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Everything in existence possesses its own unique energetic signature, an individual vibrational frequency. Likewise, humans have a unique vibrational frequency. Ultimately, this is due to our true ground. Matter does not exist in that sense, at least not as it is described. Ultimately, matter is just condensed energy. One also likes to speak of energetic states that have a very low vibration frequency. Nevertheless, it is an infinite energetic web that makes up our primal ground, that gives life to our existence. An energetic web that is given form by intelligent mind/consciousness. Consciousness therefore also has its own vibration frequency in this regard. In this respect, the higher the frequency at which our own state of consciousness vibrates, the more positive the further course of our life will be. A low vibrating state of consciousness, in turn, paves the way for negative trajectories in our own lives. We feel sluggish, tired, possibly even slightly depressed and do not know why that could be, nor do we understand how we can realign our own state of consciousness.

A healing vibrational frequency

vibration frequencyNevertheless, there are countless ways to raise your own vibration frequency again. I explain 3 of them in this article: 3 ways to massively raise your vibrational frequency. Another powerful option would be listening to the increasingly popular 432Hz music. With 432Hz music we mean music that oscillates at the 432 Hz frequency. A very special sound frequency that has 432 up and down movements per second. 432 Hz music therefore has a very special vibration frequency, which in turn has a very harmonious and, above all, healing influence on our own mental state. Music that vibrates at 432 Hz can put us in a meditative state and harmonizes our own mind, increasing the frequency of our own state of consciousness. Regular listening/perceiving appropriate 432Hz music opens our own chakras, promotes the energetic flow in our subtle bodies and can even trigger groundbreaking self-awareness. In exactly the same way, music that vibrates at this audio frequency can improve our own sleep rhythm, can trigger strong dreams, even lucid dreams, and put us in a harmonious state of consciousness. For this reason, in earlier times it was even customary to compose music on this frequency or to use 432 Hz as concert pitch A. Old composers such as Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach or Beethoven composed all their pieces on the 432 Hz frequency. They were aware of the harmonizing effect of this frequency tone and recognized its potential. For this reason, another concert pitch such as 440Hz was out of the question.

For a long time, 432Hz was used as standard pitch A. However, this was changed shortly before World War II. To contain the human state of consciousness, 2Hz was used as the concert pitch A..!!

healing musicHowever, immediately before World War II, in 2, the cabal (financial elite, powerful families – Rothschilds and co.) made a joint decision regarding the general standard pitch A, in which it was decided that the standard pitch A, in future to 1939 Hz will be changed. Of course, these instances were aware of the positive effects of the 440Hz audio frequency and for this reason this was changed. After all, we humans are in a war of frequencies. The system has therefore been engineered to promote low vibrational frequencies which can keep our state of consciousness in check. The human spirit is suppressed with all might, we are made docile with mind control and other perfidious methods and held captive in a low, indifferent or even judgmental state of consciousness. People also like to speak of a prison built around our minds. Nevertheless, the situation is currently changing and 432Hz music in particular is experiencing a real upswing. On YouTube alone you can find countless of these grandiose pieces of music, all of which have an inspiring influence on our own mind. I have therefore linked a very special 432Hz music for you below. If you are interested in the subject or would like to have a very special musical experience, you should definitely listen to the music. The best way to do this is at home, relaxing, using headphones for amplification, and simply enjoying music that increases the vibrational frequency. 🙂

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