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Now it's that time again and the first Portal Days are reaching us in 2017. Last year there was a veritable flood of Portal Days, which ended in December with an incredible 10 Portal Days in a row. In January things didn't go so stormy in this regard, or rather, not so many portal days have taken place so far, but the air that surrounds us is stormy or energetically charged, nonetheless. But now it's going on again and matching the new moon on January 28.01th, the first this year, which was able to initiate changes in one's own life, we are now receiving 3 portal days in a row. In the following section you will find out what these portal days are all about and what effects these days have on our current state of consciousness.

3 portal days in a row - transition to an authentic life 

portal daysTo explain portal days again, portal days are days predicted by the Maya that indicate windows of time when there is a particularly high planetary vibrational frequency. On these days we receive a particularly high level of cosmic radiation, which makes it possible for us to deal with our deepest fears, traumata and other mental wounds. Due to the high vibration frequencies, our own problems, which are deeply anchored in our subconscious, are automatically transported into our day-consciousness in order to give us the opportunity to recognize them and to be able to bring about change on the basis of this. For this reason, portal days are extremely important for the further development of the collective state of consciousness, because these days enable us to look at our own mental development.

Various karmic entanglements are waiting to be resolved by us humans..!!

Humanity is currently in a quantum leap into awakening and is automatically becoming more sensitive. A so-called transition into the 5th dimension is taking place, a transition that will lead us humans into a peaceful, just age (the golden age). However, since we humans are still pre-loaded due to various karmic entanglements and we are still in the clutches of the ego, such days are essential and therefore only serve our own spiritual well-being.

The current portal days lead us into an authentic life..!!

The transition to the 5th dimension doesn't happen overnight, it's a lengthy process in which we gradually DEVELOP. Well then, now it's that time again and we are in a phase in which 3 portal days accelerate our own mental development again. These days it's all about working through and eliminating your own karmic baggage. Karmic baggage refers to self-created problems and negative experiences that keep our thought spectrum slipping into the negative. Some karmic patterns even go back to past lives.

Authentic life and active action come to the fore

live authenticallyIt is now a matter of recognizing these problems, of transforming these problems in order to be able to lead a life that in turn corresponds to our own ideas and heart's desires. This is currently becoming more and more important for our own prosperity. Your own mind-body-soul system wants to be brought into harmony and this only works if we recognize our own negative thoughts and then ensure that they are no longer offered any support. This is exactly how authenticity is currently in demand. It is becoming more and more important to be authentic and to live what you want to live, to stand by what you do every day, instead of hiding behind a self-created, ego-ridden mask. Living authentically is now coming into focus as the times of active action are upon us.

The mind-suppressing instances are increasingly exposed and fought..!!

In recent years, people have recognized their own root cause and again saw through political and economic or global intrigues and could no longer identify with the current energetically dense system. However, there was no active action against these mind-suppressing instances. But now this circumstance will change and mankind will no longer put up with all these consciously created injustices.

We can choose for ourselves how we deal with the current high vibrational frequencies..!!

For this reason, it is now becoming more and more important to live more authentically, to finally be able to live a life that corresponds to one's own soul plan. A vibration frequency adjustment takes place and we humans increase our own frequency, adapt it to the planetary vibration frequency, whereby we reach this goal autodidactically again. It is therefore highly recommended to use the current energies in order to be able to initiate your own spiritual development. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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