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Meditation has been practiced by various cultures for thousands of years and is currently enjoying increasing popularity. More and more people meditate and achieve an improved physical and mental constitution. But how does meditation affect the body and mind? What are the benefits of meditating daily and why should I practice meditation at all? In this post, I present you 5 amazing facts about meditating and explain how meditation affects consciousness.

find inner peace

Meditation is a state of calm and inner peace. Peace and bliss are states that man strives for and tries to attain in his entire life. Many people do not understand that peace, happiness and the like can only be found within. External, material conditions only satisfy you for a short time. But true lasting happiness comes not through materialism, but through self-control, kindness, self-love, and inner balance.

meditateIn meditation, your own mind comes to rest and you can focus precisely on these values. If you meditate alone for 20 minutes a day, it has a very positive effect on your own consciousness. You become calmer, more relaxed and can deal with everyday problems much better.

Nip judgments in the bud

Judgments are the reason for war and hate, for this reason it is important to nip your own judgments in the bud. Viewed from an energetic point of view, judgments represent energetically dense states and energetically dense states or energy that oscillates at low frequencies always damages one's own existential basis, because they reduce one's own vibration level. Everything in existence consists solely of consciousness, which in turn consists of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Judgments limit one's mindPositivity of any kind represents high vibrating energy or energy vibrating at a higher frequency and negativity refers to low vibrating energy or energy vibrating at a reduced frequency. As soon as we judge something, we automatically lower our own energy level. This is also one of the biggest problems in our society today. Many people judge everything and everyone, everything that does not correspond to their own ideas or their own worldview is condemned and ridiculed for no reason. In doing so, you not only diminish your own mental abilities, but you also diminish or rather reduce the life of another person to a minimum.

In daily meditation one gains an inner serenity and recognizes that judgments only cause harm. You then do something that does not correspond to the ideas of the masses, something that is unusual for many people and you get to know a different aspect of life. One opens one's mind by allowing the thought of meditation to become physically existent.

An improved ability to concentrate

Increase concentrationThere are people who find it difficult to focus on something for a long time, but there are different methods to improve your ability to concentrate. Meditation is particularly useful for this purpose. In meditation you come to rest and concentrate on your inner state. You don't let yourself be influenced by external circumstances and focus entirely on your own inner peace. Various researchers have even found out that meditating daily visibly improves the structure of different brain areas. In addition, daily meditation ensures that the corresponding brain areas are better linked.

Improve your own health

meditation restIn addition to an increased ability to concentrate, meditation also has a strong effect on one's own mental and, above all, physical constitution. Diseases arise primarily in our subtle body or in our thoughts, which in turn have a strong influence on our immaterial presence. As soon as our energetic body is overloaded due to energetic density (stress, anger, hate or negative states), it shifts the energetic pollution onto the physical body, the consequences are usually diseases due to a weakened immune system (a weakened immune system is always the result of a weakened energetic body).

Meditating daily calms your body and strengthens your immune system. Furthermore, in meditation, one's own level of vibration increases. The subtle dress becomes lighter and illnesses become rarer. All suffering and all happiness always arises first in our thoughts. Because of this, it is important that we pay attention to the nature of our thoughts. Meditating therefore has a very strong effect on our health, because the inner calm, the inner peace that one achieves in meditation has a strong effect on one's own psyche and this in turn has a thriving influence on our physical health.

Find yourself in meditation

MeditationMeditation is simply about being yourself and gradually becoming aware of who that is. This quote comes from the molecular biologist Jon Kabat-Zinn and contains a great deal of truth. In today's world it is very difficult to find oneself, because in our capitalist world the egoistic mind prevails rather than the true psychic nature of man.

Everything revolves around money and we humans are indirectly drummed into thinking that money is the most precious good on our planet. Because of this, there are many people who only focus on the outside, on materialism, rather than on inner peace. One then usually acts out of supracausal (egoistic) principles and usually identifies with one's own body. But you are not the body, but the mind/consciousness that watches over/rules your own body. Spirit rules over matter and not vice versa. We are spiritual/spiritual beings experiencing being human and this is where it all comes from. Consciousness has always existed and always will, because everything only arises out of consciousness. Seen in this way, the physical world that we experience every day is only an illusion, because deep in the shell of all material states only energetic states exist.

What we call matter is ultimately just condensed energy. Energy that is at such a dense vibrational level that it appears material to us. However, matter is ultimately just energy vibrating at a very low frequency. Have you ever wondered who you really are, why you are here and what your purpose is? All of these answers already exist and are hidden within you. With the help of meditation we come a step closer to our true nature and can see more and more clearly behind the veil of life.

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