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Everything in existence is interconnected on an immaterial/mental/spiritual level, always has been and always will be. Our own spirit, which is only an image/part/aspect of a great spirit (our ground is basically an all-pervading spirit, an all-pervading consciousness that gives form + life to all existing states) is also responsible in this regard, that we are connected to all of existence. Because of this, our thoughts affect or affect our own Mind also the collective state of consciousness. So everything that we think and feel every day flows into the collective state of consciousness and changes it.

Everything is connected on a spiritual level

Everything is connected on a spiritual levelFor this reason, we can also achieve great things with our thoughts alone. The more people in this context also have similar trains of thought, direct their focus and energy to the same/similar topics, the more this knowledge manifests itself in the collective state of consciousness. Ultimately, this also means that other people would automatically come into contact with this knowledge, or rather with the corresponding content, an irreversible phenomenon. As a result, no one should assume that their life is meaningless, for example, or that they cannot have a greater impact on this planet. The opposite is even the case. We humans could become so powerful (in a positive sense, of course), could create so many positive things and, above all, we could change the collective state of consciousness in such a positive way with the help of our thoughts alone, that overall significantly more peace + harmony would manifest on our planet . All of this is only related to our own connection, to our spiritual connection to everything that exists. Of course, I also have to mention at this point that we humans can experience a state of separation.

Because of our own mental abilities, we can choose for ourselves which thoughts/beliefs we legitimize in our own mind and which we don't..!!

Each person can legitimize such a feeling in their own mind or just be convinced that we are not connected to everything, that we do not have any particular influence on the collective state of consciousness or that we are not an image of God at all (With God is basically meaning that aforementioned Great Spirit that also gives form to all of existence, which incidentally also leads to the fact that everything in existence is an expression of God/Spirit). The feeling of separation therefore only exists in our own mental imagination and is usually expressed in the form of self-imposed blockages, isolating beliefs and other self-created boundaries.

The direction of our own mind determines our life. For this reason, self-created beliefs, beliefs and ideas about life have a massive influence on our own reality and are responsible for the further course of our own life..!

However, there is basically no separation, even if we often feel that way and sometimes have the feeling of being separated from everything. Well then, ultimately we should also become aware of our own mental abilities again + should come back to the conviction that we are connected to everything in existence and can exert a considerable influence on the world, even on the universe. Of course, we don't have to come to this conviction or legitimize it in our own mind, but this knowledge simply shows us our creative potential and ensures that we humans regain a much stronger connection to nature and the cosmos itself. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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