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Immune system

In today's world, most people's immune systems are severely weakened. In this regard, we live in an age in which people no longer have the feeling of “being completely healthy”. In this context, most people suffer from various illnesses from time to time throughout their lives. Be it a common flu (cold, cough, sore throat, etc.), diabetes, various heart diseases, cancer, or even generally severe infections that severely affect our own physical constitution. We humans almost never experience complete healing. Usually only the symptoms are treated, but the true causes of an illness - inner unresolved conflicts, traumata anchored in the subconscious, negative thought spectrum, Negative orientation of one's own state of consciousness, inner mental + emotional imbalance, unnatural nutrition (all factors that weaken our immune system and damage our cell environment) are almost never corrected.

3 ways to boost your immune system

Negative Thought SpectrumAs far as this is concerned, doctors have not learned to recognize the cause of a disease and to treat it successfully. Doctors deal with symptoms rather than causes. For example, if you have high blood pressure, you will be prescribed antihypertensive drugs, but the cause of the high blood pressure will not be determined. A bacterial infection is treated with antibiotics, but the cause - a weakened immune system, which in turn favored the development of the bacterial infection - is not explored. You can continue the game indefinitely. Well, nonetheless there are countless ways to get your own immune system back on track. Even simple changes in everyday life can significantly increase one's own vibration frequency. I present 3 of these possibilities to you in this article.

#1. A positive thought spectrum

The root cause of any illness is a weakened mind or negatively aligned state of consciousness, which in turn has a very negative impact on our own physical constitution. In this context, our own reality also arises from our own mind. With the help of our thoughts, we create our own lives and can decide how to continue our lives in a self-determined manner. The more negative thoughts in this regard are present in our own consciousness, the more negative it affects our own physique. For this reason, early childhood trauma is often responsible for later complications. These negative experiences are stored in the subconscious, return to our day-to-day awareness, disturb our inner balance and generally reduce the frequency of our own state of consciousness. These negative thoughts, or negative thoughts in general, also overload our own mind, our own immaterial/subtle body, for that matter. In order to balance these energetic impurities, the subtle body shifts this impurity onto one's physical body.

A negatively aligned state of consciousness always favors the development of diseases. Apart from that, such a state of consciousness only attracts further negative life events into one's own life..!!

However, this process costs us a lot of energy and as a result our immune system is massively impaired. In the same way, the condition of our cell environment deteriorates, our biochemical processes are disturbed and our DNA is damaged. For this reason, an alignment of one's own state of consciousness or the development of a positive spectrum of thoughts to restore our health is essential and an unavoidable step.

#2. A natural diet - detox

Natural nutritionBasically, the human organism is a very complex and sensitive system. As already mentioned in the section above, this system tends to overload very quickly. In this regard, the various toxins also lead to our own body acidifying, our immune system being weakened, our cardiovascular system losing performance, our cell environment being damaged and, above all, these toxins lead to a reduction in our own vibration frequency, slowing down the spin of various chakras , condense our own energetic basis and ultimately make us ill. In today's world it is normal to suffer from chronic poisoning. Countless ready meals, fast food, soft drinks, ready sauces, white flour products, foods that are enriched with chemical additives (fluoride, aspartame, glutamate, acrylamide, aluminum, arsenic, glyphosate - highly toxic active ingredient in many pesticides, artificial flavors, colorings, etc.), cigarettes, Alcohol, drugs, antibiotics, or rather substances and food that lower vibration frequency in general, damage our own physique and permanently overload our own immune system. Of course, all these toxins that we ingest every day also inhibit the development of our own self-healing powers, make us ill and trigger countless diseases. In order to stabilize your own immune system, it is advisable to get rid of all these toxins. Various detoxification cures are perfect for this, with which you can flush out all the toxins from your own body. You could, for example, do a juice cure, an intensive water cure or even a tea cure - nettle tea is particularly suitable for this (important note: you should never tackle a detoxification without having been sufficiently informed, as some things can go wrong can - keyword: too little water in the body - dehydration, disturbed mineral and electrolyte balance).

A natural/alkaline diet not only strengthens our immune system, but also permanently increases our own vibration frequency and increases the development of our own sensitive abilities..!!

Otherwise you should eat as naturally as possible to strengthen your own immune system. This includes all vegetables + fruit, whole grain products, legumes, natural oils (especially coconut oil), various herbs, natural tea (in moderation), energized water (premium shungite) and avoiding animal proteins and fats (especially meat, as meat contains acid-forming amino acids). possesses and secondly absorbed the hormonal information of death)

#3 Get enough exercise

Movement = universal principle

Sufficient movement to stabilize one's own immune system and above all to increase our own vibration frequency is a very important aspect that is often ignored. If you have enough exercise in your everyday life, you will have much better concentration and performance overall. In addition, sufficient exercise strengthens our own cardiovascular system, lets us go through everyday life more attentively and clearly and, above all, sport or exercise in general has a very positive effect on our own mental state. Ultimately, this aspect of movement can even be traced back to a universal law, namely that universal principle of rhythm and vibration. Simply put, this law states that everything flows and is in constant motion. Likewise, this law states that everything has its tides. Everything rises and falls. Everything is vibration/movement and everything in existence follows various rhythms and cycles. Rigid life patterns or people who remain in the same life patterns every day, do the same thing every day and may even not be able to accept changes, do not join the flow of life and thus block the development of their own self-healing powers. For this reason, movement is also essential and very important for keeping our own organism intact. Anyone who moves a lot, maybe even doing sports, hiking or going for a walk, therefore joins the flow of movement or rather the principle of this unavoidable law and thus permanently strengthens their own immune system. It is not even necessary to have to exercise excessively for 3 hours a day.

Anyone who moves enough every day follows the principle of rhythm and vibration and thus permanently increases the frequency of their own state of consciousness..!!

Just going for a 1-2 hour walk or hike in nature strengthens your own immune system, improves your own cardiovascular system and permanently increases your own vibration frequency. Overall, you become clearer, more balanced, more peaceful and nourish your soul with the natural energies of life. In particular, natural places such as lakes, forests, mountains, seas, etc. are perfect for a walk in this context. For this reason, it is very advisable to incorporate sufficient exercise into your everyday life. Your body will thank you for it. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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