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Water is a basic building block of life and, like everything in existence, has a consciousness. Apart from that, water has another very special property, namely water has a unique ability to remember. Water reacts to various coarse and subtle processes and changes its own structural composition depending on the flow of information. This property makes water a very special living substance and for this reason you should make sure that the memory of the water is only "fed" with positive values.

The memory of water

The memory of water was first discovered by the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto found out and proved. In more than tens of thousands of experiments, Emoto found out that water reacts to feelings and sensations and then changes its own structural composition. Emoto illustrated the structurally altered water in the form of photographed frozen water crystals.

water memoryEmoto found that his own thoughts massively changed the structure of these water crystals. During these experiments, positive thoughts, emotions and words ensured that the water crystals took on a natural and fascinating shape. Negative sensations in turn damaged the water structure and the result was unnatural or deformed and unsightly water crystals. Emoto proved that you can significantly influence the quality of the water with the power of your thoughts.

Not only water reacts to sensations!

Since all matter, every plant, every organism has a consciousness, everything that exists reacts to thoughts and feelings. A similar experiment has also been tested several times on plants. You have raised 2 plants with exactly the same conditions. The only difference was that you fed one plant with positive emotions and the other with negative emotions on a daily basis.

Influencing plants with thoughtsI love you was said to one plant and I hate you to the other every day. The plant with the positive message grew and thrived splendidly and the other plant died after a very short time. It's the same with everything in life. Everything that exists responds to thought energy. The same principle can also be applied to humans. Every creature in existence needs love in order to live and accordingly we should love our fellow human beings instead of hate and the like. A similar experiment (The Cruel Kaspar Hauser Experiment) was once conducted by Frederick II of Hohenstaufen in the 11th century. The babies were separated from their mothers after birth and then completely isolated.

The babies had hardly any human contact and were only fed and bathed. In this experiment, the babies were not spoken to to find out if there was an original language that would be naturally learned. Babies died after a short period of time and it was found that babies cannot live without love. The same applies to every living being. Without love we wither and perish as a result.

The quality of the water is crucial

To get back to water, since water is very sensitive to thoughts, we should try to make our own thoughts and spectrum of perception more positive. Since our organism consists of 50 to 80% water (the percentage value depends on age, small children have a significantly higher water balance than older people), we should always keep this body's water in good condition with positivity. Negative thoughts and patterns of behavior destroy the nature of water and therefore negative values ​​such as hatred, envy, jealousy, greed etc. reduce one's own bodily functions enormously.

Why should I poison myself and my social environment with negative behavior and thought patterns when, thanks to my creative abilities, I can create a natural and healthy environment through positive thinking and acting?! With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live your life in peace and harmony.

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