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The law of resonance is a very special topic that more and more people have been dealing with in recent years. Put simply, this law states that like always attracts like. Ultimately, this means that energy or energetic states that oscillate at a corresponding frequency always attract states that oscillate at the same frequency. If you're happy, you'll only attract more things that make you happy, or rather, focusing on that feeling will make that feeling amplify. Angry people, in turn, get angrier the longer they focus on their anger.

You must first be what you want to be

You must first be what you want to beSince at the end of the day your entire state of consciousness vibrates at a corresponding frequency, you always draw things into your life that also correspond to the frequency of your own state of consciousness. This relates to people, relationships, financial aspects and all other life circumstances and situations. That with which one's own state of consciousness resonates intensifies and is subsequently drawn into one's own life, an irreversible law. For this reason, the orientation of your own mind is very important when it comes to attracting things into your own life that you ultimately want to realize or experience in your own life. Still, some people attract things into their lives that are negative in nature. For example, one wishes/hopes for a better/more positive life situation, but still only experiences negative life circumstances. But why is that? Why do we often not get what we want? Well, several things are responsible for this. On the one hand, wishful thinking often arises from a lack awareness. You really want to have something, but the fulfillment of the wish is equated with a lack. As a rule, negative beliefs and convictions are also responsible for this, beliefs that are firstly of a negative nature and secondly prevent you from actively working on the realization of the corresponding wish. For this reason, we often block ourselves with beliefs such as: "I can't do it", "it won't work", "I'm not worth it", "I don't have it, but I need it", all these beliefs are a result of lack of consciousness. But one cannot attract abundance when one's mind is constantly connected with lack.

Only through a positive alignment of our own mind can we draw positive things into our own lives again. Lack breeds more lack, abundance creates more abundance..!!

It is therefore very important the alignmentTo change one's own state of consciousness again and this happens on the one hand through self-control, through overcoming one's own self-created blockages/problems and above all through the redemption of one's own karmic entanglements. It is therefore extremely important that we grow beyond ourselves again in order to be able to realize a more positive state of consciousness again as a result, whereby our own range of thoughts at the end of the day also becomes significantly more harmonious again.

Our own mind works like a strong magnet that attracts life circumstances, which in turn correspond to our own frequency. Because of this, we cannot attract the things we desire when we are mentally imbalanced and resonating with lack. We always draw what we are and what we radiate into our lives and not what we wish for..!!

The key to wish fulfillment is therefore also a positive state of consciousness, from which in turn a positive reality arises, a reality in which one is courageous and actively takes one's own fate into one's own hands and shapes it oneself, a mental state in which abundance , instead of lack is present. You don't do all this tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but now, the only moment in life in which you can actively work on realizing a happy life (there is no way to happiness, because being happy is the way). Ultimately, you don't attract what you want into your own life, but always what you are and what you radiate. In this context, I also found a great video for you, in which this principle is explained again in an interesting way by the psychotherapist Christian Rieken. A video that I can only recommend to you. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony :)

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