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February has begun and with it come 7 mind-altering days, which in turn can accelerate the process of our spiritual transformation. 7 portal days are now taking place in a row, which again is not a result of chance, but represents an important part of the current cosmic cycle, which in turn is of utmost importance for the further development of the collective state of consciousness. These days are reaching us with great intensity, the frequencies that are now reaching our planet are of important importance and let us go back to our own past, our own karmic patterns, life goals, heart desires, dreams, deeply anchored self-doubt and things that are not in the are in tune with our own spirit.

The coming days can activate our transformational potential

mental balanceFor this reason, the days give us a powerful energetic boost that allows us to once again look deeper into our own soul. The process we are currently in is about bringing our own mind/body/spirit system into harmony again. In order to be able to put this project into action, it needs days when the cosmic radiation of the galaxy is particularly high, because these high energies force our spirit to adapt to the high energies. Ultimately, high vibrational frequencies expand our own consciousness and are essentially positive, harmonious in nature. But we humans suffer from past trauma, karmic baggage, problems - which can even stem from past incarnations, mental problems, addictions and other negative behaviors that ultimately suppress our true human nature, our soul.

Frequency matching flushes our fears and lower thoughts to the surface of our being..!!

It is about gradually handing over our ego to the transformation so that we are again able to lead a truthful, honest and heart-based life. For this reason, frequency matching triggers all the negative behaviors and conditioned thought processes in our subconscious for us to look at, to become aware that we cannot continue to exist in the high vibrational environment indefinitely.

When we explore and eliminate our own problems, then we become able to act from our pure hearts again..!!

Only when we rid our own minds of these mental parasites again will we be able to live a life that springs directly from the most powerful source in the universe, from the very center of our heart. This process is unavoidable, because change cannot be reversed. We will and must, therefore, repeatedly and compellingly deal with these self-created entanglements, to explore their causes in order to be able to develop further.

Develop your mind, your soul and you realize who you really are, then you become real..!!

We DEVELOP our own soul, freeing it from lower thoughts and blocking fears. When we manage to do this again, we ultimately also draw things into our lives that correspond to our true core, our true nature or our heart. The current days are therefore perfect for this transformation and serve our own spiritual development.

All planets are direct

By the way, parallel to the current portal days, we are accompanied by a rare astrological event, namely from January 8th to February 6th, all major planets in our solar system are direct, which means that all these planets and our solar system are moving forward smoothly and simultaneously. In earlier traditions, such a phenomenon was considered a great good fortune, or a time when we humans can develop our potential, a time when we humans can be very fortunate. In this context, one could also speak of a time that allows our mental potential to unfold. In addition, this direct state represents a time when our universe has a certain cosmic order.

The direct planets accelerate our inner transformation process..!!

Ultimately, this phenomenon is again not a result of chance, but an important planetary movement/constellation, which once again lets us move in the direction of free/new earth. Even if it may sound abstract, perhaps even utopia, planetary peace and collective balance, collective mental and spiritual stability are only a stone's throw away from our present life. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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