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pineal gland

Many myths and stories surround the third eye. The third eye is often associated with a higher perception or a higher state of consciousness. Basically, this connection is also correct, because an open third eye ultimately increases our own mental abilities, results in increased sensitivity and lets us walk through life more clearly. In the teaching of the chakras, the third eye is therefore also to be equated with the forehead chakra and stands for wisdom and knowledge, for perception and intuition. People whose third eye is open therefore usually have increased perception and, apart from that, a significantly more developed cognitive ability - i.e. these people are much more likely to achieve groundbreaking self-knowledge, insights that shake their own lives from the ground up.

Activate the third eye

The third eyeUltimately, this is also a reason why the third eye stands for the absorption of information from higher knowledge that comes to us. When a person deals intensively with their own original reason, suddenly develops a strong spiritual interest, achieves groundbreaking illuminations and self-knowledge + develops strong intuitive abilities, then one can definitely speak of an opened third eye. In this context, the third eye is also associated with the so-called pineal gland. In today's world, most people's pineal gland is atrophied or even calcified. There are various reasons for this. On the one hand, this atrophy is due to our current way of life. Diet in particular has a significant influence on our pineal gland. Chemically contaminated foods, i.e. foods that have been enriched with chemical additives. Sweets, soft drinks, fast food, ready meals, etc. calcify our pineal gland and in turn close our own third eye, keeping our brow chakra blocked. Apart from that, such calcification can also be traced back to our own spectrum of thoughts. In this regard, each chakra is associated with different thoughts and beliefs. The forehead chakra is strongly linked to our own world view.

People who have a materially oriented world view have a negative influence on their chakras and their own vibration level..!!

In the Western world, for example, many people have a materially oriented worldview. Such a way of thinking, i.e. a state of consciousness that is exclusively geared towards material things, blocks our own third eye. This blockage can only be removed by revising one's own negative beliefs and convictions, by once again legitimizing a spiritually oriented world view in one's own mind (keyword: spirit rules over matter). Another option would be to change your own diet, i.e. a natural diet, which would decalcify your own pineal gland again.

There are various ways to decalcify your own pineal gland, one of which is listening to 432 Hz music, sounds that can massively expand your own consciousness..!!

Another powerful method would be to listen to music that has a consciousness-expanding influence on our own minds. In this regard, 432 Hz music is often recommended, music that vibrates at a consciousness-expanding frequency. Such music inspires our own spirit and can massively increase our own sensitive abilities. In this context, I did a little research online and found a powerful pineal gland sound activation. If you want to activate your third eye yourself, you should definitely listen to this music. Powerful tones that have an enormous influence on the pineal gland.

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