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portal day

Starting tomorrow it's that time again and we're at the beginning of a portal day series, to be precise even a ten-day portal day series. For this reason, we can very strongly assume that we are now in for a stormy and, above all, intense week and a half. Ultimately, portal days are also days predicted by the Maya (Maya also announced the apocalyptic years - beginning December 21, 2012 - apocalypse = unveiling/revelation/unveiling - exploration of one's own origin + questioning of the system), on which we are exposed to increased cosmic radiation should achieve. This has happened many times before, that special events took place on portal days, major events were triggered, violent weather changes (stormy weather conditions) reached us or even people came to a wide variety of self-discoveries.

Already extreme energy increases

Strong energetic increases

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

On the other hand, these days tend to put people out of action, which is simply due to the high energetic influences, the high cosmic radiation. Some people simply react very sensitively to a high vibrational environment and can therefore experience an overload of their own spiritual/mental/energetic system. For this reason, some people tend to have depressive moods on such days, tend to be more tired/exhausted, possibly even to a certain listlessness, lethargic and may also suffer from severe headaches or other physical symptoms. Ultimately, this does not necessarily have to happen and depends on several factors. Very high vibration levelOn the one hand, this depends, for example, on your own spiritual sensitivity and sensitivity. The more sensitive a person is in this context, the more strongly they can react to all of these incoming energies. Your own mind, or rather your own consciousness, simply reacts much more strongly to these energetic interactions. On the other hand, these symptoms also depend on one's current emotional state, one's own stability and one's own mental state. The stronger one's current psychological state is, the more balanced our own mind/body/spirit system is, the better we feel, the healthier we live, the fewer shadows currently dominate us mentally and, above all, the stronger our entire constitution is at the moment , the easier it is for us to deal with high energetic circumstances.

Preparation for the coming days

You could also formulate it even more simply: “If you are feeling bad and are under the weather, then these energies could make you feel even worse (increasing mental overload + phenomenon of vibration adjustment = your own problems, karmic entanglements + shadow parts reach us daytime consciousness). If you are doing well and are in balance, then you will most likely continue to be in a good mood. Preparation for the coming daysUltimately, this is a completely individual story and every person reacts to increased energetic circumstances in different ways. However, this does not mean that we are completely at the mercy of these vibrational circumstances. This is not the case because we can use our own mind to create a state in advance that promotes optimal processing of such high energies. Well, since a 10-day phase begins tomorrow, a period in which we will definitely experience an increased energetic circumstance, we should definitely prepare for it and take some precautions. For example, it is very advisable to adjust your own diet a little. Instead of eating fast food, ready meals and other energetically dense foods, we should eat more natural foods or even eat a somewhat alkaline diet. For this reason, a lot of fresh vegetables, various fruits, various legumes, natural oils and, if necessary, even oatmeal are suitable for these days.

Each person's energetic system reacts to high energetic circumstances in completely different ways. For example, while one person feels really energetic due to these influences, another person can suffer from them and may even experience depressive moods..!!

On the other hand, a lot of clear/energized water (low mineral + soft spring water would be ideal) + a few cups of tea (for example chamomile tea) would also be highly recommended. It is therefore important that we do not burden our bodies with energetically dense foods, but rather that we detoxify/purify our bodies more and actually flush them out. Ultimately, this means we can absorb all the incoming energies much better and, in that regard, also protect our own physical bodies. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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