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A person's past exerts a tremendous influence on their own reality. Our own daily consciousness is repeatedly influenced by thoughts that are deeply anchored in our own subconscious and are just waiting to be redeemed by us humans. These are often unresolved fears, karmic entanglements, moments from our past life that we have suppressed so far and because of which we are confronted with them again and again in some way. These unredeemed thoughts exert a negative influence on our own vibration frequency and repeatedly burden our own psyche. Our own reality arises in this context from our own consciousness. The more karmic baggage or mental problems we carry around with us, or rather the more unresolved thoughts that are anchored in our subconscious, the more the creation/shaping/changing of our own reality is negatively influenced.

The effects of one's own past

The past no longer existsA wide variety of thought processes are anchored in our subconscious. One often speaks here of so-called programming or conditioning. Various self-imposed beliefs, convictions and thoughts are anchored with programming in this regard. Negative thoughts that have a significant impact on what happens in our own lives. This negative programming lies dormant in our subconscious and influences our own behavior again and again. Most of the time they even rob us of our own peace and ensure that we direct our own focus not on the creation of a new, positively oriented state of consciousness, but rather on the continuation of the currently existing, negatively oriented state of consciousness. We find it difficult to leave our own comfort zone, accept new things, and let go of old things. Instead, we allow ourselves to be guided by our own negative programming and create a life that ultimately does not correspond to our own ideas. For this reason, it is important that we deal with our own negative programming again and dissolve it again. This process is even essential for creating a positively oriented state of consciousness. In order to be able to do this, it is important to understand some basic things about our own past.

Past and future are purely mental constructs. Both exist only in our thoughts. However, both tenses do not exist. The only thing that exists permanently is the power of the present..!!

An important insight would be, for example, that our past no longer exists. Far too often, we humans allow ourselves to be dominated by our own past and ignore the fact that our past or the past in general no longer exists, only in our own train of thought. But what we experience every day is not the past, but the present.

Everything happens in the present. For example, future events are created in the present, past events also happened in the present..!!

What happened in the “past” happened in the present and what will happen in the future, for example, is also happening in the present. In order to be able to actively participate in life again, to become a CONSCIOUS creator of your own reality again, it is important to focus on this present moment (the present - an eternally expanding moment that has always existed, is and will be ). As soon as we lose ourselves in mental problems, for example thinking about past moments, moments that make us feel guilty, we remain stuck in the past we created ourselves, but miss the opportunity to actively draw strength from the present moment. For this reason, it is highly advisable to join the flow of the present. Come to terms with your past, recognize your own self-imposed burdens and recreate a life that is completely in line with your ideas. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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