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Deep within each human being lies dormant magical abilities that are beyond our imagination. Skills that could shake and change anyone's life from the ground up. This power can be traced back to our creative qualities, because every human being is the creator of his own present basis. Thanks to our immaterial, conscious presence, every human being is a multidimensional being that forms its own reality at any time, in any place.These magical abilities belong to the holy grail of creation. In this post, I'll explain how to get it back.

One requirement: Basic understanding of spirituality

Basic spiritual understandingOne thing should be said in advance that what I write here does not necessarily apply to everyone. In my opinion, certain criteria must be met in order to regain these abilities, but these are not decisive for every person, they are more the rule, of course there are exceptions. I'll just start from the beginning. A main criterion for developing one's magical abilities is a basic understanding of the spiritual universe. Since new users are constantly becoming aware of my articles, I keep mentioning basic things in most of my articles. This is also the case in this article. So I'll just start from the beginning. In order to fully develop magical abilities, it is very important to get to know and understand the spiritual universe. Everything in existence is made of consciousness. Whether humans, animals, universes, galaxies, everything is ultimately only a material expression of an immaterial consciousness. Nothing can exist without consciousness. Consciousness is the highest creative authority in existence. Everything arises from consciousness and the resulting thought processes. This is exactly how this article came about from my mental imagination. Every word immortalized here was first conceived by me before it was written, before it was manifested on the physical plane. This principle can be applied to a person's entire life. When someone goes for a walk, it is only because of their mental imagination. First the scenario was thought up, then it was put into action. For this reason, every action committed can only be traced back to one's own mental power. Everything that you experience, do, create in your life is only possible thanks to our thoughts, without which we could not imagine anything, plan anything, experience anything or create anything. For this reason, God, i.e. the highest authority in existence, is also a pure, conscious creative spirit.

The awakening of spiritual powers

A gigantic consciousness that finds expression in all material and immaterial states, individualizing and experiencing itself through incarnation. This means that every human being is God himself or a conscious expression of God. That is why God is omnipresent and permanently present. You look into nature and see God, for nature, like man, is also just an expression of space-timeless consciousness. Everything is God and God is everything. Everything is consciousness and consciousness is everything. This is also a major reason why God is not responsible for the suffering on our planet. This result is solely due to energetically dense people consciously legitimizing and living out chaos in their own mind. If someone harms another human being, only that person bears full responsibility for it. God is just not a material, 3-dimensional person that exists above or behind the universe and watches over us. God is just an immaterial, 5-dimensional presence, a ground made up of intelligent creative spirit. God or consciousness has fascinating properties.

Consciousness, like the thoughts that arise from it, is space-timeless. If you have ever imagined in your life what a timeless "place" could look like, then I can only congratulate you, because in this moment you have experienced such a state. Thoughts are timeless, which is why you can imagine anything you want. I can create complex mental worlds right now, without being limited by space-time. In thoughts there is no time and no space. Physical laws therefore do not affect thoughts. If you imagine something, there are no limits, there is no end, because of this fact, thoughts are infinite and at the same time faster than the speed of light (thought is the fastest constant in existence).

The energetic decondensation of one's own reality

Energetic de-densificationHowever, consciousness or thoughts also have other important characteristics. One of them is the fact that consciousness consists of pure energy, of energetic states that vibrate at certain frequencies. These energetic states have the ability to change energetically. This basic energy, also known as space ether, prana, qi, kundalini, orgone, od, akasha, ki, breath, or ether can condense or decondense due to associated vortex mechanisms (we humans call these left-hand and right-hand vortex mechanisms also chakras). Seen in this way, matter is nothing more than energetic density. The denser an energetic state is, one could also say, the lower the frequency at which energy/consciousness vibrates, the more material it becomes. Conversely, energetically light states allow one's own reality to vibrate higher, decondense. It is important to understand that energetic density is due to negativity. All negative thoughts block our energetic flow and condense our own reality. We feel worse, less comfortable, more dense and thus burden our own existence. For example, if you are jealous, envious, angry, sad, greedy, judging, smiling, etc., you are condensing your own vibration level at this moment due to energetically dense thoughts (I do not want to say that these thoughts are wrong or bad, on the contrary, these thoughts are important to firstly learn from them and secondly to experience your own egoistic mind even more profoundly). On the other hand, positive thoughts and actions decondense your own energetic basis. If someone is happy, honest, loving, caring, compassionate, courteous, harmonious, peaceful, etc., then this positive spectrum of thoughts allows one's own subtle dress to become lighter. For this reason, one can only attain these abilities by having a pure heart. One who has lower ambitions or intends to abuse these abilities cannot attain them either, for lower ambitions condense one's energetic state and thus cut one off from the omnipresent creation.

One should act in the interests of others instead of in one's own interest, then there are no longer any limits anyway. The lighter your own energetic state vibrates, the more sensitive you become. The whole thing has an effect on all existential levels of a person. Teleportation or the ability of one's own dematerialization, for example, can only be achieved if one completely decondenses one's own energetic basis. At some point your own material body vibrates so high that you automatically dissolve into a space-timeless dimension. One becomes completely immaterial and can materialize again at any time, any place. However, one who consistently produces energetic density cannot experience this dematerialization.

Skepticism and judgment block our mind

skepticism and judgmentsAn impartial and free spirit is also essential to the energetic decondensation. For example, someone who does not believe in these abilities, smiles at them, condemns them or even frowns on them, cannot attain these abilities. How can one attain something that is not present or does not exist in one's present reality. Especially since judgments or the skepticism about it is again only energetic density. When you smile at something, you create energetic density in that moment, because such behavior is supracausal, irrational. Here it is also important to know that all energetic density is created by one's own egoistic mind, energetic light is in turn created by the spiritual, intuitive mind. Everything that harms you, i.e. any energetically dense state, is generated exclusively by our lower mind. Therefore, in order to attain these abilities, it is also of the utmost importance to completely dissolve one's egoistic mind. One must not produce any more energetic density and must act in the welfare of creation. At some point you become selfless and only act in the interests of other people. One then no longer acts from an I, but from a WE. One no longer isolates oneself mentally, but mentally connects with the consciousness of other people (from an energetic, consciousness-technical point of view, we are all connected anyway).

A strong will is key

A strong willIf you look at the whole construct then you will also realize that your own willpower is of the utmost importance for the development of these abilities. If you want to completely decondense your own reality, you have to do without everything that burdens your own energetic state. You have to become a master of your own incarnation, a master of renunciation. You have to become the master of your external circumstances. A completely positive range of thoughts, for example, is only possible if you first discard your own EGO mind, i.e. you only act from a pure heart, secondly you eat completely naturally and do without everything that harms you (coffee, alcohol, nicotine, fast food , chemically contaminated food, poor-quality water, aspartame, glutamate, animal proteins and fats of any kind, etc.), if you don't eat anything to satisfy your sense of taste, but solely to keep your own organism clean. It must also be noted that both points are linked. Bad foods are eaten only because of energetically dense thoughts.

Conversely, only EGO thoughts lead to energetically contaminated food. If you do without all that, then you strengthen your own willpower immensely. Some people believe that such a renunciation greatly reduces their own quality of life, but I can only disagree. If you do without everything that harms you, then this leads to enormous self-confidence and extremely strong willpower. One no longer allows oneself to be guided/deceived by one's own senses, but one can easily deal with base desires, on the contrary, these then largely dissolve over time, since one realizes that this renunciation, this enormous willpower, means much more to oneself quality of life.

What skills can one acquire?

Gain avatar skillsAnything you can imagine. There is no thought that cannot be realised, no matter how abstract it may be. As a rule, however, it is so-called avatar skills that then manifest themselves in one's own reality. Teleportation, Dematerialization, Materialization, Telekinesis, Retrieval, Levitation, Clairvoyance, Omniscience, Self-Healing, Total Immortality, Telepathy, and more. All these divine abilities are hidden deep in our immaterial shell and are just waiting to be lived by us one day. Every person has the opportunity to draw these skills into their life and every person goes their own very special way. Some will attain these powers in this incarnation, some others may experience them in the next incarnation. There is no set formula for this. Ultimately, however, we are responsible for experiencing these abilities ourselves and no one else. We ourselves are creators of our own reality and create our own life.

Even if the path to these abilities, to this state of consciousness, seems almost impossible or very difficult to master, one can still rest easy, because everything comes to one at the right time, in the right place. If it is your greatest wish to gain these abilities, then don't doubt it for a second, if you really want it, you are determined then you will make it, I don't doubt it for a second. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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