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Everything in all of existence is connected on an immaterial level. For this reason, separation only exists in our own mental imagination and is usually expressed in the form of self-imposed blockages, isolating beliefs and other self-created boundaries. However, there is basically no separation, even if we often feel that way and occasionally have the feeling of being separated from everything. Due to our own mind/consciousness, however, we are connected to the entire universe on an immaterial/spiritual level. For this reason, our own thoughts also reach the collective state of consciousness and can expand/change it.

Everything in existence is connected

Everything in existence is connectedIn this context, the more people are convinced of something or, better said, focus on a corresponding train of thought, the more strongly this thought manifests itself in the collective and gradually becomes more strongly expressed on a material level. For this reason, the current collective spiritual awakening continues to advance. More and more people are coming to terms with their own original reason, recognizing the creative power of their own state of consciousness, understanding that their own life or their own reality ultimately arises from their own mental spectrum and thus igniting a purifying fire that... spreading at breakneck speed on our earth. The truth about our own origins, the truth about our lives, is reaching more and more people and day by day this knowledge is manifesting itself more strongly on earth. Since we are basically connected to everything, we always attract things into our own lives that ultimately correspond to our own charisma (law of resonance). If our mind or our thoughts were not connected to everything, then this attraction process would not be possible because our thoughts would then not be able to reach other people, let alone the collective state of consciousness.

Our own mind is very powerful and can attract into our own life anything that it resonates with. It therefore also functions like a mental magnet, which in turn has a strong attraction..!!

But that's not how creation works, that's not how it's intended for our own minds. Our own mind can resonate with everything and in turn attract everything into our own life that it resonates with. That's also the special thing about life.

Everything is one and one is everything

We can create a life that fully corresponds to our own ideas, just as we are able to attract all the things into our lives that we ultimately need. Of course, this also depends heavily on the alignment of our own state of consciousness. A fearful mind or one focused on negativity and lack can attract no abundance, no love and no harmony into one's own life, or only to a limited extent. Conversely, a loving mind or a mind geared towards positivity and lack does not attract fears, disharmony and other discrepancies. For this reason, it is always advisable to pay attention to your own thoughts, because these also determine the further course of our entire life. Another exciting aspect of our mind is that due to its existence (of course nothing could exist without consciousness), we create our own reality and consequently represent a single universe. Eckhart Tolle also said the following: “I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense impressions and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am life itself. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness I am now I am". Ultimately, he is absolutely right. Since you are the creator of your own life, you are also the space in which all things happen, are created and, above all, are realized. One represents a single universe, a complex existence that is firstly connected to everything and secondly represents creation or the universe itself.

Man as a spiritual being represents a complex universe, which in turn is surrounded by countless universes and is located in a complex universe..!!

For this reason everything is one and one is everything. Everything is God and God is everything. Everything in existence represents a unique universe and universes in turn represent existences, express themselves in them and are reflected in them. As in the big, so stop in the small, as in the small, so stop in the big. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and the microcosm in turn is reflected in the macrocosm. For this reason, we should not only focus on the big things in life, but also pay attention to the little things in life, because even behind the smallest living beings/existences, complex universes, expressions of consciousness, are hidden. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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