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A person's life is always accompanied by phases in which one finds oneself in a deep abyss full of pain and suffering. These phases are very painful and are accompanied by a feeling of unattainable joy. One feels deeply hurt, hardly feels any inner emotional connection and has the feeling as if life no longer had any meaning for oneself. You may fall into a deep depression and no longer believe that the situation could improve in any way. Nevertheless, life always has new chapters in store for you, chapters in which a new story is written, a story that is accompanied by the deepest joy and happiness in life. Trust is the key word here. It is important to have faith in life or rather in your own recurring happiness.

Life always has new happiness in store for you

Experience joy again

Ultimately, love is a source of energy, i.e. a pure, unadulterated force that lies deep within the shell of every person. We humans are able to constantly draw life energy from this almost inexhaustible source. Yes, somewhere the feeling of love gives you motivation in life, ensures that we keep going and go through even the deepest valleys. In this sense, every person strives to be able to experience love. Love, inner peace, harmony, happiness and joy are feelings of the highest intensity that give our lives a deeper meaning. In this context, every person just wants to be well, to be able to experience love and to grow up in a peaceful social coexistence. Somewhere we humans are even looking for this love and therefore do everything to be able to experience this highest of all feelings. Nevertheless, we humans always find ourselves in deep abysses and experience the darkest situations. Such situations, which seem to set us back completely in our development (self-imposed fallacy) and cause us to experience the worst mental suffering, also darken our view of a bright and carefree life in the short term. In such periods of life, you often don't recognize the reason for your own suffering and instinctively assume that, firstly, things won't get better and, secondly, that you are doomed to suffer.

You are responsible for whether you have a positive or a negative spectrum of thoughts in your own mind legitimized.. !!

But that is not the case, quite the opposite. First of all, it should be said that you are responsible for the suffering in your own life. You are the creator of your own circumstances and can choose whether you legitimize/realize joy or sadness in your own mind. Of course, that sounds easier said than done, because many situations are so full of negative resonance that it is hardly possible to realize a joyful or positive spectrum of thoughts. However, you are responsible for whether you experience happiness or unhappiness. In this context, it is also important to understand that your own mind attracts what you mentally resonate with. Someone who never gives love to other people or who always resonates with negative thoughts/ambitions will only continue to attract them into their own life (The Law of Resonance).

Every experience has its deeper meaning

powerful experiencesOn the other hand, it is just as important to understand that every situation, every phase of life, no matter how dark it is, has a deeper meaning and teaches us an important lesson. There is no apparent coincidence, everything follows a strict plan, everything has its deep meaning and a specific reason. Exactly, your own suffering also has a certain cause, a certain reason. On the one hand, dark periods of life, or rather moments in which we feel very bad, make us aware of our own lack of connection to the divine source. They make it painfully clear to us that at this very moment we have no self-love whatsoever, that we are undermining our spiritual mind and letting our low-vibration, energetic, dense mind (ego) dominate us spiritually. These situations literally bring our own shadow parts to the surface and show them to us in a brutal way. In such moments we are always asked to finally look at ourselves, to finally be able to actively pursue the path to self-love. Self-love is therefore essential. For example, someone who does not love themselves cannot have any love for their fellow human beings, for nature, for other living beings or even for life itself. We are therefore asked to look at our lives in order to be able to change our own circumstances so that we can become happy again. These situations ultimately serve our own personal prosperity; they allow us to grow mentally and emotionally, develop us further and drive us forward in life.

The most painful moments in life awaken a person..!!

The greatest lessons in life are learned through pain. These dark moments are part of our lives and awaken our inner strength. Someone who has experienced the deepest heartbreak and seen the depths of their suffering can only become true, truly live, afterwards. You come into this situation weakly and then come out of it powerfully. Ultimately, after a drastic descent, a powerful ascent awaits you again. That's ultimately how life works. Because of the law of rhythm and vibration, it can't be any other way. No matter how bad your situation may be, at the end of the day there is another phase of life waiting for you that will be full of joy, love and happiness. In most cases, the intensity will be even more beautiful afterwards than before.

After you have crossed the deepest abyss, inner balance and stability returns to your life..!!

You have overcome your own painful abyss and are just standing at the top of the mountain and looking back on a landscape that has been shaped by countless experiences, a mental and emotional landscape that shows you how far you have come in life . How much you have now regained your own self-love and have fought back the ability to be happy and joyful. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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