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Everything in existence consists of oscillating energy or energetic states which in turn oscillate at frequencies. Every person has a very individual level of vibration, which we can change with the help of our consciousness. Negativity of any kind lowers our own vibrational level and positive thoughts/sensations raise our own vibrational level. The higher our own energetic basis vibrates, the lighter we feel. Seen in this way, one's own vibration level is decisive for one's own physical and mental constitution. So in this article, I present you with 7 ways to raise your own energetic vibrational level.

Use the power of the present!

In order to increase one's own vibration level, it is important that one tries to consciously as often as possible in the to exist in the present. The here and now is an eternal, never-ending moment that has always been, is, and always will be. If your own state of consciousness bathes in the presence of the present, then you continuously draw strength from this expanding moment. This can be achieved mainly by freeing yourself from stressful past and future events. Often we get lost in past and future scenarios, draw negativity from them, and limit our own mental abilities with worry (abuse of future thoughts) or, for example, guilt (abuse of past thoughts).

power of the presentBut past and future are purely mental constructs that basically don't exist in the present, or are we in the past or the future? Of course not! We are only in the present. Things that will happen in the supposed future will also take place in the present and past events also took place in the present. The more you become aware of the present or the more you act out of current structures, the more inspiring it will be for your own state of consciousness.

Draw strength from nature

force of natureAnother way to increase your vibration level is to be in nature regularly. Nature or natural places (forests, lakes, mountains, seas, etc.) already have a very high vibration frequency from the ground up. Therefore, they are ideal places to improve one's mental and physical condition.

The air in these places has a significantly better vibration level, which in turn has a strong effect on one's own psyche. For example, if you spend 1-2 hours in nature every day, it has a very positive effect on our own state of consciousness. The senses are sharpened, perception improves drastically and one's own energetic basis gains in lightness. The same also happens when we create life. For example, if you donate life by planting trees and the like, this also has a very positive effect on your own reality.

Feed naturally

Eat naturallyThe diet is decisive for the frequency of one's own vibration level. From this point of view, food consists only of vibrating energy. So for the most part you should take food, which have a relatively high vibration level. This includes natural foods of all kinds. One should avoid foods that are additionally enriched with various chemical additives or other artificial substances, the same of course also applies to foods that have previously been treated with heat/cold or, above all, pesticides. Such foods have a very low vibration frequency and ultimately condense one's own energetic presence. Natural foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain products, superfoods, medicinal herbs, fresh spring water and the like are bursting with life, have a high vibration frequency and therefore have a positive effect on your own organism. As Hippocrates once said: "Your food shall be your medicine and your medicine shall be your food." True words that should be taken to heart.

Use the power of thought

power of thoughtThoughts have incredible creative potential. Everything that ever happened, happens and will happen was first conceived. Thought is the basis of all existence. Thanks to our thoughts, we can shape and change our reality at will. Everything you imagine influences your own existential foundation.

In order to increase one's own level of vibration, it is therefore important to generate or allow only positive thoughts. What I think and feel, what I believe in and what I am fully convinced of forms my reality. Thought processes that harm other people (judgments, prejudices and the like) not only harm the other person, but also your own mind (Law of Resonance - Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity). "As you call into the forest, so it resounds", if you think positively and act positively, positive things will happen to you. If you think negatively or act negatively, negative things will happen to you. If I am friendly to a person, then in all probability this person will also be friendly to me. If I am unfriendly, then I will certainly be confronted with unkindness. Of course, this significantly lowers one's own vibration level, because ultimately unfriendliness is nothing more than energetic density, negative thoughts that are legitimized in one's own mind and this always has a lasting effect on one's own vibration level.

To keep moving

keep movingAll of life is in constant motion and change (The principle of rhythm and vibration). Changes are a constant part of life, because nothing stays the same. Everything is in a flow of movement. Those who avoid this river harm their own health. If, for example, the days are the same and you do the same thing every day for years and do not allow any change, then that is very disadvantageous for you. Instead, one should make use of the principle of rhythm and vibration and allow changes. For this reason, it is highly advisable that one joins the flow of the movement. The best way to do this is to move around as much as you can. For example, if you exercise regularly or go for a lot of walks, this has a very positive effect on your own psychological foundation. Your own level of vibration increases, you gain willpower and ultimately achieve a better quality of life. Sport in particular is a factor that is often underestimated in this regard.


Meditate for mental clarityMeditation is the cleansing of the mind and heart from egoism; through this cleansing comes right thinking, which alone can liberate man from suffering. These words come from the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti and basically hit the nail on the head. Meditating has a powerful effect on one's mental and physical health, and also allows the practitioner to find peace. In meditation we find ourselves again and at the same time achieve a sharpening of our consciousness. Focus improves, the mind opens and depressed moods are nipped in the bud. Anyone who meditates regularly will notice health improvements in themselves after a very short time. The ability to concentrate will increase drastically and, above all, your willingness to perform will increase rapidly.

Strictly avoid unnatural things!

If you strictly avoid unnaturalness of any kind, then at the end of the day it always leads to a decondensation of your own energetic basis. Unnaturalness or energetically dense states can be found everywhere in life. We are often not even aware that we are burdened by certain unnatural mechanisms. On the one hand I refer to our food. Most of the food we eat today has innumerable unnatural features. Food is contaminated with pesticides, chemical additives, artificial minerals and flavors, dangerous sweeteners, genetic engineering, flavor enhancers and the like.

This greatly weakens our own vibrational level. Most mineral waters are enriched with the neurotoxic toxin fluoride and are therefore more sustainable for your own organism, if not even toxic. Other such unnatural things would be, for example, dangerous radiation from cell phones, cell phone masts, wind turbines, nuclear power plants or microwaves. The permanent consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other stimulants is part of this list of unnatural things. If one avoids these energetically dense pleasures for the most part, then one definitely achieves an improvement in one's subtle basis. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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