoughts, - just like every invention was first conceived by a human/creator, - "materialized thought", - still energy, solely by ours material view of the state identified as matter — or even the clothing we wear, which in itself represents another human being’s thought energy — someone thought up the clothing, designed it, we consequently carry another human being’s thought).

You can do everything

creative spaceOf course, we humans are kept in a slave existence (does not want to overdramatize this in any way or blame the destructive system controlled by elite families → bankers → lobbyists → puppet politicians - we are responsible, we let programs be imposed on us - of course it is not easy to recognize and is within the process a temporary negative feeling towards the controlling authorities is legitimate, but over time you realize how important this circumstance is for your own development and recognize the personal responsibility, you become grateful) and should not become aware of it, because the more we discover our own divine ground, the more we become aware of it and develop our potential, the more we automatically detach ourselves from the illusory system and consequently endanger its maintenance (the goal of keeping us in slavery as part of an overarching goal - New World Order), which is why mankind has been massively conditioned to not only forget and undermine their own abilities, but also to smile at and marginalize people who become aware of it again and express their opinions about it (make use of their voice - our word is mighty). However, the circumstance is undergoing a massive change and the self-deception is being lifted more and more, as well as all self-imposed limits are disappearing. The same applies to external energies, which have a very limiting influence on us, especially in the form of mental blockages. How often do you hear that something doesn't work, that something isn't possible, that something doesn't work, it's nonsense and you shouldn't refer to it, how often someone else (also in spiritual circles, - paradoxically) tries to convince you that something is not possible and you let yourself be influenced by it and take over the blockade (programming) of the other person? Very often or often enough, I myself was already subject to it, until I became aware of the programming of the other (my new blockage that has come true) and I consequently shed this blockage, because after all I am the creator and I decide what is possible and what is not, what is my truth and what is not. And in this regard, I say that everything is possible for you. For you (all of us) there are no limits, never allow yourself to be persuaded otherwise (limits imposed on you) but step much more into your full creative potential. Become aware of your uniqueness and create a mental state that will massively raise the frequency of the entire planetary circumstance. YOU ARE EVERYTHING AND CAN EVERYTHING.

I am not my thoughts, emotions, senses and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am life itself. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness I am now I am. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

You are the way, the truth and the life, you are the space of creation itself, you are the source from which everything arises and which can create everything - your divine presence is limitless and has the wonderful potential to completely transform the world and in a big way, simply because you are everything, connected to everything and having an impact on everything. Even the most abstract things can be experienced for yourself, for example the working of miracles, the manifestation of "supernatural abilities (or many more natural abilities that we only temporarily lost due to our own blockages - that doesn't work" - which does not mean that it is child's play to let corresponding abilities manifest, although, my belief at this moment, it could also be easy be, - according to my truth, corresponding abilities in my life go hand in hand with a very mature, pure, morally highly developed, knowing, completely independent and pure mind/body/soul system, the coping/discarding of all dependencies/addictions etc. that bind us to matter).

If your insight contradicts my teaching, you should follow your insight. – Buddha..!!

Well then, ultimately we should (can) therefore acknowledge this foundation in order to be able to expand our own creation into completely new and previously unknown dimensions. Of course we don't have to, all the words written here only represent my inner truth, which I reveal to you and which can possibly point the way, but I can only emphasize here that you get your own picture and trust your own inner truth . Questions everything, in an unbiased way, and as a result enters a limitless state, a state from which everything can emerge. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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