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The topic of the Akashic Records has become more and more present in recent years. The Akashic Records are often portrayed as an all-encompassing library, a supposed “place” or structure in which all existing knowledge is supposed to be embedded. For this reason, the Akashic Records are also often used as a universal memory, space ether, the fifth element, World memory or even referred to as a universal primal substance in which all information is permanently present and accessible. Ultimately, this is due to our own origins. At the end of the day, the highest authority in existence or our original reason is an immaterial world (matter is just condensed energy), an energetic network that is given form by intelligent spirit. In this context, every person has a “split-off” part of this great spirit; this is also referred to as consciousness.

The storage aspect of our origin

Storage aspect of our originWe therefore also express our human existence through our consciousness. Everything arises from consciousness and the thoughts that come with it. No matter what ever happened in the vastness of our existence, every action, every invention, every event was based on the power of one's own state of consciousness and first existed as a thought in the mind of a person. Look at your entire life, look back at all your actions and life events, look back at your decisions, everything that ever happened in your life, everything that you ever committed, for example your first kiss, all of these events only existed in your mind, as a thought, then you realized/manifested that thought in your life by committing the action. Our own mind or spirit in general is therefore the highest effective force in existence, love in turn is the highest vibrating state that can be grasped by consciousness. For this reason, our original foundation consists of a gigantic consciousness. Consciousness in turn has the aspect of consisting of energy, which in turn oscillates at a frequency. However, our original ground has further special features, namely the aspect of space-timelessness. Our thoughts, for example, are space-timeless; you can imagine anything without having to be subject to any limitations. There is no space in your mind, which is why you can imagine everything and continue to expand your own mental scenario. In the same way, time doesn't exist in your mind, or do people you imagine age (only if you want to, imagine a young person who ages and then becomes younger again)? In the same way, consciousness is not subject to time and space. This is also what makes consciousness so powerful, because it can continually expand (human consciousness is constantly expanding and continually integrating new information).

Our source is shaped by an all-pervading spirit. A gigantic consciousness that ultimately connects us all on an immaterial level..!!

Our original reason, i.e. a spirit that flows through everything and individualizes itself through incarnation in the form of a human being, is even linked to an infinite pool of information. All thoughts (infinitely many) are embedded in this immaterial pool. For example, if you newly grasp a thought and are convinced that it did not exist before, then be sure that it already existed, so you have just become aware of that thought again.

The entire existence consists of consciousness, which in turn has the aspect of consisting of energy that vibrates at a corresponding frequency..!!

For this reason, everything already exists, everything is stored in this information pool and with the Akashic Records this immaterial storage aspect is often represented. Consequently, all information from all past incarnations is anchored in the Akashic Records. All of your past lives, everything that ever happened in your existence, is embedded in the Akashic Records. That's also the special thing about life. The entire existence is basically a coherent system that ultimately consists purely of information, energy and frequencies and already contains all thoughts/information. If you would like to find out more about the Akashic Records, you should definitely watch the video from Welt im Wandel TV, where this world memory is discussed again. Have lots of fun with it! 🙂

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