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Sebastian Kneipp once said that nature is the best pharmacy. Many people, especially conventional doctors, often smile at such statements and prefer to place their trust in conventional medicine. What exactly is behind the statement by Mr. Kneipp? Does nature really offer natural remedies? Can you really heal your body or protect it from various diseases with natural practices and foods? why it that so many people get sick and die from cancer, heart attacks and strokes these days?

Why do so many people get cancer, heart attacks and strokes these days?

Hundreds of years ago these diseases did not even exist or they only occurred extremely rarely. Nowadays, the aforementioned diseases pose a serious risk, because countless people die every year as a result of these unnatural civilization diseases. But there is a silver tail on the horizon, because there are various reasons for these diseases. First of all you should know that every illness has an energetic cause.

The main reason why an illness can manifest itself in one's physical reality is due to a weakened body's own energetic field. Seen from a subtle point of view, every human being consists of atoms, electrons, protons or, to be more precise, of energy. This energy has a certain level of vibration (everything in the universe is made of vibrational energy).

The lower or denser the body's own energetic field is, the easier it is for diseases to manifest themselves in one's own reality. Dense or otherwise formulated low vibrating energy burdens one's own existence. When the body's energetic system is overloaded then the excess negative energy is passed on to the physical, the 3 dimensional body and this overload results in illness at the end of the day.

Responsible for this dense energy is all negativity. On the one hand our psyche plays a role and on the other hand nutrition. If you only create negative thoughts every day and you also eat artificially produced foods or rather low vibrating foods, then you have the best breeding ground for all diseases. Above all, the psyche often throws a spanner in the works. Because of the Law of Resonance, we always attract energy of the same intensity into our lives. And since our entire reality, our entire consciousness, consists only of energy, we should always make sure to maintain or acquire a positive attitude.

Conquer your fear of diseases and live a free life!

I'll take cancer as an example. Many people are very afraid of getting cancer and do not know that this fear can ensure that the disease is drawn into their own lives. Anyone who constantly keeps this fear in mind will sooner or later manifest this thought, this energy in their reality. I am of course aware that there are people who cannot even identify this fear. How am I supposed to conquer my fear of cancer myself when the media constantly drums into my head that almost everything is carcinogenic and that many people just “accidentally” develop cancer. Well, by now most of you should have become aware that there is no coincidence, but only conscious actions and unknown facts.

Of course, cancer doesn't just happen by accident. There has to be some negativity in the physical body for cancer to even form. In the physical body, cancer always arises for two reasons. The first reason is poor oxygenation of the cells. This undersupply ensures that the cells begin to mutate. Cancer develops. The second reason is an unfavorable PH environment in the cells. Both factors arise from negativity on the one hand and poor diet, smoking, heavy alcohol consumption etc. on the other. These in turn are all factors which lower the body's own vibration and promote disease. You can see that the whole thing is an eternal cycle and you should break this cycle. I don't have to tell any of you that alcohol, tobacco and fast food have very energetically dense energies.

Chemical contaminants are harmful to our health

But what about the conventional foods that people eat in the course of their lives? Are these of natural origin? And right here is the crux of the matter. In common supermarkets (Real, Netto, Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland, Edeka, Kaisers, etc.) there are currently mostly artificially produced foods or foods with artificially enriched chemicals on offer. Almost all food contains preservatives, pesticides, artificial flavors, glutamate, aspartame, artificial minerals and vitamins and, in addition, our sacred seeds are contaminated by genetic engineering out of greed for profit (especially artificially produced sugar/refinery sugar and artificially produced salts/sodium).

Here's another important note, artificially produced fructose is a substance that massively influences and strengthens the cell growth of cancer cells. This "fructose" can often be found in soft drinks (cola, lemonade, etc.). But our food industry makes billions off us, and that's why these toxins are sold to us as harmless normality. It's hard to imagine how much of our food is contaminated. Even the fruit and veg from mainstream supermarkets is full of pesticides (Monsanto is the hair-raising cue here). All these artificially produced substances only have a very low vibration level, i.e. a damaging vibration level, and on the other hand these substances have a strong effect on your own cell composition.

The cells are supplied with less oxygen and the PH environment in the cells is negatively affected. For these reasons, it is important to eat as naturally as possible. Eating naturally means avoiding all or most artificially produced substances. In order to minimize the chemicals that you ingest during the day, it is first of all advisable to get your food from a health food store or a health food store, for example. Or you can buy your vegetables and fruit at the market. But again, it's important to know that many farmers spray their crops with pesticides, so always look out for an organic farmer in a market. It is therefore important to ban all ready meals, sweetened drinks and sweets from your diet. One should eat mostly grains, whole grains, oats, vegetables, nuts, fruits, soy, superfoods and other natural foods. For the most part, you should only drink water (spring water in glass bottles and freshly prepared tea on the day are best).

Animal fats and proteins are not part of a natural diet

All I can say about meat is that animal fats and proteins are not part of a natural diet and should rather be minimized. I say minimized because many people cannot do without their daily meat consumption and therefore usually defend it with all their might. That is also your right and I don't want to ask anyone to change their way of life. Everyone is responsible for their own life and must know for themselves what they eat, do, think and feel in life. Everyone creates their own reality and no one has the right to criticize or even scorn another person's way of life. Nevertheless, I will go into more detail on the subject of meat in the near future. To come back to the topic, if you eat completely naturally, you no longer have to fear diseases, fears of diseases disappear and you regain more positivity in life.

Diseases no longer have a breeding ground and are nipped in the bud. Apart from that, you feel much clearer, more concentrated and you can understand situations better. For example, I gained my first self-awareness after an intensive spring water and tea cure. My body was freed from many pollutants, its basic vibration increased and my mind was able to gain clarity as a result. Since that day I have only eaten naturally and I feel better than ever. In conclusion, there is only one thing left to say: "You don't get health in shops, but only through a lifestyle". Until then, stay healthy, happy and live your life in harmony.

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