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For several years, to be precise, since an ever-increasing part of humanity has been consciously in the process of spiritual awakening (Quantum leap or development of our heart field), more and more people experience a strong increase in the frequency of their own spirit. A new awareness of nutrition is also in the foreground, which in turn is accompanied by completely new approaches. Due to this more pronounced nutritional awareness, the extremely potent and above all healing benefits of a lively and above all natural/plant-based diet are being recognized more and more.

Light food - pure life

chlorophyllVeganism and Raw Food (like some other diets) are therefore not trend phenomena, but are much more the result of a massive mental development, through the appropriate forms of nutrition, to maintain and improve our own health (and the health of our planet), getting more and more interesting. There is also an increasing connection between various diseases and one's own diet - as well as one's own lifestyle. Of course, diseases are always born in our mind first (mind → body), but nutrition is also a product of our mind (our decisions, the consumption of appropriate foods can be traced back to our perception of the consumption of appropriate foods). That the conventional industrial nutrition transports a tremendous restlessness into our organism, which in turn reacts with oxygen-poor, inflammatory and overly acidic cell areas (“Dark cell milieu” – from the outside, – through food, little vitality/light), represents a circumstance that favors the development of countless diseases. Ultimately, therefore, natural and above all living foods, such as medicinal herbs, medicinal plants, sprouts, grasses, algae and co. more and more present (Regarding the liveliness I can only recommend this article to you: Taking in the spirit/encoding of the plants - light nourishment, in which I go into the basic aspects and benefits of all medicinal plants, there is hardly anything fresher, more lively and more healing, free of charge and directly from the forest).

The most essential aspect of a wholesome food is always its energetic level or its liveliness. The more alive or better said more light-filled a food is, the more healing its influence on our cells is, which is why natural and primarily green foods are almost indispensable, especially when it comes to maintaining and healing our cell environment. Dead food or food that carries correspondingly contaminated information, for example chemically contaminated or even industrially processed food, in turn has the opposite effect. They can be satiating, but in the long run they represent a heavy burden for our organism. The foods that have the highest energy, light and vital substance density in this context are medicinal plants, ideally medicinal plants that we take directly from nature or from our plants .harvest out of a forest. The spectrum of primal information can hardly be grasped, because all the information from the forest flowed directly into it during the growth of the medicinal plant. It is the absorption of the purest energy - pure life.

In this context, the magic of leaf green or chlorophyll stands out in particular, because chlorophyll, which is very similar to human blood in terms of structure or differs in chemical structure compared to hemoglobin only in the core, which in chlorophyll consists of a magnesium ion and in hemoglobin consists of an iron atom. But chlorophyll, a substance that cannot be produced synthetically and is ubiquitous in nature, has many other fascinating properties. Basically, foods rich in chlorophyll (preferably medicinal plants from nature, without breeding - today's vegetables, for example, are overbred - without external influences, only exposed to the natural information of nature, for example a forest) full of magic and give our cells a boost that cannot be compared with anything else.

Healing for our cells - chlorophyll


Harvested in the forest, within 30-45 minutes without much effort, nine different medicinal herbs - pure vitality, extremely rich in chlorophyll & light.

For that matter, chlorophyll-rich foods also trigger all sorts of biochemical processes in our bodies, simply because the leafy greens, combined with the natural information of a medicinal plant itself, have incredible healing potential. As far as this is concerned, there is also a key word here and that is light, to be precise sunlight, because plants, leaves and grasses form sunlight with the help of photosynthesis and store this light (light = life) in the form of chlorophyll and biophotons (light of life) away. Ultimately, corresponding medicinal plants therefore store pure light, which in turn can really let our own organism shine (and consequently, within this interaction, elevates our spirit). Appropriate food, especially medicinal plants, are therefore unchallenged purely in terms of vitality and let our cell environment really shine. It is not for nothing that the influence of chlorophyll is so diverse:

  • strongly blood-forming
  • powerful blood purifier
  • strongly rejuvenating
  • healing
  • metabolism activating
  • detoxifying/purifying
  • regenerative
  • performance-enhancing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • vitalizing
  • convalescent

  • it increases the oxygen saturation in the blood immensely (pure healing)
  • it has a regenerative effect on all cells (our entire organism becomes more balanced)
  • it detoxifies all our organs and above all relieves our intestines (which due to a modern
  • overconsumption of industrial food is heavily burdened)
  • it provides us with primal information, namely with light, i.e. with cosmic energy, which has an extremely reactivating effect
  • it has a rejuvenating effect, our radiance becomes better, younger and much more natural - our complexion changes (supply always comes from within)
  • Due to the high vitality and the light, it has a tissue-building effect and promotes cell respiration
  • Due to the countless positive effects, we feel more dynamic, i.e. it has a permanent mind-altering effect, we feel mentally stronger, more balanced

Ultimately, it is therefore extremely advisable to eat lively, light-filled foods that contain chlorophyll on a daily basis. And best of all in its most natural and most frequent form, namely within nature and in the form of nature (as medicinal plants). Especially now that spring and summer are coming, we can provide ourselves with chlorophyll-rich and, above all, living food. Even those who don't have a forest on their doorstep can find what they are looking for. I even found what I was looking for at a university in winter under the really worst conditions and was able to collect a few things. Otherwise one can of course (regarding chlorophyll) can also use home-grown sprouts, classic garden herbs or dried superfoods. Nevertheless, medicinal plants in particular should be the focus. Seen in this way, they are the most healing foods that we can eat. Well, finally, we should therefore make use of the magic of leafy green and give our cells a life substance that has a very strong healing and healing effect. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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