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Due to a 26.000-year cycle in which our solar system changes its vibrational state every 13.000 years (13.000 years of high frequencies - 13.000 years of low frequencies) and as a result is responsible for a collective awakening or even a collective falling asleep, we humans are currently in one tremendous phase of upheaval. Since December 21, 2012 (beginning of the Age of Aquarius), we have been in the beginning of a 13.000-year awakening phase and since then we have been confronted with new groundbreaking insights regarding our primeval ground and the world again and again. Since that date, humanity has continued to develop at an undreamt-of speed and is once again finding answers to the big questions in life, recognizing that there is far more to life than we are led to believe. Well then, in the following article I will therefore go into 5 insights that are now reaching more and more people and are completely changing our view of the world, let's go.

#1 Everything in your life should be exactly as it is now

Everything in you should be exactly as it isAn important insight that is reaching more and more people is the fact that everything in our lives should be exactly as it is at the moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing could have gone differently in our life, because otherwise we would have experienced something different, then we would have realized completely different thoughts and would have taken a different path in life. In the end, however, we didn't do this, but we decided on the appropriate stages of life and life events, and are responsible for the person we are today. Of course, we often cannot always accept this fact and so we like to keep ourselves trapped in past mental scenarios, mourn a certain phase of life if necessary, cannot end with the death of a loved one, do not judge ourselves for a certain situation or opportunity to have taken or even mourn after a past relationship. Nevertheless, being held prisoner in our past doesn't change the fact that all these aspects should also run exactly the same way, nothing else could have happened in our life and all the painful moments in particular only served our mental + spiritual development. All of these experiences have made us the person we are today and should also happen that way.

Very many people get sorrow from their mental past, possibly mourn afterwards, but completely ignore the fact that the past no longer exists, that what can inspire us again is the presence of the present..!!

The person we are at the moment is therefore also the person we should be, otherwise we would have had different experiences, would have committed different actions and would have realized other life situations in the same way. For this reason we should accept our life (ourselves) completely, instead of mourning our past.

#2 There is no coincidence

There is no coincidenceDirectly related to this knowledge is the fact that there is no such thing as a coincidence. In that regard, chance is much more a result of our own ignorant mind, that is, it represents a putative explanation for things for which we in turn have no explanation. However, there is no coincidence and everything in our lives, indeed everything in existence, happened and happens for a good reason. Ultimately, it looks like that in life there is no coincidence, but a principle of cause and effect. So everything that happens has a corresponding cause, which in turn also has a corresponding effect. Everything in existence is based on this principle and nothing happens by accident. Everything has a cause, even if we don't always recognize it directly or if it remains hidden from us for the time being. At the end of the day, for this reason, every encounter in life, every interaction with animals or even other people, every life situation has a specific reason, can be traced back to a corresponding cause and usually reflects our own parts (Life is a mental projection of our own state of consciousness).

No. 3 Every disease is curable

InsightsI've been on this topic a lot lately, and yet I keep coming back to it. So it is very important for us humans to know that every illness can be cured, that all illnesses are ultimately only the result of an unbalanced mental state and are also caused in parallel by an unnatural diet. So simple mental blockages, trauma and other mental discrepancies ensure that we feel bad, that our frequency is permanently lowered, that we are exposed to permanent stress and ultimately lead to an inevitable weakening of our own immune system, damage our own cell environment and promote the development of diseases (if you want to know more about this, you should definitely read my last published article: How to heal yourself 100% again!!!). On the other hand, diseases are also caused by an unnatural diet. In today's industrialized world, we humans have forgotten how to eat completely healthy, do not know the advantages of natural nutrition and instead burden our own organism with countless toxins every day. Because of our own addictions to certain addictive "foods," we tend to eat a lot of meat, convenience foods, soft drinks, sweets, and other chemically contaminated foods.

Everyone has self-healing powers that they can activate again at any time. The key to activating these powers is our own mind, in fact creating a perfectly balanced mental state..!!

In turn, we avoid vegetables, fruit, natural oils, oats, nuts, lots of fresh spring water and other energetically strong foods and thus ensure that we stay in a low frequency for a long time. Nevertheless, with a lifestyle in which we eat naturally again and at the same time clear our own mental blockages, we could eliminate all diseases. Ultimately, I can only quote the German biochemist Otto Warburg at this point: "No disease can exist in an oxygen-rich + alkaline cell environment, let alone arise".

#4 We live in a make-believe world

We live in a make-believe worldThe realization that we are in an illusionary world, which in turn was built around our minds, is basically one of the most important realizations of all in today's newly begun Age of Aquarius. In this way, this knowledge can make us completely free, can massively expand our own state of consciousness and make us realize that we humans are ultimately just modern slaves who only experience what they are allowed to experience. So we humans are simply held captive as personnel in an energetically dense system. This system repeatedly spreads propaganda, disinformation + half-truths through various media instances in order to be able to keep us humans captive in an ignorant frenzy. Important facts regarding some wars and other historical events are cleverly twisted and everything is done to divide the people. In this context, we are also governed by a power-hungry financial elite, i.e. incredibly rich families who ultimately print the money and lend it to states, control this planet. Due to their incredible wealth, these families own many media entities (mass media), states (politicians are just puppets), secret services and other institutions and are striving for a New World Order. Ultimately, therefore, the development of our own egoistic mind is massively promoted and we humans are indirectly raised to be materially oriented people.

With the term "conspiracy theory" people who think differently or people who could be dangerous to the system built on disinformation are specifically denounced and exposed to ridicule..!!

Nevertheless, more and more people are realizing what game is being played in the world, recognizing all the disinformation, seeing through the actions of the financial elite again and rebelling more and more against the power elite. Of course, action is still being taken at the moment and people who are critical of the system are often defamed as “conspiracy theorists” and deliberately exposed to ridicule. Nevertheless, a tremendous change is taking place here and it will not be long before a revolution will reach us.

#5 A golden age will come 100%

the Golden ageDirectly related to this knowledge is the fact that in the coming decade we will also reach a golden age, i.e. a completely peaceful + free age, which will be initiated again by an awakened and spiritual civilization. This age will ultimately be shaped by a humanity that values ​​each other, respects the individuality of each person and will interact with each other like a big family (tolerating each person, no exclusion, no judgements, etc.). Furthermore, this age will also be responsible for widespread financial prosperity, i.e. there will be no more people who will live in financial poverty. The gap between poor and rich people, as is currently the case, will then no longer exist in any way (due to the increased identification with our own divine ground, we humans will then be much less materially oriented, which is why our needs in general + our expenses in this regard will decrease). In exactly the same way, there will then no longer be any families controlling states, i.e. the extremely wealthy satanic families (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans and co.), who have fraudulently stolen an incredible fortune, will no longer have any power have. At the beginning of this golden age, therefore, 100% funds with unbelievably high sums will be liquidated and the high level of debt of the states will be lifted (keyword: Nesara - predatory capitalism will then come to an end - global financial justice will reign again).

Between 2025 and 2030 the so-called golden age should reach us. In this context it should also be said that this age will come 100%. Even if many still doubt it and fear a new world order, assuming that this plan could even work, I can only reassure you and say that this will not happen under any circumstances. The mighty will fall, no doubt about that (cue: cosmic cycle)…!!

Furthermore, suppressed technologies such as free energy or elemental transmutation will find their way into society. Various remedies for countless diseases, such as cancer, will then be revealed to mankind again. Apart from that, the systematic pollution of our planet will then also be ended and the creation/financing of terrorist organizations will no longer exist (our states finance and support various terrorist organizations - i.e. they finance terrorism to implement special strategic goals). In exactly the same way, there will be clean + living drinking water again and a natural diet/lifestyle will then be normal for mankind again. Otherwise the spiritual level of mankind will be increased many times over and the quantum leap into awakening will be completed. In this stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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