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The increasingly important spiritual awakening of human civilization has become unstoppable for several years. More and more people are achieving life-changing self-knowledge and, as a result, experiencing a complete realignment of their own mental state. Your own original or learned/conditioned beliefs, convictions, Worldviews and views on life therefore begin to change and you see the world, not only the external world but also the internal world, with completely different eyes.

The penetration of the illusory world with our spirit

The penetration of the illusory world with our spiritIn this context, as has already been mentioned many times, we use our spirit to penetrate the illusion that has been built around our understanding. The well-known quote from the movie Matrix: "You've been feeling all your life that something is wrong with the world. You don't know what, but it's there. Like a splinter in your head that drives you crazy - You are a slave, you were born into slavery like everyone else and you live in a prison you cannot touch or smell. A Prison for Your Mind” hits the nail on the head and basically reminds us of a fact that has been present for centuries. Of course, the spiritual awakening brings our own spiritual ground before our eyes, lets us recognize our divine and, above all, spiritual nature and consequently grants us a profound insight into important structures of life (the answering of elementary questions of life). In the same way, raising the collective state of consciousness also ensures that we begin to live in harmony with nature again. We open our hearts, let love come in and understand that our self-created mental imbalance, based on a (mostly even unconscious) material/appearance-oriented mental orientation, is responsible for the development of our pain body and, as a result, for the development of diseases is (weakening of our immune system through a negative thought spectrum). Nevertheless, recognizing the extent of the illusory world built around our mind is a fact that transports our own spiritual development to a higher level.

The process of spiritual awakening not only focuses on our own mental development and answering the elementary questions of life, but it is also about using our own mind to penetrate the illusion that has been built around our mind..!!

For this reason, our spiritual awakening, which also necessitates a so-called lightbody process can be equated with a development towards a reality that is no longer contained/falsified by mechanisms of the system-created illusionary world. For this reason, the extent of the illusory world on our planet Earth is gradually recognized in this process. This awakening could, for example, begin with small things, for example understanding that diseases such as cancer are curable and that pharmaceutical cartels are specifically suppressing remedies.

Recognizing the extent of the make-believe world as part of our current development

make-believeIn exactly the same way, one could initially understand that vaccines are enriched with highly toxic substances or that chemtrails or geoengineering are used as a whole for mind control. Little by little you decipher the reasons for the warlike planetary circumstances and understand which families rule the world and, above all, why they do this and what goals lie behind them. The true background to 9/11, the murder of Kennedy, the murder of Princess Diana and false flag attacks like Charlie Hebdo are also being recognized. Over time, more and more circumstances are seen through based on disinformation and lies. What was once labeled as a “conspiracy theory” and even ridiculed corresponding ideas is now understood and recognized as part of the illusory world imposed on us. Each further recognition of the extent of the illusory world makes our own minds a little freer, because it takes away the deception we have imposed for years and gives us a more pronounced vision of the world. We allow ourselves to be deceived less and less, or rather manipulated, and develop a strong intuitive power that allows us to recognize/feel apparent circumstances even more easily. The extent of the lies on our planet is gigantic, hardly comprehensible and so it happens that over time you get to know a much larger extent of the illusory world and you open up more and more details to yourself. That, for example, the first two world wars were initiated by correspondingly wealthy families to assert precarious self-interests, that Chernobyl, for example, was triggered by an earthquake (Haarp) by the Americans due to years of Soviet espionage (and other backgrounds) or The fact that many Nasa recordings are not made in the ISS at all, but in film studios, then comes to the fore. The whole thing is just getting bigger and bigger and from year to year more and more powerful deceptions are unmasked. The extent of the appearance is just so enormous that you can hardly understand it yourself.

The extent of the lies, the disinformation or, best put, the illusionary world that has been built around our minds is so enormous that it is difficult to even believe it. You can hardly realize it and therefore resist it with all your might, especially in the beginning..!!

Many topics are so contrary to what has been hammered into your head for years that controversy arises and you yourself are massively attacked and insulted as a person. And this is exactly where the crucial point is. If we ourselves react in such a derogatory way and frown on, discredit, and even massively ridicule a person just because he represents an opinion that does not conform to our own world view, then this should always give us pause and we should ask ourselves why we react in such a derogatory and, above all, exclusionary way.

An important step in promoting massive spiritual development or in being able to penetrate the illusion of the world is the opening of our own mental state, which subsequently reveals to us a world that is seen from an unbiased and tolerant state of consciousness. .!!

Yes, exclusion, that's what it is, we legitimize an accepted exclusion from other people in our own minds and only because a corresponding opinion does not fit into our conditioned and inherited world view and then in the same breath we claim that we have no right-wing tendencies exhibit and be tolerant, what a tremendous paradox. For this reason, in the process of spiritual awakening, it is of utmost importance to open our own minds instead of closing them to the unknown. Only an unbiased, respectful, tolerant, peaceful and truth-oriented mind is able to create a reality that is not only shaped by an ever-evolving state of consciousness, but can also penetrate the appearance of the world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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