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Fear is commonplace in today's world. Many people are afraid of different things. For example, one person is afraid of the sun and is afraid of developing skin cancer. Someone else may be afraid to leave the house alone at night. In the same way, some people are afraid of a third world war or even of the NWO, elitist families who will stop at nothing and mentally control us humans. Well, fear seems to be a constant presence in our world today and the sad thing is that this fear is actually intentional. Ultimately, fear paralyzes us. It prevents us from living fully in the present, in the now, an eternally expanding moment that always existed, is and will be.

Playing with fear

AnxietyOn the other hand, fears of any kind reduce our own vibrational frequency because fears ultimately vibrate at low frequencies. Anyone who lives in fear reduces their own vibration frequency, which in turn has a very negative influence on our own physical and psychological constitution. In addition, fears rob us of the ability to live life carefree. You don't stay mentally in the present, but are always mentally connected to your own fear and this in turn shapes the further course of your life. But fears are intentional. The masters of the planet want us to live in constant fear, they want us to be afraid of diseases and other things. At the end of the day, fear keeps us from truly living. It robs us of our own life energy and, above all, our own mental abilities. For example, a person who constantly lives in fear cannot consciously create a positive living situation because the paralyzing fear prevents him from realizing such a project. For this reason, our mass media spread countless fears and anxieties, which in turn are stored in our subconscious. Be afraid of the sun because it could cause cancer, be afraid of the Middle East because this region is unstable and Islam is dangerous. Be afraid of certain pathogens and get vaccinated. Be afraid of the refugees because they only rape our country. Be afraid of the terror that we (the West, powerful financial elite) created in the first place to scare you. Everything happens for a reason and by creating different fears the collective state of consciousness is kept in check. Fears are also created to achieve certain goals. Almost all terrorist attacks in recent decades are a product of the Western financial elite (Charlie Hebdo and co.), which thanks to this approach receives the legitimacy of the people to wage wars or even to expand their own surveillance system. Create terrorist attacks and the people, out of fear, will agree to anything that could thwart such attacks in the future.

We are in a war of frequencies. A war in which the collective state of consciousness is contained with all its might..!!

This is how these elites play with our minds, think we are fools and can seemingly do whatever they want to do with us. But the fear game is ending, because more and more people understand why, firstly, fears are created and, secondly, how fear is used to curb our state of consciousness. We find ourselves in a world in which the vibrational state of our own consciousness is constantly lowered. A war of frequencies, if you will. But due to a current spiritual awakening, more and more people are coming to terms with their own reasons and understanding what our system is really all about. In exactly the same way, more and more people are developing their own psychological potential and are no longer dominated by different fears.

Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. What you are completely convinced of can subsequently manifest itself in your reality..!!

Why should we be afraid? And above all, from what? When we live in fear, we are only fulfilling the plan of those in power and preventing our own happiness from unfolding. Instead of being afraid, we should be happy and enjoy the moment of life. For example, some people live in constant fear of contracting an illness. However, this only causes them to lose the ability to live in the now and reduces their own happiness. You no longer live mentally in the here and now, but mentally always live in the future, a supposed future scenario in which you would be sick. A big problem is that energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. If you are constantly afraid of getting sick, then this can happen because your inner conviction and belief in the illness, realizing it, attracts it into your life. For this reason, we should start conquering all fears again, only then will it be possible to live completely freely again. What you ultimately decide to do depends entirely on you. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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