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vibration frequency

As mentioned several times in my text, the entire world is ultimately just an immaterial/spiritual projection of one's own state of consciousness. Matter therefore does not exist, or is matter something completely different from what we imagine it to be, namely compressed energy, an energetic state that oscillates at a low frequency. In this context, every human being has a completely individual vibration frequency, and one often speaks of a unique energetic signature that changes continuously. For that matter, our own vibrational frequency can increase or decrease. Positive thoughts increase our frequency, negative thoughts decrease it, the result is a burden on our own mind, which in turn puts a heavy strain on our own immune system. In this regard, there are also various substances that have a very low frequency from the ground up and have a negative impact on our own physical and mental constitution. I present 3 of them to you in the section below.

Aspartame - The Sweet Poison

vibration frequencyAspartame, also known as Nutra-Sweet or simply E951, is a chemically produced sugar substitute that was discovered in Chicago in 1965 by a chemist from a subsidiary of the pesticide manufacturer Monsanto. Aspartame is now contained in more than 9000 “foods” and is responsible for the unnatural sweetness of many sweets and other products. The chemical name for aspartame in this context is “L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester” and it has approximately 200 times the sweetening power of sugar. The American company GD Searle & Co. developed a process in which phenylalanine could be produced inexpensively using genetically manipulated bacteria. Aspartame was originally supposed to be used by the CIA as a biochemical weapon of war, but the decision was made for profit reasons and so this toxic substance found its way into our supermarkets (the reason for this, in addition to the sweetness, was the cost-effective production; nowadays, of course, the consciousness-dampening effect is also popular welcomed in certain instances). Many people consume small doses of aspartame every day, but the consequences of aspartame are serious. Various studies over the years have found that this chemical poison causes massive physical damage. It damages cell DNA, is responsible for the formation and growth of cancer cells, promotes chronic diseases, allergies, Alzheimer's, depression, causes circulatory problems, leads to fatigue, arthritis and weakens short and long-term memory. In total, there are over 92 documented symptoms caused by aspartame. Due to the massive side effects that aspartame causes, this substance is also one of the biggest vibration frequency killers of our time. A substance that should definitely be avoided for this reason.

 Aluminum – vaccinations, deodorants and co.

vibration frequencyThe light metal aluminum is another substance that is, firstly, highly toxic and, secondly, has a very negative impact on our own health. As for that, in today's world we also come into contact with this substance in various ways and there are reasons for that. On the one hand, aluminum is found in various deodorants and is therefore often associated with breast cancer. On the other hand, our drinking water has a high aluminum load. In this regard, waterworks use aluminum sulfate as a flocculant, which exceeds the legal limit of 200 micrograms per liter by six times. Otherwise, aluminum also reaches us directly via our atmosphere, because chemtrails, highly toxic chemical streaks that are supposedly secreted to combat climate change (chemtrails are not fiction, but sadly truth, not a conspiracy theory, a word that ultimately only comes from psychological warfare and is intended to consciously expose people to ridicule - keyword: CIA/Kennedy assassination). At the end of the day, aluminum is highly toxic and has been linked to Alzheimer's, breast cancer, various allergies and other diseases. Even small doses of aluminum damage the central nervous system, reduce our ability to concentrate and impair our brain activity. Another sad truth about aluminum is that vaccines tend to be fortified with aluminum. In this way, the foundations for later secondary illnesses are laid from childhood onwards, which in turn only benefits the pharmaceutical industry and doctors (a cured patient is a lost customer).

Animal proteins – hyperacidification of our cells

Meat contains acid-forming amino acidsTrier proteins, especially proteins found in meat, have a major disadvantage and that is that they have acid-forming amino acids. Anyone who eats meat regularly and, above all, produces a massive acidosis in their cells, which ultimately promotes the development of countless diseases. The main cause of illnesses, apart from a negatively oriented state of consciousness (negative thought spectrum, trauma, etc.), is a disturbed cell environment, to be precise an over-acidified and, above all, oxygen-poor cell environment. An unhealthy lifestyle, i.e. little exercise, consumption of energetically dense foods and, above all, high meat consumption promote this imbalance. Our cells become acidic and over time suffer massive cell damage, which in turn can only be compensated for by a healthy lifestyle. Even the German biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg discovered that no disease can exist, let alone develop, in a basic and oxygen-rich cell environment. That should give you something to think about. For this reason, you should definitely avoid meat to increase your own vibration frequency or at least reduce meat consumption to a minimum. Ultimately, this would have a very positive effect on your own health. The function of our immune system improves, our cell milieu is no longer acidic (depending on the diet, at least not as much) and the probability of contracting an illness decreases significantly. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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