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A wide variety of philosophers have been puzzled over paradise for thousands of years. The question is always asked whether paradise really exists, whether one arrives at such a place after death and, if so, how full this place might look. Well, after death comes, you get to a place that's closer in a certain way. But that should not be the topic here. Basically, there is much more behind the term paradise and in this article I will explain to you why this is only a stone's throw away from our current life.

Paradise and its realization

The paradiseWhen you imagine paradise, you look at a bright place where everyone lives in peace and harmony. A place of higher emotions and feelings where every being is valued, where there is no hunger, suffering or deprivation. An area where only peaceful beings linger and only eternal love reigns. Ultimately, it is a place that seems far removed from our current planetary circumstance, almost a utopia. But paradise is not impossible, something that will never take place on our planet, on the contrary, in 10-20 years paradisiacal conditions will prevail here and there are reasons for that. Basically, paradise is just a state of consciousness that needs to be lived out and realized. Ultimately, everything in existence is due only to states of consciousness. Any action committed, any suffering created is only due to one's own mind and the train of thought arising from it. Everything you have ever experienced in your life was only made possible because of your own thoughts on this experience. You imagined experiencing something similar, be it walking through the forest and then you realized this train of thought on a "material" level by committing to the action. Therefore, it only depends on each individual person which values ​​they legitimize in their own spirit, whether harmony, peace and love or fear, anger and sadness. We ourselves are the creators of our own reality and can therefore determine for ourselves how we shape our own lives and, above all, how we want to experience and treat our outside world.

The paradisiacal state of consciousness

A paradisiacal state of consciousnessParadise is just a state of consciousness. A state in which one legitimizes higher emotions and feelings in one's own spirit and lives them out because of it. One feels great, is perfectly happy, and because of such thinking, raises the vibrational frequency of the collective consciousness. It is also a state of consciousness in which one fully respects and appreciates each and every human being for who they are, a state in which one fully recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each human being. If you think like this, respect and protect every person, every animal and every plant, you start to create a small paradise yourself and these actions in turn have a strong impact on the world of thoughts of other people. If every human being had such a state of consciousness then we would have paradise on earth in no time and that is exactly what humanity is moving towards. We are all in the process of finding our true roots again and are rediscovering our own sensitive abilities. More and more people are committed to peace in the world and are beginning to create a positive reality again. Many years ago the situation in this respect was completely different. There were very energetically dense times on our planet and people were repeatedly oppressed, kept ignorant and completely dominated by powerful authorities. But it's now 2016 and most people are looking behind the scenes of life.

Paradise is just a stone's throw away

The Golden ageWe are in a quantum leap into awakening and are increasingly creating a paradisiacal state. Soon it will be time, the golden age is only a stone's throw away from our present life. When this age takes place again, there will be world peace. Wars and suffering will be nipped in the bud, we will experience a fair redistribution of money, free energy will again be available to every human being, groundwater will be kept clean again and no longer contaminated by external influences. Our food will then be free of harmful substances, free of dangerous additives and genetic manipulation, and the most important thing is that during this time every human being, every animal and every plant will experience love, protection and respect again. We find our way back to our immaterial ground and experience a massive expansion of our own consciousness, which means that we are again able to create a paradisiacal environment. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • h1dden_process 23. October 2019, 8: 21

      Let us live paradise on earth and be part of infinity ps. shiftyourmatrix in love

    h1dden_process 23. October 2019, 8: 21

    Let us live paradise on earth and be part of infinity ps. shiftyourmatrix in love