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year 2018

The very exciting year 2017 is as good as over and now the new year 2018 will reach us tomorrow night. We can expect a lot from this year, because this year not only announces a time in which our The power of manifestation is not as strong as it has been for 10 years, but the critical mass of “awakened” people could also be reached.

A quick review

The year 2018In this context, we humans have been in a so-called subtle war for thousands of years. This war means a massive inconsistency between our soul and our ego (lack of balance between both aspects), which is responsible for the fact that we often go through life materially oriented and have legitimized inherited + conditioned world views in our own minds. Instead of thinking independently, questioning certain systems and looking at the world from a positive/mental perspective, we let ourselves become more and more distant from nature and lived a life that was dominated by an illusion imposed on us (an illusory world that... built around our minds). The current low-frequency system (a system based on disinformation and low frequencies/energetically dense states) is also a consequence of this ongoing war. The system, which in turn was created by “far from light”, i.e. selfish and satanistic/financial controlling families (Who controls the money?!), tries to limit our unique creative expression, tries to make us indifferent, ignorant and sickly. Whether it's about highly toxic vaccines, energetically dense/unnatural foods, geoengineering, a material/money/work-oriented worldview suggested by the system media (why do so many people suffer from depression these days, why do so many people get cancer, why has almost one every person about mental problems - is that progress?) or even about highly disinformative media reporting and story teaching - to enforce highly dangerous self-interests (enslavement of the world, a world government/new world order in which a fraction of humanity - the elitists In order to be able to ensure that families have all the capital at their disposal, we humans have to be taken away from our basic nature, i.e. from our true spiritual and psychological nature.

For several years, especially in the last few decades, people have been trying with all their might to turn us away from nature. Initially this project bore fruit, but now the situation is changing and people are increasingly reconnecting with nature..!!

You can't make money with a healthy, mentally balanced and questioning human civilization. A corresponding human civilization cannot be mentally enslaved or even alienated from nature.

The opposite pole in the subtle war

The year 2018 - what to expectThese elite families (whom I don't want to blame for our circumstances - our consciousness is not contained, we allow it to be contained. The previously listed goals and created circumstances are merely facts) currently embody the dark opposite pole in the subtle war, embody that Ego itself to the highest degree and try to exclude/damage empathetic, nature-protecting or truth-oriented souls within the system. But since December 21, 2012 and the apocalyptic years that began with it (apocalypse literally means unveiling, unveiling, revelation and not, as the mass media widely propagates, “the end of the world”), a change has taken place and more and more people are recognizing the appearance and are starting to accept it to return to nature/natural conditions. One's own mental abilities are increasingly recognized, one's own psychological aspects become more pronounced and a comprehensive discovery of truth, which takes on ever greater proportions from day to day, takes its irreversible course. In doing so, we humans also begin to bring our own mind/body/spirit system into balance and manage to embody the peace that we want for the world (peace can only become manifest in the world when we put down our hatred and instead embody the corresponding peace - be the change you want for this world). However, before we could realize the creation of a balanced mental state, we first had to process all the new information.

Due to an increased frequency circumstance, triggered by very special cosmic circumstances, we humans are currently experiencing massive spiritual development and are increasingly acting from a truth-oriented state of consciousness..!!

The first few years were quite stormy and many people had to deal with the overstimulation caused by countless new knowledge. At the same time, the increasing planetary frequency (attributable to a... cosmic cycle – galactic pulse: , which is ultimately responsible for our “awakening”) can provide an impetus for emotional outbursts of all kinds, because the increase in the planetary frequency simply leads to us humans adapting our own frequency to that of the earth.

A new time is dawning

The year 2018 - what to expectHowever, all of our dependencies, mental blockages, traumas and open emotional wounds/sustainable beliefs, convictions and behaviors prevented us from staying at a high frequency, which is why these conflicts were brought to our attention again and again. Ultimately, our own (current) lack of divine connection became clear to us. We were shown where we do not allow abundance, love and light into our lives and that we can only manifest a completely balanced spiritual state when we clean up/clarify these inner conflicts. The adjustment of our frequency to that of the Earth could sometimes be perceived as very painful, because processing all these conflicts required a lot of strength. In this context, many people (myself included) also focused on contrary actions. So you got to know new views on life, gained new convictions, but in certain areas you still acted contrary and didn't manage to bring your own thoughts into harmony with your own inner intentions. For example, even though people knew that a natural diet could cure any disease and even initiate a peaceful revolution (large corporations would lose their competitiveness and would have to adapt to change), they still acted contrary, found themselves in the clutches of their own self-imposed food dependencies and failed to change lifestyle (a problem that many people struggle with).

Through a natural, i.e. alkaline-excess diet in which all chemically contaminated foods are avoided, not only can countless diseases be cured, but we can also bring our mental state into balance..!!

Instead of embodying the peace that you wanted for the world, you still legitimized hatred of other people, especially the puppet masters or puppet politicians in your own mind, and thus acted contrary to what you actually wanted to embody. Ultimately, this led to a lot of emotional conflict that could have a very lasting impact.

The year 2018 – what to expect

year 2018The whole thing was also building up and one sometimes had the feeling that a high point had been reached in this regard in 2017. In this context, the peak of the intensity of the subtle war was also announced for 2017, which is why this year was often viewed as a key year, i.e. a year in which our internal conflicts reached their peak, which subsequently initiated a massive spiritual change could. For this reason, this year was extremely intense, especially since the predominant element of water changed to the earth element on December 17th. The water element prevailed for 10 years and represented our own emotional issues and inner conflicts (how appropriate). The earth element, which has now predominated for 10 years, represents manifestation, self-realization and a conscious use of our creative powers. For this reason, a turning point will most likely occur in 2018, through which we humans will once again begin to manifest what corresponds to our heart's desires and inner intentions. In the coming year we can prepare ourselves for the fact that, apart from the spread of truth on all levels of existence, a change will take place that will mean that we can now increasingly realize peace and balance. Realigning our state of consciousness will therefore be of great importance in the coming year and we will be able to create a life that corresponds to our ideas more easily than ever before. Due to the widespread spread of the truth, we can also strongly assume that the puppet politicians, the mass media and the string pullers will make huge mistakes, which will cause a further part of humanity to wake up. The probability of this happening is actually very high, and in fact it is long overdue somewhere.

The coming year 2018 is all about manifestation and can be responsible for not only significantly more people discovering their own origins, but also for some people to now begin to embody the peace that they want for themselves World..!!

I'm not talking about a false flag attack on the scale of Charlie Hebdo, but rather on the scale of 9/11, with the difference that this shock will lead to a massive collective awakening. But what exactly will happen remains to be seen. One thing is certain, however, that 2018 will be a very exciting year in which a lot of things will change in our society. Apart from a further advancing division of the European peoples (Hooton Plan), some people will develop even more strongly, will find their way back to their own origins and will certainly begin to implement a life in which peace, freedom, love, harmony and happiness will prevail. With this in mind, I wish you all a pleasant New Year. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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