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Some time ago I briefly touched on the topic of cancer and explained why so many people contract this disease. Nevertheless, I thought about taking up this topic again here, since cancer is a serious burden for many people these days. People don't understand why they get cancer and often sink unknowingly into self-doubt and fear. Others are very afraid of getting cancer. I will take away your fear and show you exactly why cancer develops and how it can be effectively treated and prevented.

The development of cancer at a glance

From a physical point of view, any cancer is always the result of a cell mutation. And this cell mutation has a cause. Today, in most cases, doctors only treat the symptom of an illness, not the cause. When cancer manifests itself in one's physical reality, the cancer is treated by doctors, but the cause of this disease, why the cancer came about in the first place, mostly remains hidden. The cancer is then surgically removed or treated with radiation or chemotherapy. But this only treats the symptom, the actual cause is not recognized, since doctors have not learned this or should not consciously learn it. The same applies to other diseases. If someone has high blood pressure, pills are prescribed, but the cause of the high blood pressure is not treated.

Low oxygen levels in the cells

A major physical cause of cell mutation is reduced oxygen levels in the blood. As a result, the body's own cells are supplied with less oxygen and begin to mutate. This happens due to a cell's own protective mechanism, because the cells protect themselves from the oxygen-poor environment. There are various factors that are responsible for an undersupply of oxygen in the cells or in the blood.

Of course, nowadays everyone is aware that smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the blood over time. But there are other factors that trigger a lack of oxygen in the cells. Too little exercise during the day can also ensure that the cells are undersupplied. But that doesn't mean that you have to do intensive sports to remedy this undersupply. It is sufficient if you go for a walk for a few hours a day (preferably in the soothing nature). Another key factor is diet. This is also decisive for whether we have a suitable PH environment in the cells or not.

Inappropriate PH environment in the cells

The PH environment in the cells is very important for maintaining health. It is best to always maintain a slightly alkaline PH balance. However, in many people the cell environment is overly acidic and such a cell environment is always the result of an unnatural diet.

All the chemical contaminants in our food (aspartame, glutamate, fluoride, preservatives, pesticides, artificial minerals and vitamins, artificial flavors, refined sugar, etc.) cause various defects to appear in our organism over time. And every day you take these poisons without knowing that you are poisoning yourself over time. In the end, only industries benefit from our base eating habits. The food industry earns billions from us and at the same time the pharmaceutical industry draws new money from this abyss of greed and suggests that it is normal for so many people to develop various diseases. But at the end of the day, pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer only listed commercial companies, corporations. And in our capitalist system, people do not come first, but money, and only one thing counts for companies, and that is maximum capital.

In this economic competition, all means are used to gain more power and control, and that only works if more money is drawn from the masses. There have also been countless successful cancer therapies, but these were deliberately suppressed by certain people, because the pharmaceutical industry earns more from treating cancer than from curing it. But man is currently getting to know the principles of life again and understands that nature provides us with perfect health. We just need to pull that health back into our reality or manifest the thought of that radiant, physical dress in our lives.

A high-vibrational diet cleanses the body and protects against diseases

And we do that by eating a completely natural and healthy diet. Anyone who only eats high-vibration foods will achieve an unprecedented level of well-being over time. A natural diet includes vegetables, fruit, whole grain rice/pasta/bread, all herbs, oats, spelt, tofu, spices such as turmeric, sea salt, superfoods, spring water or high-quality water, fresh tea and more. You should make sure that you avoid foods that contain artificial additives for the most part. The best way to achieve this is to buy your food from an organic shop or health food store in the future.

There are also contaminated organic foods, but these are becoming increasingly rare and can mostly only be found in conventional supermarkets. Anyone who consciously starts eating naturally again will be rewarded with clarity and a strong mind at the end of the day. Such a diet makes you feel much more vital and you can perform far better in life. The organism is supplied with sufficient oxygen, develops a healthy PH environment and unnatural cell mutations are nipped in the bud. Your own reality begins to vibrate higher or acquires a lighter, energetic basic structure. As a result, you begin to create more positive basic thoughts and will thus attract more positive events, more health into your life.

Free yourself from fear and don't give cancer a chance

From a subtle point of view, the cause of an illness always lies in our own energetic nature. If our life is mostly accompanied by negative thought patterns, then these ensure that we attract negativity into our lives. If you are firmly convinced that you will get cancer, then you will very likely get it at some point, because you are the creator of your own reality and you manifest in your life what you think and feel (law of resonance).

But if you eat poorly or live with a low vibration, you cannot form any positive thoughts in this regard. A smoker also cannot think about it or be convinced that he will never get lung cancer because he smokes. But if you live a perfectly healthy life, you will also think positively about your health and will be convinced that you are perfectly healthy. Not only the physique, but also the psyche will improve enormously through a natural way of life. So stay healthy, happy and live your life in harmony.

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