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Movies are now a dime a dozen, but only very few films really stimulate thought, reveal unknown worlds to us, give a glimpse behind the scenes and change our own view of life. On the other hand, there are films that philosophize about important problems in our world today. Movies that explain exactly why today's chaotic world is the way it is. In this context, directors appear again and again who produce films whose content can expand one's own consciousness. So in this article, I present you 5 films that will definitely change the way you see life, let's go.

#1 The man from Earth

The man from earthThe man from earth is a 2007 American science fiction film directed by Richard Schenkman and about the protagonist John Oldman, who reveals in the course of a conversation with his former work colleagues that he has been on Earth for 14000 years of the world and is said to be immortal. In the course of the evening, an initially planned farewell develops into a fascinating one Story that ends in a grandiose finale. The film addresses many interesting topics and gives insights into exciting areas of knowledge. He addresses interesting topics that one could philosophize about for hours. For example, can man attain physical immortality? Is it possible to reverse your own aging process? How would one feel if one had been alive for many thousands of years.

The man from earth is a film you should definitely see..!!

The interesting thing is that the short film grabs you from the first minute and you really want to know how it goes on. At the end of the film you are also confronted with an exciting twist that couldn't be more fascinating. This film is therefore a very special work and I can only recommend it to you.

#2 Little Buddha

The film Little Buddha, which was released in 1993, is about the sick Lama (Norbu) who travels to the city of Seattle to find the reincarnation of his deceased teacher Lama Dorje. Norbu meets the boy Jesse Conrad, who he believes would represent his reincarnation. While Jesse is enthusiastic about Buddhism and is slowly but surely convinced that he represents the reincarnation of the deceased lama, skepticism spreads among the parents Dean and Lisa Conrad. What is special about the film, however, is that the story of Buddha is told parallel to these events. In this context, the story of the young Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) is explained, showing exactly why Buddha became the wise man he was then. Buddha does not understand why there is so much suffering in the world, why people have to endure so much pain, and so he searches in vain for an answer to this question.

In the film, Buddha's enlightenment is presented in an exciting way..!!

He tries out different methods, becomes abstemious, sometimes only eats one grain of rice a day and tries everything to understand the meaning of life. At the end of the story, viewers are shown exactly what characterized Buddha's enlightenment at the time, how he recognized his own ego and ended this illusion of suffering. A fascinating film that, in my opinion, should definitely be seen, mainly because of the detailed story and the insightful key scene. 

#3 Rampage 2

In the second part of the Rampage series (Capital Punishment), Bill Williamson, who has meanwhile gotten older, makes his way to a news studio and commits a dramatic killing spree there. In this context, his goal is not to extort money or just cause a senseless bloodbath, but he wants to reveal to the world what is really going on via the news studio. He would like to draw attention to the grievances in the world and has prepared a video that will be sent to the world with the help of the news station. In this video, which represents about 5 minutes of the film, grievances and the injustice of the current system are denounced. He explains exactly how the governments are bribed by the rich, how lobbyists have created a chaotic world and why all this is wanted, why there is poverty, guns, wars and other ills on our planet.

An interesting film that shows in a direct way what is really wrong with our world..!!

The film is radical, but it shows in an unmistakable way what is really wrong with our world. You can even find the clip of the video on Youtube, just type in Rampage 2 speech and watch. An exciting action film that you should definitely see, especially because of the key scene (no wonder why this film hasn't been released in cinemas).

No. 4 The green planet

The Green Planet is a French film from 1996 and is about a highly developed culture that lives in peace on a foreign planet and now after a long time intends to visit Earth again to promote development there. The protagonist Mila therefore sets out and travels the polluted planet earth. Once there, she has to realize that the conditions on Earth are much worse than expected. People in a bad mood, aggressive moods, air polluted by exhaust fumes, people who put themselves above other people's lives, etc. With a specially developed technique, which is activated by moving your head, she gets people to unfold their consciousness and only to tell the truth. Then she keeps meeting people, for example a prejudiced doctor, whom she can open the eyes of with the help of her technology.

The Green Planet is a socially critical film that shows in a simple way what is going wrong in our world today..!!

The film is kept in an insightful yet funny style and makes us humans aware of our unnecessary problems today in a simple way. An important film that you should definitely see.

No. 5 Unlimited

One would think that limitless would be out of place in this list, because at least no grievances are pointed out in this film, just as one searches in vain for profound or even philosophical dialogues in this film. Nevertheless, I think this film is very important and as far as I'm personally concerned, it shaped me a lot. The film is about the protagonist Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), whose life is a mess and he has to watch as his life slips out of his hands. A failed relationship, money problems, an unfinished book, all these problems give him a hard time. One day he "accidentally" comes across the drug NZT-48, the effects of which are said to unlock 100 percent use of his brain. After taking Eddie becomes a completely new person, experiences a drastic expansion of consciousness, becomes completely clear and suddenly able to shape his own life in the best possible way. He now knows exactly what he has to do and quickly becomes one of the most important men in the business sector. The film is very well staged and has shaped me personally, because I am personally convinced that you can achieve such a state yourself by completely overcoming any addiction or by massively raising your own vibration frequency.

In my opinion, the feeling of being completely clear, of being able to be happy all the time, is not fiction, but..!!

In my opinion, the feeling of clarity and permanent happiness is achievable and that's why I was able to fully understand Eddie's reaction in the film. I saw the film for the first time in 2014 and yet it always accompanies me in my thoughts. Maybe the film triggers a similar feeling in you?! You can only find out by watching this film. Either way, Limitless is a very good film that you should see.

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    • Nico 16. May 2021, 16: 42

      the film “Lucy” is missing from the list here in my opinion

    Nico 16. May 2021, 16: 42

    the film “Lucy” is missing from the list here in my opinion