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In today's world, most people lead lives in which God plays either a minor role or almost no role at all. The latter in particular is often the case and so we live in a largely godless world, i.e. a world in which God, or rather a divine existence, is either not taken into account for humans at all or is interpreted in a completely isolating way. Ultimately, this is also related to our energetically dense/low frequency-based system, a system that was firstly created by occultists/Satanists (for consciousness control - suppression of our spirit) and secondly for the development of our own egoistic mind is jointly responsible. Some people tend to allow themselves to be dominated spiritually and as a result are more materially oriented, are purely scientific and analytical and strictly reject a possible divine origin of our existence.

The illusion we live in

Due to one's own purely scientific and materially oriented view of life, one's own intuitive, i.e. mental abilities are often completely ignored. Instead of legitimizing a certain sensitivity in one's own mind, which would then make one look at some things from a spiritual/emotional perspective, rational thinking prevails instead, which means that we severely limit our own mind. But as the German scientist and Nobel Prize winner Werner Heisenberg once said: “The first drink from the cup of natural science makes you atheist, but God is waiting at the bottom of the cup.” Heisenberg was absolutely right with this quote and that is where we are right now at a time when many people are either changing their atheistic view of life again, or even revising their own isolating idea of ​​God and instead coming to groundbreaking insights about God and the world. For example, more and more people are experiencing a feeling of connection and recognizing/understanding again that everything in existence is linked to one another, that there is no separation on a spiritual level, but that everything is connected to one another on an immaterial level. Everything is one and one is everything (everything is God and God is everything).

Separation only exists in our own thoughts or in our own mental imagination regarding our existence, yet there is no separation in itself and we could experience God permanently..!!

Apart from this, various other self-knowledges are currently spreading like wildfire around the world, for example the knowledge that God essentially represents a consciousness that flows through everything, a great spirit from which the entire existence arises. Here one also likes to speak of a web of energies that is given form by an intelligent creative spirit.

The illusion we live in

The illusion we live inWe humans are therefore also an image of this overarching spirit and use part of this spirit (our consciousness + subconscious) to research and shape our lives. We are not solid, rigid lumps of flesh, we are not purely material expressions, but we are spiritual/mental beings who in turn rule, or rather could rule, over our own bodies. For this reason, God or a divine existence is permanently present and manifests itself in everything that exists, as its own creative image. Whether universes, galaxies, solar systems, us humans, nature, the animal world, or even atoms, everything in this context is an expression of an all-pervasive spirit, is a manifestation of God. As a result, God is also permanently present, just as we humans embody an aspect of God himself and represent God ourselves, in the form of our own creative expression. For this reason, questions like: “Why is God up for chaos?” responsible for this planet,” void. God has nothing to do with this chaos, rather this chaos is a result of unbalanced and misguided people, or rather a result of people who, firstly, have legitimized chaos in their own minds and, secondly, have no divine connection whatsoever (A person who If someone murders consciously, he does not carry God in his heart, at least at this moment - At the moment of the murder he is much more living out a separation from God and, seen from this point of view, is acting on occultist/satanic principles - How would the devil act? How would God act ?).

Due to our own selfish minds, we humans often experience a certain separation from God and look at life from a materially oriented 3D perspective instead of from a mental/spiritual perspective..!! 

These people then live in a self-created 3D illusion and only view God from their materially oriented EGO mind. They do not recognize that God is an all-pervasive spiritual force + manifestation and as a result do not recognize God in everything that exists.

Everything is God and God is everything

Everything is God and God is everythingUltimately, many people experience a certain separation from God and pray to him without understanding that God is permanently present or can be present again (which of course I don't want to condemn or even denounce, on the contrary, everyone does People are on their own individual path and if someone has not yet found God, does not believe in God at all or lives out their belief in God in their own way, then that is completely legitimate - live and let live!!!). For this reason, we humans very often lose our own connection to God - namely whenever we feel bad, when we allow ourselves to be mentally dominated by our own shadow parts and in such moments we simply do not embody God's principle (i.e. love, harmony and balance – Keyword Christ Consciousness), but embody much more separation, exclusion and a lack of self-love. Well, nevertheless, due to the current Age of Aquarius and the associated global awakening process, this separation is becoming increasingly smaller and more and more people are recognizing that they represent God or even life itself, that they are the designers of their own destiny based on their own creative abilities or are the creators of their own reality.

Everything in existence is an image of God, for this reason we humans also represent life itself, are the space in which everything thrives, happens and comes into being..!!

The spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle also said the following: “I am not my thoughts, emotions, sensory impressions and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am life itself. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness. This is me now. I am". In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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