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As already mentioned in one of my last articles about the current vibrational increases on our planet, since the last new moon on June 24th, 2017, a new cycle began, which firstly will last until the next new moon on July 23rd, 2017, secondly announces a time , in which we will/can make personal breakthroughs in all areas of life and thirdly is very important for our own prosperity. In the last few years, since the beginning of the collective awakening or the newly begun Age of Aquarius, which heralded a time of change on December 21, 2012, all of humanity has experienced a massive spiritual awakening. In spurts, more and more people dealt with spiritual topics, and as a result, became more interested in nature, explored their own origins with an unprecedented level of curiosity and, in the same way, dealt with our system, which was built on disinformation .

An impressive process of change has reached us!!

There is currently a strong potential for manifestationDue to this circumstance, many people experienced an increase in their own sensitive abilities and experienced a strong expansion of consciousness. As a result, life-changing self-knowledge shaped the everyday life of many people and the power of one's own mind increasingly came to the fore again. The fact that our life is ultimately a product of our own mind and that we humans are powerful creators, creators of our own reality, who can use their own thoughts to determine the further course of their own lives, was granted to us again and then set a chain reaction in progress, which in turn led to a strong change in the collective state of consciousness. However, despite this positive development, many people (including me) found themselves faltering. We dealt with the big questions of life again, always expanded our own state of consciousness or, better said, we revised our own worldview more often than ever, created new beliefs and beliefs, but at the same time we got caught up in self-imposed vicious cycles that we had to deal with literally “imposed” on our own egoistic minds (3D minds, material-oriented minds, intellect). For the first time we really felt our own shadow parts, our own mental blockages + discrepancies, then went through depressed times and sometimes felt that our own actions were not in line with our spiritual desires, with our intentions. We accumulated a lot of information about the power of our own minds, but we were often unable to apply that power.

At this point it should be said that this phase of self-discovery corresponds to the rule, there are of course also exceptions, which, as we know, confirm the rule, i.e. people who master all this with ease and shed their resentment, their inner imbalance within a few weeks..! !

For this reason, we often acted contrary to our innermost intentions, complained about the unfair system, ate unnaturally despite extensive knowledge of unnatural foods, repeatedly experienced/created conflicts both internally and externally, and thus experienced a process which is called vibration adjustment. This process refers to your own vibration adjustment to that of the earth. Due to the newly begun cosmic cycle, which is often touted as the starting signal for an ascension into the light, our planet is continuously increasing its own vibration frequency.

There is currently a strong potential for manifestation

There is currently a strong potential for manifestationThrough this planetary frequency increase, we humans automatically also increase our own vibration frequency, which should again promote the realization of a positive space. Permanently staying in a high frequency can only take place if you dissolve your own negative programming anchored in the subconscious. Because of this, these high vibrational frequencies often make us feel down and confront our own fears more than ever. In this way, our own inner imbalance is made clear to us in an unmistakable way. We are prompted by these frequencies to create a life in which we no longer let ourselves be dominated by our own, self-created fears, a life that is free of dependencies, inner discord, resentment, anger and other mental blocks. Only then is it possible to permanently create a positive space, a space from which a completely positive reality emerges at the end of the day. We have therefore been in a dreaming phase for the last few years, but now the circumstances have changed enormously and a phase of upswing, active action and the manifestation of our heart's desires has been initiated. Ultimately this means for us that we will now achieve an inner breakthrough. I am currently noticing these drastic changes more than ever. So it started with me not eating meat from one day to the next, which has been going on for a few weeks now, I became much more active, became more willing to work and felt the urge to completely change my life more than ever. Now I find myself on a completely new path in life and I am extremely looking forward to the coming time, as I now also know that some positive breakthroughs in the collective state of consciousness will be made.

Use the massive manifestation potential of the current time and create a new life that is characterized by happiness, harmony, love and peace..!!

For this reason, you too can look forward to the coming period. Be aware that there is now a massive potential for manifestation on our planet that will help us to manifest our own heart's desires more easily than ever in our own reality. A truly magical time regarding our own spiritual ground has now reached us and the time is therefore ideally suited to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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