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Electrosmog is an issue that is getting more and more attention in the current age of awakening, and with good reason. In this context, more and more people are becoming aware that electrosmog is a trigger for numerous mental illnesses (or can promote and also intensify mental illnesses). We are also putting ourMind puts an enormous burden on us and feeds our entire system with harmful frequencies.

Faster internet at the expense of our health

Faster internet at the expense of our healthAs far as this is concerned, there are hardly any places in today's world that are not saturated with electrosmog. It is estimated that there are 260.000 thousand mobile phone systems + 100 million cell phones (older version) in Germany alone, but of course there are now significantly more. If all of this equipment, especially all of the cell phone systems and cell phone towers, are in operation and emitting frequencies that are harmful to health, then you can imagine how our country is being flooded with these harmful frequencies. Of course, there are many other factors, but this fact also illustrates why there are so many people in today's Western world who suffer from depression. Ultimately, this is anything but a sign of progress, but rather a sign of mind control. Nevertheless, even if electrosmog is omnipresent, it will be even more worrying in this respect because a new 5G network technology will soon reach us. This network technology sets new standards when it comes to electrosmog and is poison for our health. With frequencies of up to 100 GHz, the technology even exceeds the frequency range of microwave weapons, which is why various doctors and scientists around the world are already warning against its introduction.

Due to an overarching collective development, attributed to a process of awakening, not only are more people recognizing the background to true geopolitical events, but they are also becoming significantly more sensitive. The result is an ever-increasing intolerance to all things that are low-frequency or unnatural in nature. Whether it's unnatural food or even electrosmog, we humans are reacting more and more strongly to such influences..!!

But it's not just the health aspect that is worrying. This new network technology makes the total networking of all people much easier to achieve. It should therefore not be surprising that “our” government has announced that it will make Germany a 5G pioneer. Well, in the following video linked below, this topic is examined in more detail. It explains in detail why 5G itself is an absolute catastrophe and is of great benefit to the NWO (shadow governments and co.). A highly recommended video. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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