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Tomorrow (February 7, 2018) the time has come and we will reach the first portal day of this month. Since some new readers are now visiting my website every day, I thought I would briefly explain what the portal days are all about. In this context, we have only received relatively few portal days recently, which is why I generally think it is appropriate to have all of them To revisit the topic, especially since not everyone knows about these days due to the few portal daily reports.

What exactly are portal days?

What exactly are portal days? Basically, portal days are days predicted by the Maya on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us (already mentioned many times: The Maya also predicted the apocalyptic years, starting on December 21, 2012. Apocalypse does not mean the end of the world, but rather unveiling, revelation , revealing why their interpretation came true 1:1, because in the current time of change, more and more people are penetrating the illusory/low-frequency world created by puppet politicians and their backers and learning the true causes of the warlike planetary circumstance). For this reason, there is a particularly high vibration on these days, which is why access to our own soul, and therefore also to our spiritual issues, is significantly greater. Due to the increased cosmic radiation, we humans can react very sensitively to these influences. Therefore, on these days there is usually a frequency adjustment (frequency increase - realignment) in which we humans adapt our own frequency to that of the planetary circumstances. However, since mental suffering and other inner conflicts make it difficult to stay at a high frequency (negative thoughts/feelings keep our frequency low), we are confronted with our own problems on these days - when mental discrepancies and emotional conflicts are present.

Since a higher vibration level reaches us on portal days, we experience significantly greater access to our own soul on these days, which is why self-created conflicts are often in the foreground..!!

In this regard, on portal days we are happy to be made aware of our own mental stress, which then gives us the opportunity to resolve these conflicts.

Use the energies of tomorrow's portal day

Use the energies of the portal dayOur own living conditions can therefore be made clear to us in a special way on these days and everything that stands in the way of our self-realization and, above all, the manifestation of a balanced and harmonious state of consciousness can be brought into salvation. We humans can only stay in a high frequency when we recognize and redeem (transform) our own low-frequency aspects. Otherwise, we repeatedly expose ourselves to self-created stress, which not only significantly reduces our quality of life, but also maintains a physical condition in which illnesses can become manifest (almost every illness is the result of an unbalanced mental state). . Well, for these reasons, portal days are very special days on which our own inner state, i.e. our mental state and also our heart energy, are in the foreground. Tomorrow will be the first portal day of this month (two more will follow on February 08th and 27th) and we can definitely experience a very energetic circumstance. Even if these days can be perceived as very stressful, at least if we have a lot of inner conflicts, we should definitely not reject these days. As far as this is concerned, some people reject these days and are afraid of the incoming energies. At the end of the day, we shouldn't be afraid at all. Fear and other negative feelings only prevent a positive handling of the energetic influences and increase their quality (law of resonance).

Instead of rejecting the energetic influences of tomorrow, we should use them much more in order to firstly gain a much better insight into our own mental life and secondly to be able to steer our lives into a more harmonious path..!!

For this reason, we should welcome tomorrow and adapt to the frequency situation. The strong cosmic influences do not want to harm us in any way, but they only serve our own development (our prosperity) and only benefit the development of the collective state of consciousness. Let us therefore use the potential of tomorrow and use the incoming energies to steer our own lives onto a more harmonious path. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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