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The DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) consists of chemical building blocks, energies and is the carrier of the entire genetic information of living cells and organisms. According to our science, we only have 2 strands of DNA and other genetic material is dismissed as genetic garbage, "junk DNA". But our entire foundation, our entire genetic potential, is hidden precisely in these other strands. Currently there is a worldwide, planetary energetic increase instead of fully reactivating our DNA. We rediscover ourselves and realize that we are actually very powerful beings, multidimensional beings to be precise.

The 13 strand DNA

From a spiritual/spiritual perspective, DNA is far more than just a chemical assembly of molecules. It is much more sacred geometry, representing an image of our own infinite universal database. All information of our entire existence, whether past lives or future events, all scenarios or our complete existential basis is hidden in the 13 strand DNA. Previously, humans only used about 3% of DNA's 100% potential, but this is now changing and the previously dormant genetic material is awakening to full strength again.

By activating the genetic potential, we find ourselves again and develop clairvoyant abilities. The separateness to divinity is restored and we begin to remember the knowledge of the subtle aspects of being. In the course of time we change our entire reality and will see life with different eyes again and again. We become more sensitive and develop a strong connection to our intuitive mind. Events and encounters that you otherwise dismissed as coincidences due to the ignorant egoistic mind now make sense and can be interpreted much better. One understands that coincidence is only a principle of the ignorant mind that every encounter in life has meaning.

Over time, one then discards one's egotistical ways of thinking and behaving more and more and acts more and more out of the higher principles of creation. The senses are sharpened and consciousness expands. You break through your own spiritually imposed limits and begin to remember your original life again. The information about our true origins has always been there, it surrounded us, flowed through us at all times and in all places. The present becomes more and more present to oneself and one draws less and less negativity from past and future events.

Enabling Full DNS

DNS activation

Everything in the universe consists exclusively of vibrating energetic states. Whether galaxy or human everything in existence has a unique energetic signature. Our own vibration frequency is decisive for the activation of the complete DNA. Positive thoughts and actions increase our own energetic basis, because positivity of any kind is ultimately nothing more than high-vibrational/light energy.

Once we have our own Increase vibration frequency This has a positive effect on our physical and mental constitution. At some point, your own energetic basis vibrates so high that the DNA is completely activated again. This activation restores one's true abilities. One then gains knowledge of one's own past incarnations and experiences a completely new facet of life. More and more people are currently discovering their warped potential, their sensitivity and, due to the enormous planetary energetic increase, are finding themselves more and more. We are about to enter a new age and can be excited about what will happen in the near future. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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