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Everyone knows that sport, or rather exercise in general, is extremely important for one's health. Even simple sporting activities or even daily walks in nature can massively strengthen your own cardiovascular system. Exercise not only has a positive effect on your physical constitution, but it also strengthens your psyche immensely. For example, people who are often stressed, suffer from psychological problems, are hardly balanced, suffer from anxiety attacks or even compulsions should definitely do sports. Sometimes this can even work wonders.

Why physical activity strengthens your psyche extremely

Go for a run - push your psyche

Basically, there are 2 main factors, which in turn are essential for your own health: a natural/alkaline diet + sport/exercise. It is no longer a secret for many people that almost all illnesses/diseases can be cured if our own mind/body/spirit system is completely balanced again. The body in particular needs an oxygen-rich and basic cell environment for this. For this reason, an alkaline diet in combination with sufficient exercise can even cure cancer in a few months/weeks (depending of course on the type of cancer and the stage). I have often even considered nutrition to be the most important component in this regard, because after all we supply our bodies with different energies through nutrition. For example, those who constantly eat unnatural foods feed their body with energy that vibrates at very low frequencies, which in turn impairs all of the body's functionalities, making us tired, sluggish, unfocused and permanently ill (everyone's state of consciousness vibrates at a corresponding level Frequency (Energetically dense food therefore dulls our own state of consciousness and lowers its frequency). An unnatural diet therefore extremely favors the manifestation of diseases of any kind. Apart from that, such a diet always weakens our own mind, which ultimately also favors a negatively aligned mental spectrum. However, I have now come to the realization that a lot of exercise is just as important for a balanced mind/body/spirit system.

The universal principle of rhythm and vibration shows us and makes it clear again that movement exerts an inspiring and thriving influence on our own mind. Rigidity + physical inactivity make us ill, change + movement in turn improve our own constitution..!!

Sufficient exercise or sporting activity can even work wonders for our own psyche. In particular, the effects of walking or even running/jogging in nature should not be underestimated in any way.

Change your lives, work miracles in your mind

Creating a clear state of consciousnessFor example, daily jogging in nature not only strengthens your own willpower, it also strengthens our mind, gets our circulation going, makes us clearer, more self-confident and lets us become much more balanced. For example, I've been lifting since I was 18 (less so now), but cardio, especially running outdoors, is no comparison. At least that's what I've noticed lately. So some time ago I was again in a phase in which I didn't do any sport and was generally very physically inactive. Somehow my own state of mind deteriorated during this time and I felt increasingly imbalanced. My sleep was no longer so restful, I felt more sluggish than usual and simply felt that there was not enough movement in my life. But now it came to the point that I spontaneously decided to go running every day. My train of thought was as follows: If I go running every day from today, then in a month I will not only be in a really good condition, but I will also strengthen my psyche enormously, be much more balanced + have significantly more willpower. So I decided to go running. Due to my years of tobacco use, I was of course aware that I would not last long at first, which ultimately turned out to be true. The first day I only managed 10 minutes. But was this demotivating? No, not in any way. I felt much more balanced after the first run. I was so happy that I pushed myself to do it and felt free afterwards. I just felt how much strength it gave me, how much it boosted my self-confidence, strengthened my willpower and made me much more concentrated. In fact, the difference was huge. It was a sudden increase in my own quality of life, something I never expected, at least not in such a short amount of time. As I said, the first day was inspiring for my own spirit and made me much clearer. In the following days, jogging went much better and my condition improved within a few days.

In order to reprogram our own subconscious so that it transports positive processes/thoughts into our own day-consciousness every day, we must inevitably carry out/commit a new change/activity over a longer period of time..!!

In this context, only a few days are enough to reprogram your own subconscious in such a way that the thought of going for a run is transported into my own day-consciousness every day. Ultimately, this also makes it clear how essential changes can be for one's own life. A major change, a different daily activity, a different daily influence and your own reality, the orientation of your own mind, changes. For this reason, I can only recommend daily jogging or even daily walking to all of you out there. Ultimately, you can initiate an enormous strengthening of your own psyche and improve your quality of life within a very short time. For those who are interested in it or just feel the urge to put it into practice, I can only advise one thing: don't think about it too much, just do it, just start with it and benefit from the eternal presence of the present. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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