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Many people only believe in what they see, in the 3-dimensionality of life or, due to the inseparable space-time, in the 4-dimensionality. These limited thought patterns deny us access to a world that is beyond our imagination. Because when we free our mind, we recognize that deep in the gross material matter only atoms, electrons, protons and other energetic particles exist. We can see these particles with the naked eye not recognize and yet we know that they exist. These particles oscillate so high (everything that exists consists only of oscillating energy) that space-time has little or no effect on them.

These particles move at such a speed that we humans only experience them as rigid 3 dimensionality. But ultimately everything in life, everyone in the universe, is made up of these particles. All matter, whether human, animal or plant, consists only of atoms, of God particles (Higgs Boson), of pure energy. In the end, all of that is what we are
perceive, consciously and unconsciously feel, think, live energy.

Everything that exists consists of vibrating energy!

Our whole reality consists only of energy. And you have to keep in mind that every single creature on this planet creates its own reality. And every single reality has a unique energy structure, because every person collects their own experiences and impressions of life in their reality.

Every human being is absolutely unique and perfect in a way that only very few people are aware of. Your complete perception, your whole mind, your reality, your body, your words, all these aspects of life are just subtle energy. Even an alien galaxy millions of light years away, a galaxy in which solar systems, planets and other life forms exist would ultimately consist only of this ever existing energy. This energy has always existed and will always exist, since everything that exists, since all dimensions consist of this harmonious energy. And this energy or each energy has its own vibration level (Schumann frequency). The faster, or rather higher, an energetic structure oscillates, the faster the energetic particles moving within it move.

We can create a peaceful world with our thoughts

Our-HiddenAny positivity such as love, harmony, inner peace, joy, bliss and trust will raise your own vibration level, you will become lighter, you will gain clarity and inner strength. Through negativity one's vibration level decreases, we increase in density. This energy is always available to us and it depends on us whether we use these creative energies responsibly. Each of us creates our own reality because every human being is the creator of his own reality, his own world. We all have free will and can choose for ourselves whether we create a positive or a negative world. We are powerful, multidimensional beings!

Within each and every one of us is a unique Divine Instrument, an instrument that creates infinite thought energy (tachyons). And we ourselves can use this thought energy to create completely new worlds. We can choose for ourselves what we think and with what emotions we enliven these thoughts. We are able to manifest thoughts in our 3 dimensional world. We are the creators on this planet and therefore we should become aware of this responsibility again and ensure that we create a loving and peaceful world. It just depends on each individual creator. Until then, continue living your life in peace and harmony.

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