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On July 5th it's that time again and the second portal day of this month reaches us (Click here for the portal day explanation). As far as this is concerned, July is, as already mentioned in my last portal day article, a month with relatively many portal days. This month we have a total of 7 portal days (on July 01st, 05th, 12th, 13th, 20th, 26th and 31st July - last month there were just 2), all of which contain some spiritual wishes, shadow parts and others in the subconscious anchored thoughts will be transported into our daily consciousness. As already mentioned many times, the cosmic radiation is particularly high on these days, which on the one hand can have positive effects on our own minds, but on the other hand can also put a strain on our own psyche.

The second portal day this month

Portal days JulyUltimately, this circumstance depends firstly on our own sensitivity, on our own energetic sensitivity/stability, but secondly also on our own living conditions or the orientation of our own mind. People who, for example, still have a lot of mental blockages and problems, people who have a rather negative spectrum of thoughts, are still dominated by a lot of fears and have to struggle with strong inner conflicts, are usually on these days with their own self -created imbalance, faced in different ways (conflicts occurring externally, - arguments or even unpleasant situations||or internally, - becoming aware of one's own problems). This process is important and is primarily due to vibration adjustment. Due to the current high planetary vibration environment, we humans adapt our own vibration to that of the Earth. So we are confronted with our own problems and remaining inconsistencies, because at the end of the day these block the realization of a positive space and prevent us from permanently staying in a high vibration frequency (the predominant generation of positive thoughts/emotions).

It depends on us whether we create a positive or a negative life circumstance. In exactly the same way, we can also draw positive or even negative energies from a portal day. Ultimately it always depends on the direction of our own mind..!! 

For this reason, many people find these days very unpleasant and may feel drained, tired, unfocused, demotivated and suffer from sleep problems. On the other hand, some people also draw a lot of energy from the high incoming cosmic radiation, meditate a lot, allow themselves enough rest, go for walks in nature, eat a largely natural diet and thus promote a positive outcome on these days.

Uses the increased cosmic radiation

Uses the increased cosmic radiationFor this reason, we should look forward to the portal days positively instead of preparing for negative circumstances in advance. It only depends on us whether we legitimize positive or negative thoughts in our own minds on such days. Apart from that, we should also look at the whole thing positively, as the current planetary change is becoming more and more positive every day. This primarily refers to the spiritual and spiritual development of humanity, which is currently making huge leaps. Firstly, more and more people are exploring their own origins, dealing again with the power of their own spirit, secondly, regaining a stronger identification with their own soul and as a result becoming more empathetic, and thirdly, recognizing more and more the system based on disinformation + its consciousness-dampening system mechanisms and, fourthly, take active action against it. For this reason, more and more people are currently changing their own diet (alkaline/natural diet), starting to stop eating meat, stopping smoking, becoming more motivated, more energetic and giving up all addictions that in turn are affecting their own minds , dominate. In this context, I was even able to notice the successful “fight” of my own addictions + active, peaceful actions more strongly in my social environment than ever before. For example, my brother no longer eats meat, is much more motivated and does more sports (the same applies to me), my girlfriend has stopped smoking, my parents eat better and increasingly avoid foods that are energetically dense in nature On Facebook I was able to observe some people who were able to make personal changes in their lives.

Spiritual awakening takes on new features from year to year, month to month, week to week and day to day. This is how the collective state of consciousness continues to develop and more and more people are beginning to initiate peaceful personal change..!!

Ultimately, this is also the spirit of the times this year. We awaken from our dreams, use the sun as the astrological ruler of the year, initiate personal change, become more successful in our actions and no longer allow ourselves to be dominated mentally and spiritually by little things. For this reason, we should also look forward to tomorrow's portal day and use the energetic circumstances to be able to realize a more positive spectrum of thoughts again. The potential for this lies dormant in the soul of every person. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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