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Everything is existence has an individual frequency state. In exactly the same way, every human being has a unique frequency. Since our entire life is ultimately a product of our own state of consciousness and is consequently of a spiritual/mental nature, one also likes to speak of a state of consciousness that in turn vibrates at an individual frequency. The frequency state of our own mind (our state of being) can “increase” or even “decrease”. Negative thoughts/circumstances of any kind lower our own frequency for that matter, making us feel more sickly, unbalanced and exhausted. Positive thoughts/circumstances, in turn, raise the frequency of our own state of consciousness, making us feel more harmonious, balanced, and dynamic overall. So in this article, I'll give you seven things that can raise your own vibrational frequency.

#1 Being in nature

Stay in natureWe feel good in nature. We can switch off, relax and enjoy countless new sensory impressions. This is exactly how we can observe the universal principle of “thriving” in nature. For example, natural habitats are like gigantic universes that can hardly be overlooked in terms of biodiversity and that constantly produce new life. Nature just wants to grow, sprout, thrive or, to put it in a nutshell, live. Because of this diversity of life and fundamental naturalness, natural places inherently possess an elevated vibrational frequency (some places even exhibit a very high frequency state), which is most evident in the beauty or calming/harmonious aura of natural environments. Whether it's forests, lakes, mountains, oceans or even steppes, natural environments simply have a very positive influence on our own spirit and as a result raise our own vibrational frequency.

For the development of our own spirit or for the development of our own soul, it is very beneficial if we live in harmony with nature again..!!

For this reason, it is also very advisable to go into nature every day. Ultimately, this will make us feel stronger, more efficient and much more balanced overall.

#2 Physical Activity - Bring movement into your life

Bring movement into your own life

A person's entire life is subject to constant change, a circumstance which in turn can be traced back to the universal principle of rhythm and vibration. Changes accompany a person as far as this is concerned permanently. Nothing stays the same, no two days are the same, even if we can feel that way (one's own state of consciousness is subject to constant expansion/changes - the world, especially one's own world, is constantly changing). Apart from that, everything in existence is in a constant flux of movement. In fact, movement is actually a major aspect of our own ground (e.g. there is no solid, rigid matter, only condensed energetic states, energy vibrating/“moving” at a low frequency). For these reasons, instead of eschewing this fundamental principle, we should also embrace the universal principle of rhythm and vibration. A person who, for example, keeps himself trapped in rigid life patterns, cannot allow changes and, at the same time, does not bring any movement + momentum into his own life, will sooner or later break (your own psyche will suffer more and more from it). For this reason, it is very advisable to bring momentum into your own life.

Movement and change are two fundamental principles of life - are 2 important aspects of our own ground. For this reason, allowing both aspects to manifest in our reality is also very beneficial for raising our own vibrational frequency..!!

In particular, exercise in the form of physical activity can work wonders and have a very positive effect on your own mental state. For example, if you go running every day (or even 3-4 times a week), you not only strengthen your own willpower, but also increase your own vibration frequency as a result. The difference can even be huge. At this point I recommend an older article of mine in which I described the corresponding effects based on a self-experiment (going for a run every day for a month): Today I haven't smoked in 1 month + walked every day (My Results – Why I Feel New!!!)

#3 A natural/alkaline diet

As mentioned several times in my articles, what has the most positive effect on our own vibration frequency (apart from our mind), what can enrich/cleanse our own mind/body/spirit system the most is our own nutrition (our Food is a product of our minds, foods we choose to eat). As far as this is concerned, food also consists of energy and has individual energetic states, which in turn are absorbed by our own body when consumed. For this reason, it is highly advisable to feed foods that are inherently high in vibrational frequency rather than low (energetically dead foods). For example, anyone who eats fast food, sweets, convenience products or food in general, which in turn has been enriched with chemical additives, poisons their own body in the long run and clouds their own state of consciousness due to the vibration reduction. Ultimately, it is therefore highly recommended to resume eating foods that are inherently high in vibrational frequency.

In order to cleanse our own body + raise our own vibrational frequency, it is of utmost importance to switch back to a natural/alkaline diet..!!

In particular, untreated vegetables, fruit, various nuts, various oils, oat products and fresh spring water are perfect for this (of course there are other recommended foods). Basically, we humans can even heal a lot of diseases through a natural diet or, to put it better, support our own healing process (healing only happens when inner conflicts are resolved). The path to health does not lead through the pharmacy, but through the kitchen, because no disease can exist in a basic or oxygen-rich cell environment, let alone arise, and we can create such a cell environment with the help of natural nutrition + sufficient exercise.

#4 Using a few selected superfoods: Turmeric

TurmericSuperfoods are basically foods that have an extremely high density of vital substances. These foods can have a very positive influence on our own organism and, even in combination with a balanced diet, can greatly curb diseases such as cancer. Whether it's barley grass, coconut oil, spirulina or even moringa leaf powder, the daily consumption of some superfoods can work wonders. As far as that is concerned, the "magic spice" turmeric is also highly recommended. Turmeric or also Indian saffron - called yellow ginger - is a fascinating spice, which in turn is a very special food due to its 600 potent healing substances. Due to the diverse spectrum of effects and the countless healing nutrients, turmeric is also used in naturopathy against countless ailments. The healing effect is mainly related to the natural active ingredient curcumin and can be used against countless diseases. Whether digestive problems, Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, cancer, rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases or skin blemishes, curcumin can be used in a targeted manner for almost every conceivable disease. Especially when it comes to cancer, turmeric has been recommended more and more in recent years.

Some superfoods can raise our own vibrational frequency due to their potent healing compounds. So it is also recommended to supplement turmeric or even other superfoods every day. Even if you shouldn't exaggerate here, a lot helps a lot doesn't always have to be the case..!!

Countless studies have already proven this. For example, it was found that carcinogenic cell tissue in rats regressed within a very short time after daily administration of turmeric. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you supplement with turmeric on a daily basis. In this way you not only achieve improvements in the body's own functionalities, but also increase your own vibration frequency at the same time..!!

#5 Meditate - Relax, surrender to life

meditateIn today's world, we humans are constantly under pressure. As a rule, we have to get up very early, go to work all day and have to go back to sleep on time – simply to be fit again for the next day. Due to this strenuous work rhythm, we often stress ourselves far too much, we may get bogged down in negative mental patterns and thus increasingly lose our balance. For this reason countless methods are practiced today to create a balanced mental state. One of the most effective methods is meditation. Meditation (literally to think, ponder, contemplate) is the cleansing of the mind and heart from egoism; through this cleansing comes right thinking, which alone can liberate man from suffering. These words come from the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti and contain a lot of truth. Meditating has a very positive effect on one's own mental constitution and allows practitioners to calm down. In meditation we also find ourselves again and can even experience a sharpening of our own state of consciousness.

The impressive effectiveness of meditation has been proven several times in various scientific studies. Meditating daily can not only relieve your own body, but has also been proven to stabilize your own psyche..!!

In exactly the same way, we can increase our own concentration and performance through regular meditation, we can become calmer and, above all, more mentally balanced. For this reason, it is highly advisable to practice meditation on an occasional, if not daily, basis. Ultimately, not only do we strengthen our own mind/body/spirit system, but we also raise the frequency of our own state of consciousness.

#6 Drink energized/structured water 

energize waterWater is the elixir of life, which in turn is essential for the thriving of every living thing. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that every person drink enough water to maintain their own health. But be careful, it is very important to know that water is not just water. As far as this is concerned, water has the fascinating property of reacting to all kinds of information and influences. For example, with positive thoughts/emotions alone, the structural properties of water can be greatly improved and the quality of water can be significantly influenced. Our tap water, for example, is not of the best quality (the same applies to most mineral water - hard water - cannot flush properly), simply because the water, due to the long recycling cycle, the feeding of countless negative influences/information, disastrous from an informational point of view. For this reason we should positively inform/structure our own water. If you don't have a lot of money at your disposal and can afford expensive St. Leonhard's light spring water every day, you should either do this with the help of your own thoughts, i.e. bless the water with positive words/thoughts (light & love, gratitude, etc. - you drink it with a positive feeling), which always leads to a significant improvement in water quality (proven by Dr. Emoto - keyword: more harmonious arrangement of water crystals), or you structure the water using healing stones (amethyst + rock crystal + rose quartz or precious shungite) .

Amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz are perfect for water energizing. The combination can even change the quality of water in such a positive way that it almost resembles fresh mountain spring water..!!

Since our own body consists largely of water, we should definitely supply ourselves with energized water again. Ultimately, this not only improves countless endogenous functionalities, but we also experience an increase in our own vibration frequency.

#7 Improve your sleep schedule

Sleep with the window openIn today's world, most people have a disturbed sleep pattern. This is mainly related to our meritocracy or our energetically dense system - a system that repeatedly pushes us humans to our limits in this context and thereby promotes depressive moods + other psychological problems. A healthy sleep pattern is something that is very important for our own health. If you fall asleep at the wrong time and possibly still suffer from a lack of sleep, you will massively weaken your own mind/body/spirit system in the long run and consequently promote a lowering of your own vibration frequency. For this reason, it is very important that we change our own sleeping rhythm in order to be able to be much more rested and, above all, more balanced. In that regard, there are also various factors that can vastly improve our own sleep quality. On the one hand, for example, it is very advantageous to spend the night in dark rooms. All visible light sources (artificial light sources, of course) significantly reduce the quality of our sleep and mean that we are much less rested the next morning (stimuli that affect our sleep). In exactly the same way, due to the strong radiation exposure, it is absolutely not an advantage to have your cell phone right next to you at night. The outgoing radiation puts a strain on our own cells and allows our organism to rest much less, which ultimately always affects our own sleep quality. Another very important point that is often completely ignored (or simply not feasible - living on a main road) is sleeping with the window open.

A healthy sleep rhythm is something that not only can push our own psyche enormously, but also ensures an increased frequency state..!!

To be honest, the effects of a closed window are actually serious. In a room whose windows are closed, the air builds up and a continuous flow cannot be guaranteed. Ultimately, this can even significantly lower the frequency of the air around us, which our body then clearly feels. It's similar to a lake. As soon as the water is standing, the lake tips over. The water is getting bad and the vegetation is dying. For this reason, we should definitely initiate some changes again in order to be able to benefit from a significantly better and more restful sleep. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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