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Beliefs are usually internal beliefs and views that we assume are part of our reality or a supposed general reality. These inner beliefs often determine our everyday life and in this context limit the power of our own mind. There are a wide variety of negative beliefs that continually cloud our own state of consciousness. Internal beliefs that paralyze us in a certain way, make us unable to act and, at the same time, direct the further course of our own lives in a negative direction. In this regard, it is important to understand that our own beliefs manifest themselves in our own reality and have drastic effects on our lives. In the third part of this series (part One - part II) I will address a very specific belief system. A belief that is present in the subconscious of many people.

Others are better than me – a fallacy

We are all the sameMany people are often internally convinced that they are worse or less important than other people. This fallacy or self-imposed belief accompanies many people throughout their lives and blocks the development of their own strength, the development of the power of their own state of consciousness. We instinctively assume that other people are better than ourselves, are convinced that other people have more abilities, have a better life or are more intelligent than ourselves. This thought then doesn't let us go and prevents us from to actively create a life that corresponds to our own ideas, a life in which we do not undermine our own creative abilities and are aware that no person is better or worse than ourselves. In the end, that is what it looks like No life is more valuable or less important than your own life, on the contrary, every life is equally valuable and unique, even if we often do not recognize this or want to admit it. Exactly no human being is more intelligent or stupider than you. Why should that be? Ultimately, many people rely on their intelligence quotient when it comes to this.

With strict respect for our own individual creative expression, we are all the same at our core, we are all spiritual beings who use our consciousness to create a life of our own..!!

But honestly, why should you, yes YOU, who is currently reading this article, be smarter or dumber than me, why should your creative abilities be less developed/usable than mine, why should your ability to analyze life be worse than mine ? We all have a physical body, a brain, 2 eyes, 2 ears, have an intangible body, have our own consciousness, our own thoughts and create our own life using our own imagination.

The power of your state of consciousness

spiritualityIn this context, every person has the wonderful gift of questioning life and constantly reshaping it. In this regard, the IQ says little about one's own understanding of life, as it is limited only to one's own intellectual performance, which in turn depends on the current state of consciousness, which in turn can be changed at any time (of course there are exceptions , for example a mentally disadvantaged person, but he confirms the rule). Apart from that, there is also the EQ, the emotional quotient. This in turn relates to one's own moral development, one's own emotional maturity, one's own mental state and the ability to view life from a spiritual perspective. But this quotient is not something we are born with and can be changed. For example, a person who largely acts out of selfish motives, pursues malicious intentions, is greedy, disregards the animal world, acts out of lower mental patterns or spreads negative energies - produces with his mind and feels no empathy for his fellow human beings, in turn has one rather low emotional quotient. He has not learned that it is wrong to harm other people, that the basic principle of the universe is based on harmony, love and balance (Universal Law: The principle of harmony or balance). However, every person does not have a fixed emotional quotient, because people are able to expand their own consciousness and can change their own moral views with the help of this powerful tool. Both quotients together form the spiritual/mental quotient.

Negative beliefs often stand in the way of creating a positive life and reduce the development of our own mental intellect..!!

This quotient is made up of EQ and IQ, but does not have a fixed value; it can be increased at any time. We achieve this by understanding basic spiritual and psychological connections again, by becoming aware of the power of our own state of consciousness and by shedding our own negative beliefs. One of them would be to think that other people are better, more intelligent, more important or more valuable than yourself. But this is just a fallacy, a self-imposed belief that has a negative influence on your life and behavior. Just like any other human being, you are a creator of your own life, a creator of your own reality.

Every life is valuable, powerful and can change/expand the collective state of consciousness with the help of their mental imagination alone..!!

This fact alone should make you realize what a powerful and special being you are. Therefore, never let anyone tell you that you are worse or more incompetent than them, because that is not the case. Okey, at this point I have to mention that you are always what you think, what you are completely convinced of. Your own beliefs shape your own reality. If you are convinced that you are worse than others, then you are, perhaps not in other people's eyes, but in your own eyes. The world is not the way it is, but the way you are. Fortunately, you can choose for yourself what state of consciousness you view life from, and whether you legitimize negative or positive beliefs in your own mind. It just depends on you and the use of your consciousness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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