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Within today's density-based world, in which more and more people are finding their own true source and are experiencing a fundamental renewal of their own mind, body and soul systems (from the density into the light/light), it is becoming increasingly apparent to many that aging, illness and physical decay are symptoms of a permanent over-poisoning that we always intoxicate ourselves with suspend again. Be it poisoning or overloading of one's own system through an unnatural diet, be it frequent stays in places that are in turn permeated by electrosmog, the lack of intake of remedies or substances, which in turn carry the information of healing, that Drink saturated liquids instead of your own body refresh with spring water, not spending enough time in nature, or above all, on an energetic level, pollution caused by disharmonious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and general imbalanced ideas (a burdened lifestyle is of course also the result of a burdened mind).

The Law of Renewal

The Law of RenewalThe fact that we ourselves age rapidly, become ill with physical ailments or even lose vitality after decades has only to do with a self-imposed mental limitation through which we repeatedly indulge in poisonous/density-based circumstances and states. Nevertheless, as creators, we are all able to heal or change corresponding states of inner stress. In this context, it is also important to understand that our entire own system is constantly regenerating. In line with the law of rhythm and vibration, which says on the one hand that everything is subject to constant changes and transformation processes, i.e. everything pulsates in different rhythms, everything is alive, everything moves, everything changes, this natural law also says that everything changes again and again changed and renewed. And this principle can be transferred perfectly to your own body. All of our structures are subject to constant renewal. Even modern science has come to realize that the human organism is constantly renewing itself. For example, the cells of various organs, bones and skin grow back as soon as older cells die. Our liver is renewed every two years, and our entire skeleton every ten years. Of course, these times can be greatly scaled down, especially when one's mind is awake, strong and, above all, geared towards healing. I also know some awake or energetically strong people from my environment who broke bones, but they healed completely within a few weeks, which was inexplicable for doctors.

Let your mind and body shine

renovationIn the same way, many profoundly spiritual or holiness-oriented people hardly ever get sick or generally look much younger for their age. For that matter, we can heal our entire system completely and keep it in a state of vitality and radiance forever, for thousands of years. Every disease is therefore also curable. This is exactly how organs can grow back, even bones or even teeth have this potential. Accordingly, the DNA of all our cells also contains the code for permanent rejuvenation, self-healing and renewal of all structures. However, most of them are subject to a strong aging process or they hinder a complete regeneration and renewal of their system, since the renewal process is interrupted or rather prevented by frequent cell and mental poisoning. But as soon as we end this cycle of our own sojourn in density, a life begins for us in which our spirit is fully developed.

Power of God Consciousness

In such a light-filled/light state, our aging process is suspended. We no longer have to die physically, because our own body is constantly supplied with information or energies of healing, lightness and divinity. We then live a life of maximum abundance and radiance and can only experience complete healing as a result. Therefore, anyone who follows the universal laws with a harmonious range of thoughts will absolutely benefit from the law of renewal and will experience how their entire system regenerates itself again and again and remains anchored in luminosity/health, far away from deficiency, decay or illness. As I said, when we push through all of our self-imposed mental limitations by realizing again that all of this is possible - that anything is possible - then we awaken much of our true potential again. I mean, how many, for example, still consider themselves mentally limited, in that they themselves, as creators, are unable to even imagine that physical immortality or even the healing of all diseases is possible. It's just a big aspect of our God consciousness, that is, to know that EVERYTHING can be manifested and that everything can be healed. You dissolve the bondage to matter or to the purely human/earthly consciousness and re-enter the healing/highest state of consciousness, the state in which lightness is comprehensively manifest. But well, before I end the article, I would like to point out again that you can also find the content in the form of an article reading on my Youtube channel, on Spotify and on Soundcloud. The video is embedded below, and links to the audio version are below:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/allesistenergie
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4JmT1tcML8Jab4F2MB068R

In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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