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For several years, more and more people have found themselves in a so-called transformation process. In doing so, we humans become more sensitive overall, gain greater access to our own primal ground, become more alert, experience a sharpening of our senses, sometimes even experience real reorientations in our lives and slowly but surely begin to stay permanently in a higher vibration frequency. As far as this is concerned, there are also various factors that show us our own mental + spiritual transformation in a simple way. I will therefore cover 5 of them in the following article, let's get started.

#1 Question life or the system

Questioning life or the systemIn the initial phase of our mental + emotional transformation, we humans begin to question life more intensely. In doing so, we are suddenly overcome by the need to explore our own origins and the big questions of life - i.e. who am I?, where do I come from?, what is the (my) meaning of life?, why do I exist?, there are God?, is there life after death?, are increasingly coming to the fore and an inner search for truth begins. As a result, we then develop a spiritual interest and now deal with aspects and topics of life that we previously completely avoided, yes, maybe even smiled at. In this way we penetrate further and further into the depths of life, question the life "given" to us and suddenly realize that something is not right at all with our current system.

In an initial spiritual transformation, we humans feel more and more connected to our own primal ground and suddenly recognize the potential of our own mental abilities..!!

We therefore develop a penchant for knowledge that we may have strongly rejected in advance and continually gain new views on life, change our opinions and long-held beliefs. For this reason, this phase can represent a noticeable beginning of a mental + spiritual transformation for us.

#2 Food Intolerance

Food intoleranceAnother indication of going through a mental + spiritual transformation is a food intolerance in this newly begun Aquarius Age (December 21, 2012), which is becoming more and more noticeable in our own body. For example, we react more and more sensitively to artificial - chemically contaminated food and experience countless physical symptoms as a result of corresponding consumption. For this reason, hypersensitivity often occurs and we feel significantly weaker or even tired, i.e. we simply feel that after consuming coffee, alcohol, ready meals, fast food and co. We feel more depressed and sometimes even have circulatory problems and other unpleasant symptoms. Your own body is becoming increasingly sensitive, reacts more and more strongly to unnatural or low-vibrating/frequent influences and signals us more strongly than ever that we should change our own lifestyle, especially our own diet.

When going through a mental + emotional transformation, it often happens that we humans develop a certain intolerance to energetically dense food due to our own sensitive ascent..!!  

Our body can no longer process all the low energies so well and would like to be supplied with light food, i.e. natural foods that have a high frequency from the ground up.

No. 3 Stronger connection to nature and wildlife

Stronger connection to nature and wildlifePeople who are currently undergoing a mental and emotional transformation could suddenly, or rather within a short period of time, develop a strong inclination towards nature. So you no longer reject nature, but suddenly develop a strong urge to stay in it. So you want to experience the uniqueness and beneficial influences of natural environments again, instead of constantly staying in places whose properties are completely contrary to nature. We therefore learn to appreciate nature again and develop a certain protective instinct towards nature, suddenly rejecting countless mechanisms and practices that work against nature. Alongside this newfound love for nature, we are also beginning to develop an increased love for wildlife. In this way, we may even recognize the uniqueness and beauty of different living beings and become aware again that we humans are not above animals, but that we should live much more in harmony with these graceful creatures.

Due to the mental transformation we undergo, we humans develop an increased love for nature and the animal world. That's exactly how we start again to treat them with respect and reject all aspects, which in turn work against nature..!! 

Our heart opens (beginning dissolution of our heart chakra blockage) and as a result we act much more from our own soul.

No. 4 Strong confrontation with your own inner conflicts

Strong confrontation with your own inner conflictsDue to the drastic increases in vibration that we experience in a mental and emotional transformation, it often happens that all of our inner conflicts are transported back into our daily consciousness. The increase in vibration actually forces us to create a state of consciousness again, which in turn is characterized by balance rather than disequilibrium. This process is about providing more space for positive aspects to flourish, instead of allowing yourself to be dominated again and again by self-imposed mental problems. For this reason, it often happens that all of our repressed shadow parts are transported back into our own minds in a brutal way. This step is usually an unavoidable consequence of our own mental and emotional transformation and first of all allows us to recognize our own blockages, which then leads to a resolution of our own problems.

Finding yourself in a mental + spiritual transformation can often go hand in hand with an intensive cleaning process in which all our problems reappear in order to be cleaned up, which in turn leads to staying in a higher frequency..!!

It's all about fully experiencing our self-created darkness in order to be able to climb out of the shadows and into the light again. Anyone who masters this time will therefore be rewarded again with a strong spirit and a cleaned + strengthened mental life.

No. 5 Rethinking your own thoughts and behavior

TransformationLast but not least, following on from the fourth point, a mental + emotional transformation often leads to us revising/rethinking our own trains of thought and behavior. In this way we dissolve all negative programs, i.e. mental patterns anchored in the subconscious, and usually replace them with completely new programs. Ultimately, in this context, we then simply reconsider sustainable behavior and gain completely new views on topics, learn more about ourselves or our true self and recognize our own destructive behavior in the same way, even sometimes we can no longer understand it at all. For example, a previously jealous person could completely shed their jealousy and no longer understand why they acted the way they did in the past. He has then regained a stronger connection to his primal ground, has outgrown himself again and no longer needs these behaviors in his life. Instead, he has much more increased self-love + self-acceptance and installs completely new views of life in his subconscious.

In a progressive spiritual + mental transformation, we humans recognize more and more of our own sustainable thoughts and behaviors, which then often leads to a rethinking of our own programming..!!

Your own mind can therefore be completely realigned in a corresponding transformation and old thoughts + behaviors are completely reconsidered. In the same way, our own egoistic or, to put it better, materially oriented behaviors are increasingly recognized and acting from our soul gains the upper hand. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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