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Portal day phase

The current portal day phase is tough. We have now reached the fifth day and the intensity seems to be immense. Especially on the two days yesterday, we also received very strong impulses regarding the planetary resonance frequency, which shook our earth's magnetic field. The phase of spiritual transformation and purification that has been going on for years has been reached So once again you feel like there are new highlights and you can literally feel how the old things are gradually “dissolving”.

Strong creative impulses

Portal day phaseNew “programs” and information reach our system and old structures, mostly based on “shadows”, are dissolved. More space is made available for truth, wisdom, purity and clarity and we are literally asked to realign ourselves spiritually. As for me personally, it seems to me as if this phase is accompanied by a strong flood of information. In this regard, I published an article a few days ago (on May 21st) in which I explained that I am currently experiencing many changes in my life and that countless life circumstances, whether minor or major, are completely changing. In the last few weeks, especially in the last few days, I have received countless new impulses and I was (or still am) very receptive to new knowledge and information. I have now again, similar to back then (the topics were just different back then), dealt extensively with health issues and have come to many new and important insights in this regard. Particularly when it comes to natural healing substances (sometimes ridiculed by the mass media and sometime defamed by pharmaceutical cartels) and the body's own reactions associated with them, the truth and undermined importance of some minerals and vitamins, as well as the use of our body's own self-healing powers (viewed from new perspectives), were the focus my attention. I think that one or two people already know in detail about such topics (or are well informed about these new aspects), but in my life there should only now be a corresponding discussion. It feels similar to the phases back then, i.e. I spend hours researching specific topics, watching countless videos, reading through all sorts of articles, thinking about these things for hours, drawing my own conclusions and experimenting a lot.

In the current process of collective awakening, we repeatedly reach phases in which we are very receptive to intuitive inspiration and can subsequently completely realign our state of consciousness..!!

The special thing about it is the feeling that is quite pronounced, i.e. I sometimes get strong intuitive inspirations and I have the feeling that I am treading new, important paths. I have often experienced phases like this in this context and I think that many of you have experienced the same. Suddenly you receive intuitive inspiration and intensively engage with new approaches and information until a phase of calm returns. The fact that such a phase has now reached me within a series of portal days is anything but surprising. When it comes to this, you can really feel that there is a lot of energy in the air and that our subconscious is very receptive to new trends and directions. It is therefore a magical phase in which we can embark on new paths in life. Ultimately, I would be very interested to know how you perceive the current phase. Do you have similar experiences, do you also receive countless creative impulses or intuitive inspirations or do you experience completely different circumstances? Let me know in the comments. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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