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As mentioned several times in my articles, consciousness is the quintessence of our life or the basic basis of our existence. Consciousness is also often equated with spirit. The Great Spirit, again, often spoken of, is therefore an all-encompassing awareness that ultimately flows through everything in existence, gives form to everything in existence, and is responsible for all creative expression. In this context, the entire existence is an expression of consciousness. Whether we humans, the animals, plants, nature as a whole or even planets/galaxies/universes, everything, really everything that exists is an expression that can be traced back to consciousness.

Consciousness is everything, the quintessence of our life

Consciousness is everything, the quintessence of our lifeFor this reason, we humans are also an expression of this great spirit and use a part of it (in the form of our own consciousness) to create/change/design our own lives. In this regard, we can also look back on all life events and actions that we have committed, there was no event that did not arise from our own consciousness. Whether it was the first kiss, meeting friends, going for walks, various foods we ate, results of exams, starting an apprenticeship or other paths in life we ​​took, all these decisions we made, all these actions we were all expressions of our own consciousness. You have decided on something, have legitimized corresponding thoughts in your own mind and then realized them. For example, if you have created or even created something in your life, for example if you have painted a picture, then this picture came exclusively from your consciousness, from your mental imagination.

A person's entire life is a product of their own mental imagination, a projection of their own state of consciousness..!!

You imagined what you wanted to paint and then created the corresponding picture with the help of your state of consciousness (state of consciousness at this point in time). Every invention first existed only as an idea in the form of a thought in a person's head, a thought that was subsequently realized.

The structure of our subconscious

The structure of our subconsciousOf course, our own subconscious also flows into the daily shaping of our own lives. In this regard, all our beliefs, conditioning, convictions + certain behaviors are also rooted in our subconscious. These programs always reach our own daily consciousness and consequently influence our daily actions. If you are a smoker, for example, then your subconscious will repeatedly remind you of the program of smoking and this happens in the form of thoughts/impulses that our subconscious transports to our corresponding day consciousness. The same thing happens with beliefs. For example, if you are convinced that there is no God, for example, and you are talking to someone about this topic, then your subconscious would automatically bring this belief/program to your attention. If then in the further course of your life your conviction changed and you would believe in God, then a new belief, a new conviction, a new program would be found in your subconscious. Nevertheless, our conscious mind is responsible for structuring our subconscious and not the other way around. All the things you believe in, everything you are convinced of, almost all the programs that exist in your subconscious are a result of your actions/deeds/thoughts. The program of smoking, for example, only came about because you used your consciousness to create a reality in which you smoke. If you are convinced that there is no God or just a divine existence, then this belief, this program would only be a consequence of your own mind. Either you decided at some point to believe in it - you created this program of your own free will, or you were brought up to do so, shaped by your parents or even your social environment and subsequently took over these programs.

Consciousness is the supreme authority in existence, the highest working force in the universe. It represents our primal ground and as a whole is the divine presence that almost every human being longs for in their life..!!

For this reason, our own mind is the most powerful tool. Not only can you change your current reality, you can determine the direction of your life yourself, but you also have the power to change the source that influences your daily consciousness with corresponding anchored trains of thought, namely your subconscious. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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