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In the course of life, the most diverse thoughts and beliefs are integrated into a person's subconscious. There are positive beliefs, i.e. beliefs that vibrate at a high frequency, enrich our own lives and are just as useful for our fellow human beings. On the other hand, there are negative beliefs, i.e. beliefs that vibrate at a low frequency, limit our own mental abilities and at the same time indirectly harm our fellow human beings. In this context, these low-vibrating thoughts/beliefs not only affect our own mind, but they also have a very lasting effect on our own physical condition. For this reason, in this article I will introduce you to 3 negative beliefs that massively affect your own state of consciousness.

1: Unjustified blame

assigning blameIn today's world, unjustified blame is commonplace for many people. People often instinctively assume that other people are to blame for their own problems. You point the finger at other people and blame them for the chaos you have created yourself, for your own inner imbalance or your own inability to deal with thoughts/emotions more carefully. Of course, the easiest method is to blame other people for our own problems, but we always ignore the fact that we are the creators of our own lives, our own reality, due to our own creative abilities (consciousness and the resulting thought processes - creators of our own lives, our own reality). are responsible for our own lives. Nobody, but really nobody, is to blame for their own living conditions. For example, imagine a partner in a relationship who feels offended and hurt by insults or bad words from the other partner. If your partner feels bad at that moment, you would usually blame the other partner for their rash words and your own vulnerability. Ultimately, however, it is not your partner who is responsible for your own pain, but only yourself. You cannot handle the words, you allow yourself to be infected by the corresponding resonance and sink into a feeling of vulnerability. But it depends on each person which thoughts they legitimize in their own minds and, above all, how they deal with other people's words. How you would deal with such a situation also depends on your own emotional stability. Someone who is completely present, has a positive range of thoughts, and has no emotional problems whatsoever, would remain calm in such a situation and not be influenced by the words.

Someone who is emotionally stable, in self-love, would not allow himself to be hurt..!!

On the contrary, you could deal with it and would hardly be hurt because of your own strong self-love. The only thing that could arise would be doubts about your partner, because that doesn't belong in a relationship. The consequence of persistent “insults/negative words” would be the initiation of a separation in order to create space for new, positive things. Someone who is emotionally stable and in self-love could be comfortable with such a step, with such a change. Someone who doesn't have this self-love within them would break down and endure all of this again and again. The whole thing would then happen until the partner collapses and only then initiates the separation.

Every person is responsible for their own life!!

Then the blame would also be assigned: “He is responsible for my suffering”. But is that really him? No, because you are responsible for your situation and only you can bring about change. If you want your life to be more positive, then take the appropriate steps and separate yourself from everything that causes you harm every day (whether inside or outside). If you feel bad then only you are responsible for that feeling. Your life, your mind, your decisions, your feelings, your thoughts, your reality, your consciousness and above all your suffering, which you allow to dominate you. No one is therefore to blame for the quality of their own life.

2: Doubt about your own happiness in life

happiness-resonanceSome people often feel as if they are being followed by bad luck. In this context, you are convinced that something bad is constantly happening to you or, better said, that the universe does not mean well for you in this sense. Some people go even further and tell themselves that they simply don't deserve to be happy, that bad luck will be a constant companion in their lives. Ultimately, this belief is a huge fallacy, triggered by our own selfish/low-vibration/3-dimensional minds. Here, too, it must first be mentioned that you are responsible for your own life. Because of our consciousness and the thoughts that arise from it, we can act self-determined and choose for ourselves which direction our life should take. In addition, we ourselves are responsible for whether we attract good luck or bad luck, with which we ourselves mentally resonate. At this point it should be said that every thought vibrates at a corresponding frequency. This frequency attracts frequencies of the same intensity and the same structural properties (law of resonance). For example, if you think about a scenario that makes you feel angry inside, the more you think about it, the more angry you'll get. This phenomenon is due to the law of resonance, which, simply put, states that energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. Frequencies always attract states that oscillate at the same frequency. In addition, this frequency increases in intensity.

Energy always attracts energy that vibrates at a similar frequency..!!

You're angry, think about it, and you'll only get angrier. For example, you are jealous, think about it, then this jealousy only becomes more intense. A smoker who is craving will only increase his desire for a cigarette the more he thinks about it. Ultimately, you always attract into your life what you mentally resonate with.

You attract into your life what you mentally resonate with..!!

If you are convinced that you are being followed by bad luck and that only bad things will happen to you in life, then this will happen. Not because life wants you to do something bad, but because you mentally resonate with the feeling of “bad luck”. Because of this, you will only attract more negativity into your own life. At the same time, you will look at life and everything that happens to you from this negative perspective. You can only change this situation by changing your own mental attitude, by resonating with abundance instead of lack.

3: The belief that you have control over other people's lives

judgeFor countless generations, there have been people on our planet who put their lives, their well-being, above the lives of other people. This inner conviction borders on madness. You may see yourself as something better, judge other people's lives and denounce them. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is still very present in our society today. In this regard, many people exclude socially weaker or primarily financially weaker people. Here you could take unemployed people who receive unemployment benefits as an example. In this context, many people point the finger at them and say that these people are just social parasites, subhumans, useless people who are financed by our work. You point your finger at these people and, at that moment, put yourself above their life or the life of another person without noticing it yourself. Ultimately, this creates an internally accepted exclusion from people who live differently. In the same way, a lot of things in the spiritual scene are exposed to ridicule. As soon as something does not correspond to your own world view or even seems too abstract for you, you judge the corresponding ideas, make fun of it, discredit the person in question and see yourself as something better than someone who would apparently know more in life plus the right to present yourself as something better. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest problems in the world. That’s judging other people’s thoughts. Through backbiting and judgment, we unjustifiably place ourselves above someone else's life and exclude that person for their being. At the end of the day, no one in the world has the right to blindly judge another person's life/thought.

No one in the world has the right to put their life above the life of another living being..!!

You have no right to think of yourself as something better, to put your own life above the life of another person. To what extent are you more unique, better, more individual, more outstanding than someone else? Such thinking is pure ego thinking and ultimately only limits our own mental abilities. Thoughts that dull your own state of consciousness over time due to low frequencies. At the end of the day, we are all people with very special talents and abilities. We should treat other people exactly how we would like to be treated ourselves. Apart from this, this only creates an unjust society or an idea that in turn causes harm to other people. For example, how can a peaceful and just world emerge if we keep pointing the finger at other people and discrediting them, if we smile at other people for their individual expression instead of paying them respect.

We are one big family, all people, brothers and sisters..!!

At the end of the day, we are all human beings and represent one big family on this planet. That is exactly how we should view ourselves. Brothers and sisters. People who respect, respect and appreciate each other instead of judging each other. In this regard, every human being is a fascinating universe and should be viewed as such. There is simply no way to peace, because peace is the way. In the same way, there is no way to love, because love is the way. If we take this to heart again and respect other people's lives, then we would make enormous social progress. No technical progress can be compared with intellectual, moral progress. Acting from your own heart, respecting other people, thinking positively about other people's lives, being empathetic - that's true progress. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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