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We live in a world that is still viewed by many people from a materially oriented mind (3D - EGO mind). Accordingly, we are also automatically convinced that matter is ubiquitous and comes along as a solid rigid substance or as a solid rigid state. We identify with this matter, align our state of consciousness with it and, as a result, very often identify with our own body. Man would supposedly be an accumulation of mass or a purely physical mass, consisting of blood and flesh - to put it simply. Ultimately, however, this assumption is simply wrong. A fallacy, an illusion created by our 3-dimensional mind, which in turn causes us to think mostly "materially". But matter is ultimately something completely different from what we think.

Oscillation - vibration - frequency

Oscillation - vibration - frequencyIn this context, the entire world does not consist of matter, or rather it already consists of matter, but not of what we mean by matter. At the end of the day you have to realize that there are no fixed, rigid states. Whether frozen water, rocks, mountains or even human bodies, all these bodies have one thing in common and that is that deep inside they consist exclusively of energy. Immateriality is what draws our ground. Energy, oscillation, vibration, movement, frequency are unchangeable and integral parts of our life (If you want to understand the universe then I think of the terms frequency, energy, oscillation and vibration - Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer who was far ahead of his time). For that matter, everything is made up of vibratory energy, to be precise energetic states, which in turn vibrate at a corresponding frequency. The number of oscillations per second determines the "high/low" of the frequency. Accordingly, this number also changes the properties of a corresponding state. A state whose energetic structure has very few oscillations per second, i.e. has a low frequency, acquires the material properties that are typical for us. One also likes to speak of energetically dense states. Energy that takes on material characteristics due to a low vibration frequency. As far as that is concerned, matter is such a state, i.e. an energetic state that has a certain density. However, matter is not a solid, rigid state, but a structure made of energy. Everything in existence, every material state in this respect also consists of energy, of condensed energy. Our thoughts, in turn, represent the complete opposite. Of course, our life, our own reality, arises from thoughts and thoughts can become manifest, but in their original form they are not.

In thoughts there is neither space nor time, for this reason our own mental imagination is not subject to any limitations..!!

Thoughts are space-timeless (imagine something, are there limits to your imagination? Space or time? No! There is no time or space in thoughts, for this reason you can imagine anything you want without being subject to limitations have to) , of a purely immaterial nature and do not even come close to having the density that material states have. In this context, there is also a universal law that keeps this principle in mind in a simple way, namely that principle of rhythm and vibration.

The principle of rhythm and vibration explains in a simple way why everything in existence is in constant motion and, above all, why there are no exclusively solid/rigid states..!!

This principle states (purely related to the vibration aspect) that everything in existence consists exclusively of vibrations, that everything is in constant motion, that there are no completely rigid states. Well then, ultimately this knowledge about our own origin will revolutionize the world. For many decades, this knowledge was specifically suppressed in order to be able to keep mankind in an energetically dense frenzy. We are not meant to look beyond our horizons and start again identifying with our own spirit. This is how the powerful (banks, financial elite, powerful rich families, industries, politicians) lose control over us and can no longer promote the development of our own egoistic mind, the development of a materially oriented world view and sooner or later have to give up their low-frequency Abandon a system that is ultimately based on disinformation, lies and half-truths. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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