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Every person has a light body, i.e. the so-called Merkaba (throne chariot), which in turn vibrates at a very high frequency and, in parallel, develops more and more strongly within the collective awakening process. This light body represents by far our highest unfoldable good, in itself the full development of the Merkaba even represents the key to the completion of one's own incarnation or, better said, the mastery of one's own incarnation goes hand in hand with a fully developed and rapidly rotating Merkaba. It is an energetic structure through which we become able again Skills to bring to life, which in turn are equated with miracles, i.e. intangible, unimaginable abilities that are hard to imagine for someone still living out a limited state of consciousness ("I can't imagine that, that's not possible, that can't be"). For example teleportation, telekinesis, direct material manifestation, ending one's own aging process, traveling through space and time and of course many other sacred abilities are the most basic abilities of all, which in turn are anchored in the deepest core of every human being (God Awakened Man - Holy Self-Image).

The Effects of an Accelerated Lightbody

All channels are openIt begins that during the awakening process one experiences an incipient formation and acceleration of one's own light body. While one awakens more and more, that means while one finds oneself more and more to one's true divine self, becomes aware of the true powers of one's own spirit, one can increasingly perceive sanctity in oneself, one sees through appearances in the world and oneself In this regard, also developed in the direction of closeness to nature, self-healing and ascent, it happens that your own mind/body/spirit system achieves harmony and balance. The flow of energy increases or blockages and deep-seated mental limitations dissolve, whereby the energetic flow (Chakras and meridians) really starts to flow. The biochemistry improves and is geared towards healing, which means that all material processes experience a significant improvement, the DNA undergoes regeneration (the full DNS activates) and overall the entire own system is harmonized. Many people therefore experience a beginning rejuvenation of their own appearance within this progressive process and at the same time experience a general more glamorous expression. As I said, the spirit/one's own consciousness determines the radiance and, above all, the state of health of one's own body. A small, dark self-image that is also based on ignorance continuously feeds one's own organism with a low energy quality, the result is the constant loss of radiance, youth and health over the years (who knows, for example, that he himself is holy or even feels holy, gives all cells the information of holiness → salvation every day, while the limited spirit just waits for another coming and, above all, apparently inevitable illness).

All channels are open

lightbodyWe are currently in a time in which a gigantic quantum leap into awakening has not only led humanity into an ascent to the highest, but a quantum leap that also goes hand in hand with the formation of our light body. Our earth experiences a permanent increase in its own energy state, because the humanity on it raises its own spirit, whereby the collective, the earth and ultimately even the entire existence also experiences a corresponding energy increase. In the meantime we have reached a golden point. While outdoors with a lot chaos and division on the one hand trying to keep humanity in control through a state of fear and on the other hand trying to paint a completely opposite reality, a dark reality intended to overshadow the truth about our true divine core (which of course is not possible, which is why the old world is currently breaking down on its appearance), tremendous magic has unfolded in the background. The connection to our true core, the channels to our highest self, to our highest "I am present’ are all more open than ever before. For this reason, it has never been easier for someone to wake up or start an expansion of their own state of consciousness in the direction of holiness/creative power.

The approaches to the highest are widened

It has also never been easier for people who have already awakened to unfold their own divine core, i.e. to let a very healthy self-image come to life. In the last few decades this has not been the case at all. For example, remember the time from 2008 or even 2012, how deep the world was still in a deep sleep at that time, how trapped we all were in the system normality at that time. In the meantime, however, the situation has changed completely and it is precisely in this decade, especially in these months, that we have been able to achieve real breakthroughs. The light of divinity penetrates the overarching shadow more and more and hardly anyone can escape it anymore. The truth will soon take hold of everything and change the world in its foundations to the maximum. And as this process progresses, we can unleash the true power of our minds more than ever. The pull to the highest has never been stronger and the channels of ascent have never been opened to this extent. Whoever completely devotes himself to this change, practices good words, spends a lot of time in nature, meditates, spring water drinks and allows his diet to become natural, he will get maximum results from these actions. So let us revive the ascension more and more. All approaches to the highest are open. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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