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I have often mentioned in my texts that since the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (December 21, 2012) a veritable search for truth has been taking place on our planet. This finding of truth can be traced back to a planetary frequency increase, which, due to very special cosmic circumstances, seriously changes our life on earth every 26.000 years. Here one could also speak of a cyclical elevation of consciousness, a period in which the collective state of consciousness is automatically increased. As a result of this collective expansion of consciousness, life on our planet changes enormously.

We are evolving into 5-dimensional beings

You are the universe, creation and lifeEverything is becoming much more transparent, more networked, brighter, more truthful, people are recognizing the truth behind our system again, recognizing their existence as slaves (slaves, since a prison - consisting of disinformation, half-truths and lies - has been built around our minds - an illusionary world + humanity was made dependent on a financial system based on fraud||Keyword: compound interest), become more sensitive, less judgmental and begin to live in harmony with nature again. Apart from this, this comprehensive raising of consciousness also causes our own soul to develop, i.e. our kind-hearted, empathetic and loving aspect (here one also likes to speak of 5-dimensional aspects of consciousness - entry into the 5th dimension) is increasingly expressed again. At the same time, less and less space is offered to one's own egoistic mind and materially oriented, judgmental, hate-based and discrediting behaviors/thoughts subsequently decrease, are increasingly recognized and discarded.

Everything that stands in the way of our own frequency increase, everything that clouds our own state of consciousness, is now recognized + discarded due to the quantum leap into awakening..!!

In this context, we simply reduce our own self-created karmic ballast and continue to develop into a 5-dimensional/spiritual/light being.

You are the universe, creation and life

You are the universe, creation and lifeWhile this process is in full swing, many people also realize that they need answers about the world, answers about their own mental state, about their own living conditions or even about the big questions of life (What is the meaning of my existence, who has create life, what is God, etc.) not on the outside, but much more preserved/found in their innermost being. All answers and solutions are already within us and can be experienced again with the help of our own state of consciousness. Everything thrives in us, everything arises in us, we are life and life arises from our own spirit. We are the creators of our own reality and create/change/reshape our own reality every day. For this reason, we humans are the designers of our own fate, the forges of our own happiness, are images of the overarching great spirit and therefore have the corresponding creative abilities. Everything we perceive in this regard in the outside world is merely an immaterial/mental/projection of our own state of consciousness. That's why we always see our own parts in other people. A hateful person, for example, projects his own hatred onto the outside world and will then very often focus on this hate, will subconsciously look for this hate outside and usually find it. The hatred he has for other people would then simply be self-hatred, a cry for love, an expression of a lack of self-love or even an expression of a completely unbalanced mind. We don't see the world as it is, but as we ourselves are. For this reason, we humans do not live in a general or, better put, universal reality, but in our own reality.

You are not in the universe, you ARE THE universe, an integral part of it. Ultimately you are not a person but a point of reference in which the universe becomes aware of itself. What an incredible miracle – Eckhart Tolle..!!

As far as that is concerned, every person has their own beliefs, convictions and views of life, has certain ideas about the world and has completely individual views - which they ultimately cannot generalize about. Ultimately, this circumstance also ensures that each person represents the center of existence (not meant in the narcissistic sense). Everything revolves around us, everything flows through us, surrounds us and is set in motion by us, simply because we are the designers of our own reality and represent a direct divine image.

We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. We form the world with our thoughts..!!

We are an image of God/overarching Spirit and use God powers/thought powers to create life, to change our own lives, to realize/manifest thoughts. Embedded in a complex universe (in the big picture), we ourselves represent a single complex universe and have immeasurable creative potential - have the power to completely change the world. It depends only on us and the use of our own mental powers, on the development of our own soul + the resulting elevation of our own state of consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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