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For several years we humans have been in an overarching process of spiritual awakening. In this context, this process raises our own vibration frequency, massively expands our own state of consciousness and increases the overall spiritual/spiritual quotient of human civilization. As far as this is concerned, there are also a wide variety of stages in the process of spiritual awakening. Exactly the same way there are enlightenments of the most different intensities or even the most different states of consciousness. In this process we therefore go through the various phases and keep changing our own view of the world, revising our own beliefs, arriving at new convictions and creating a completely new worldview over time. Our old, inherited and conditioned world view is discarded and new possibilities open up. In recent years, most people have been in the early stages of spiritual awakening.

The spiritual foreplay

The realization of a very high state of consciousnessThis time is usually characterized by constant self-knowledge (expanding consciousness) and we experience a real change. Often, all this self-knowledge, this flood of information leads us to sink into a self-imposed chaos for months, sometimes even years, which in turn depends on processing all the new information. For this reason, this time is usually very stormy for us, because we live through a time in which we are subject to constant change. However, people tend to stay in their comfort zone; they are not used to constant changes and generally find it difficult to accept huge changes with ease.

The initial process of spiritual awakening usually occurs over a long period of time. The conscious handling of all the newly gained information doesn't happen overnight, but it is a skill that you develop yourself..!!

Therefore, this process takes a long time, which in turn ensures an optimal examination of our own primal ground. Nevertheless, this time, stormy as it may be, is only a spiritual prelude. It is a time that prepares us for the realization of a very high state of consciousness, one likes to speak of a so-called true spiritual awakening.

In order to realize a very high state of consciousness, it is imperative to resolve all one's mental problems. The creation of a subconscious that no longer transports negative thoughts into our daily consciousness..!!

This process, i.e. the creation of a very high state of consciousness or rather the creation of a state of consciousness that vibrates at a very high frequency, only works if we resolve all our own mental problems, traumas, open emotional wounds, karmic entanglements, etc . The goal is to realize a completely positive spectrum of thoughts, to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas.

The true spiritual awakening

A realignment of our own state of consciousnessAbove all, this includes letting go of all addictions and dependencies, i.e. thoughts through which we repeatedly experience a reduction in our own vibration frequency. In today's world, almost everyone is dependent on something. Be it things like coffee (caffeine), tobacco, alcohol, cannabis or general mind-altering substances, energetically dense foods (fast food, sweets, convenience products, animal proteins and fats - especially meat/fish, soft drinks, etc.), or even partners/people that we depend on. All of these dependencies dominate our own minds and prevent us from being able to act consciously in the present. For this reason, some people often act contrary to their own self-knowledge. On the one hand, you recognize your own self-imposed burdens, you understand and know how you can heal yourself through a positive orientation of your own state of consciousness + an accompanying natural/alkaline diet, but you are unable to put this idea into practice. Instead, you move in circles and try with all your might to free yourself from this vicious cycle. However, the creation of a very high state of consciousness requires breaking out of this vicious cycle. The true spiritual awakening only begins when we resolve all these mental problems and, on the basis of this, build up a completely positive spectrum of thoughts again (positive thoughts = increasing our own vibration frequency, negative thoughts = reducing our own vibration frequency).

The difference between a man who knows and a man who is wise is that the man who is wise acts actively instead of dreaming like the man who knows..!!

Only when we do this again will we experience a rapid increase in our own subtle abilities. Only then will you realize a completely clear state of consciousness and will always be at the right time and in the right place. Anyone who masters this process (mastering their own incarnation) will then be rewarded with a joy of life they have never experienced before. We become completely happy, align our own state of consciousness only towards abundance and as a result attract everything into our lives that we have always wanted before (law of attraction: you do not bring into your life what you wish for . But what you are and radiate). More and more people will experience this new stage in the process of spiritual awakening in the near future. The critical mass of awakened people will soon be reached and then more and more people will shed their own mental blocks. Many people will soon wake up from their dreams and finally take responsibility for their own lives. The time in which we were subject to our own fate ends, instead we take our own fate into our own hands in the future. It is only a matter of time (weeks/months) until many people will find themselves on this new level of consciousness after all the countless incarnations. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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