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As already mentioned in the last portal day articles, we are now approaching two months in which 2 portal days await us in a row. The portal days will take place from September 10th to 06th and will open all doors for us in this regard. In this context, we also reach a full moon at the beginning of this portal day series, i.e. on September 15th. The full moon this month therefore also initiates these 06 portal days and will give us a powerful boost + definitely initiate an acceleration in the process of collective spiritual awakening. These days will therefore be of great intensity and will continually bring us powerful energies.

10 portal days in a row + full moon

10 portal days in a row + full moonAs far as this is concerned, portal days are also days predicted by the Maya (the Maya were an earlier advanced civilization - also predicted apocalyptic years - beginning December 21, 2012 - apocalypse = unveiling/revelation/unveiling), on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us. For this reason, portal days can also be perceived as very strenuous, as the high incoming energies firstly have to be processed by our own energetic/subtle body and secondly always initiate a frequency adjustment (we humans adapt our vibration frequency to that of the earth - after the earth their oscillation has adapted to the high oscillation conditions). This frequency alignment often exposes our own shadow parts, ultimately ensures personal transformation work and can therefore lead to a redemption/restructuring of our own negative programs. Our own state of consciousness can also experience small to larger expansions of consciousness on such days. Ultimately, this simply has to do with the high level of vibration. I have often recognized this phenomenon in my own social environment. Whether it affected my brother, my girlfriend, my parents or even various people on the internet - people from my community or even myself, on portal days the veil to our original reason is, simply put, thinner and that ultimately leads to new self-knowledge.

On portal days we receive increased cosmic radiation which can often lead to massive expansions of consciousness..!! 

For example, during one of the latter portal days, my brother had a strong realization regarding his own selfish mind and recognized significantly more of his own self-created selfish entanglements. In exactly the same way, for example, in the past I often spoke about the portal days exclusively in a negative sense, claiming that these days were very strenuous and towards the end I even developed a certain dislike for these days.

A fascinating time is beginning

A fascinating time is beginningSo I always told myself that arguments and conflicts would arise due to the high cosmic radiation. Since I was subsequently convinced of this, this happened very often. You always attract what you are and what you radiate into your own life. On a portal day a few months ago, my own destructive thoughts about this occurred to me and I created new beliefs that then became rooted in my own subconscious. On portal days, your own beliefs and convictions, your own thoughts and emotions become manifest more quickly, but whether these are positive or negative in nature doesn't matter. Well, from September 6th we'll have 10 portal days in a row and that's a lot. Basically, we have 10 exciting days in which we can learn a lot about our own mind + our own soul. In the following month of October we will have 10 portal days in a row, which ultimately speaks for very powerful times. In this context, the energetic development of 2017 took a little time, but this year is slowly getting going. There is no doubt that a lot will happen in the coming months. Aside from September 23rd, a very special day about which I will write another article, the intensity between EGO and SOUL, between darkness and light, will still reach its peak. The time for sleep is over and everything is slowly coming to a head. This phenomenon can even currently be seen in interpersonal relationships, or even on a political/global level.

In the coming times we can bring about a massive acceleration in our process of spiritual awakening, it only depends on us and the use of our own creative powers..!!

Nevertheless, we should definitely not let all of this influence us in a negative sense, on the contrary. We can achieve a lot in the coming weeks/months and should therefore look forward to this time and take advantage of the high energetic circumstances. Anything else would only be a disadvantage for us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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