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The well-known electrical engineer Nikola Tesla was a pioneer at the time and was considered by many people to be the greatest inventor of all time. During his lifetime he found out that everything in existence consists of energy and vibration. For this reason, a very interesting quote from him is becoming more and more popular: “If you want to understand the universe, then think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

The forbidden knowledge of frequencies

frequenciesDue to his special dedication and valuable work, Tesla managed to tap into the energy that surrounds us and, above all, that permeates everything, i.e. he made this energy source that has always existed usable (free energy). Since ultimately everything in existence consists of energy (is driven by a spiritual source consisting of energy - mind/soul → energy/frequency/vibration/information) and Tesla recognized this fact, he managed, with the help of his special ingenuity, to make this infinite source of energy usable. He subsequently wanted to supply the entire world with this “clean energy”. At the end of the day, however, his plan failed because it would have robbed many elite families of a lot of power and destroyed countless industries. If Tesla had been able to realize his vision, there would be no nuclear power plants today, no gas/oil industry (e.gat least not in size and importance), no correspondingly questionable electricity companies and also no power lines and electricity meters in houses. Money and the power that comes with it (which is deliberately misused - money is ultimately just energy and does not necessarily have to be bad, by the way, it is much more about the handling of money, its distribution and also about the financial/banking system itself), however, rules the world and those who in turn control/govern most of the money would have through his inventions (Free energy generators), if these had been made available to the public, a large part of their power (Control) lost. For this reason, his work was destroyed, his laboratories were destroyed, and over time Tesla was vilified as a madman. Nevertheless, in today's time of spiritual change, his findings are becoming public again and more and more people are dealing with free energy technology and subsequently understand that it is not only possible to make free energy usable, but that this even the entire The world can and will change completely! (For example, Tesla constructed a tower, the Wardenclyffe Tower, which in turn could or should transmit free energy over long distances completely wirelessly, because his project could not be fully realized because the financial resources previously made available to him were withdrawn at that point. Ultimately, the tower was demolished, driving Tesla into financial ruin). Due to the currently increased exploration of their own spiritual origins, more and more people are recognizing that they themselves are the source of life (the space in which everything happens) consist entirely of energy.

Everything is energy and there is nothing more to say about it. When you tune into the frequency of the reality you are striving for, you cannot prevent it from manifesting. It cannot be otherwise. That's not philosophy. That's physics. - Albert Einstein..!!

Here we like to talk about energetic states that oscillate at a corresponding frequency. The state of consciousness or the complete reality of a human being has a unique frequency state and therefore one sends out and receives frequencies/energy due to a permanent interaction with the world (everything is one and one is everything, we are connected to everything).

Special experiments

Special experimentsEverything we interact with reacts to our corresponding energy. As a result, even our cells react to our own thoughts animated with sensations, which is why negative thoughts have a frequency state that has a lasting effect on our entire cell milieu and our entire organism. A negative thought spectrum or a negatively aligned mind is therefore primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of diseases (everything is born in the spirit). But it's not just our body that reacts to our thoughts (spirit rules over matter). Even other people, animals, plants, even water, which basically has a unique memory, responds to our frequency state. Experiments that are becoming more and more popular, for example corresponding experiments with food, in this case with rice, illustrate this fact in a special way. Namely, if you take 3 containers and put an equal amount of cooked rice in each container, treating a daily portion of rice with harmonious intentions (For example, you say to the rice that you love it and give it a positively charged attention), exposes another to negative intentions/moods and completely ignores the last one, then it turns out that the rice that is ignored rots extremely quickly. The “negatively treated” rice then also rots after a short time and the positively treated rice stays fresh for significantly longer. This experiment can also be transferred 1:1 to plants (or on people, basically even on anything). There is a well-known experiment (apart from similar experiments, which are not only being carried out by more and more people themselves, but are also published on various platforms), in which plants were exposed daily to either classical or metal music (disharmonic sounds). Water crystals Change through thoughtsIt turned out that the plants under the classical music developed much faster, stronger and better, almost felt attracted to the music and grew towards the speakers, while the plants under the metal music quickly dried out and showed damage (I definitely don't want to badmouth the music, I'm just explaining the course of the experiment here. In addition, every person is completely individual and therefore experiences music in a completely individual way. If there is metal music that makes you relax, then that would also be beneficial for your cell environment). The formative influence of frequencies on corresponding circumstances/conditions was therefore demonstrated in both experiments. Also worth mentioning here is the Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto who discovered that we can significantly change the structure of water and water crystals, depending on the treatment, with the help of our thoughts alone (harmonious or disharmonious expressions/labels/moods), arrange themselves either harmoniously or even disharmoniously.

Our spirit not only exerts a massive influence on our own life, i.e. on our entire reality/creation, but it also influences the circumstances/states surrounding us. This happens because the conditions that surround us do not just represent one aspect of our reality (the external one perceptible world is a product of our life, our inner world), but because our mind is connected to everything on a mental level..!! 

Ultimately, this fact shows us the not insignificant but very powerful influence of our own mind. Our environment - whether people, animals or nature, everything interacts with us and is significantly influenced by our actions. The frequency of our state of consciousness is therefore decisive and can only be increased through the conscious use of our mental powers. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Ja 9. January 2020, 21: 56

      The greatest inventor of all time is – undoubtedly – ​​Leonardo da Vinci

    Ja 9. January 2020, 21: 56

    The greatest inventor of all time is – undoubtedly – ​​Leonardo da Vinci